1. Great writer. Great books. Great interviewer. We take him for granted.

    McCauley's history was not completed because he died. His sister had the ongoing book finished. Manchester–not a peer of this great biographer, but a good biographer, died without finishing this tree books on Churchill. Let's hope this man good health and a very long life. The Power Broker has sold over 300,000 copies.

  2. To the contrary, medicare is the best thing to happen to the elderly- it used to mean
    no health care and suffering in the elderly- before. Voting rights act, civil rights act for the poor meant real political power, Indian bill of rights and the list goes on. You haven't any idea of what you write, just enter anything without qualification as long as it is an opinion. Only the downtrodden knew and still remember what this
    has done for them.
    LBJ was amazing, the uber-politician.

  3. Looks like Caro will be in his 80s by the time he finishes the LBJ biography. Let's all hope he (and his wife Ina) stay healthy long enough to maintain his unparalleled quality of work

  4. Dedicated his life to small details? Those laws that were passed during the Great Scciety times were among the greatset pieces of legislation to pass in the history of this country,

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