does that ever happen to you guys that happened to me about the first 18 years of my life before I moved to California so I know the struggle I know it all too well so today I'm going to show you guys rainy day activities and outfits so ideas for both and I would love it if you guys would leave your ideas below too so everyone can read them and also give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and let's get into it the first is this long sweater from brandy melville a necklace from Free People black jeans from Topshop and booties from Nine West the next outfit is this cozy scarf that I got from Nordstrom the sweater and tank top are both from brandy melville and I'm wearing the same jeans from Topshop and shoes from Nine West in this outfit I'm wearing a military jacket from brandy melville a v-neck from forever21 and a gold necklace from brandy melville if you don't want to brave the weather here are some ideas on things to do the first is to catch up on your favorite TV shows I really like Modern Family so I would watch a few episodes of that on a rainy day you know what kind of order the snow but after you get bored of it I'd recommend cooking something I mean when do you really ever take the time to bake something so I'm making these brownies I mean they're pretty easy to make the directions around the box but I'm just showing you me making them they're super easy oh my gosh I ran out of cooking spray so a little tip lifehack I guess you can use vegetable oil with a spatula if you run out and I'm just going to smooth that into the pan and I'm just going to put this into the oven for 40 minutes and while I'm waiting for the Bernese to bake I decided to paint my nails I have all these really bright fun colors because I just want to contrast the rainy weather so I decided on this super bright salmon color from Essie and it's really a lot more fun to listen to music so I'm listening to Beyonce while I paint my nails I'm kind of obsessed ever since I went to the concert and I find that when I paint my nails and listen to music I take more time on my nails because I'm less bored and then after I pick my nails while I wait for them to dry I'm just making some tea because it only takes like a minute to wait and kind of while I'm waiting for brownies I just want something like you know you can smell it and you just want something kind of sweet so I'm having some sweet and spicy tea it's my favorite tea ever I love it and still about 15 minutes to kill for those brownies so I'm just kind of browsing the internet and then when they're done I take them out they smell amazing so amazing like I die okay but not really so then I cut the brownies and put them onto a little plate you know make a nice presentation and I had to try one it was really crumbly but delicious another thing you can do on a rainy day is have some friends over and play board games I know it sounds kind of lame but board games are so fun so we're playing clue and Leo decided to play – he actually destroyed the game so yeah maybe don't let your cat play or play against your cat that could work too and a great board game snack if you don't want to bake something is just to make some popcorn I got this Skinnygirl popcorn I just got it from Target and they're little bags of popcorn which I like and it's really really good so I made some of that because it's a bit healthier than your average popcorn so yeah clue and I also like to play Monopoly it is honestly fun if you don't really feel like having anyone over you can just listen to music in bed or read a book or listen to a book that's what I'm actually doing because sometimes when I read books like I don't want to hold the book up I'll drop it on my face and it's just I just don't really want to so I use audible I just use the app so I really like listening to books because I can just lay in bed and kind of like drift off to sleep while I'm listening to a book and I don't have to hold the book up so if you want to try that out too you can go to slash Shelby for a free month of an audiobook and the app is just super convenient because then you can have it on your phone and you can also listen to the book while doing things like I could have listened to the book while I was making brownies that would have been more entertaining actually I really should have done that I put on this Nivea lip balm and now my lips are like purple something I would have loved like three years ago so those are my ideas I hope that you guys like this video be sure to give it a thumbs up if you did and check out my vlog channel because I will have an annotation to which cuz I try and daily vlog and check out just like that my collab channel do that do that be sure to and I will see you guys over on just like that

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  1. The brownies look undercooked. The choc on the top needed about2 more mins! Fun fact their is more sugar in boxed brownies then brownies you make yourself.

  2. 0:19 mhhhhhhh so you think you know the struggle do ya? Well

    I live in BRITAIN

    That's real struggle! 😂 😂 😂

  3. None of my friends want to leave there house when it's raining so I usually Skype my best friends

  4. I bake all the time 😂 is it just me who feels like baking from a packet des not actually count as baking? Love the video tho 😊 xx p.s. Where I live clue is called cluedo 😂

  5. Come into Finland! In winter you will literally freeze and in summer it is way too hot to go outside.

  6. This was uploaded on my birthday and its about to rain it has mega and shelby in it this has to be the best video eva omg

  7. this might sound weird but this is the first video of hers I saw and when I first saw her she reminded me of Connor Franta

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