Hello everybody, it’s DreamingMind here,
welcome or welcome back to my channel! Our lovely shopkeeper Mitama Yakumo has already
become playable! So let’s take a look at her stats, connect,
magia, doppel and team and memoria recommendations. Mitama is a permanent null magical girl and
as a 5 star she has a max HP of 29,120, a max attack of 7,776 and a max defense of 8,460. Currently in JP there are only 2 null element
magical girls so let’s compare Mitama quickly to the other 5 stars in the game. Compared to the other 5 star magical girls
her HP is quite high. Her attack on the other hand is quite low
when compared to the other 5 stars. Finally, her defense is once again high when
compared to the other 5 stars in general. She is a support type and her growth and levelling
is balanced. When taking a look at her discs we can see
that she has 1 charge disc, 1 horizontal blast disc and 3 accele discs. Her MP gain is very good. From a triple accele combination you can earn
around 69 MP. Let’s move on to her connect, magia and
doppel. Mitama’s connect is called: “Don’t blame
me if you can’t afford this♪”. Depending on her rarity, she will heal the
targeted ally between 45 and 50% and increase their damage against enemies affected with a
status ailments between 40 and 45%. Finally, as a demerit she’ll lower their
defense by 15%. Her magia: “Structure Destruction” does
not deal any damage instead, it’ll inflict many debuffs on the enemy and one on Mitama
herself. As a 4 star, she’ll inflict the curse, poison
and magia seal debuff on the enemy for 1 turn, as a 5 star, all these debuffs will last for
3 turns. However, she’ll inflict the curse debuff
on herself for 1 turn as well. Luckily, Mitama also grants all allies an
attack buff, as a 4 star, the attack buff is between 30 and 40% for 1 turn, and as a
5 star between 35 and 45% for 3 turns, the exact percentage of the buff depends on her magia
level. Her doppel: Totentanz, the doppel of memento
mori inflicts the strengthened curse, poison and magia seal debuffs all for 3 turns. She’ll still inflict the curse debuff on
herself for 1 turn and will increase the attack of all allies for 60% for 3 turns. Mitama is quite an interesting magical girl
on almost all sides, from her element to her skills. So let’s start with her element. Mitama is a magical girl of the new void element,
meaning that she deals and receives neutral damage to and from all other elements. This means that you can put her in any battle
which can be quite handy, but on the other hand, if you’re up against only water enemies,
you might just want to resort to using your forest magical girls. So it can be either a strength or a weakness,
depending on how you look at it. Sadly enough, her low attack stat doesn’t
help out too much when dealing neutral damage against any other element. Then again, her high HP and defense do make
her somewhat of an off-tank and because she receives neutral damage from the other elements,
she can stay on the battlefield quite long. Her connect is somewhat of a double edged
sword. The heal is quite good, when using Mitama
as a 5 star she can heal half the HP bar of her allies. She even has a stronger heal than Madoka and
Konoha. Considering that her magia deals a lot of
debuffs, the damage up against enemies affected by a status ailment is a nice bonus. Often when enemies are affected by a status
ailment, they’ll already receive more damage from the element they’re weak against, but
Mitama just increases that percentage. This doesn’t have too much effect on normal
mob enemies, since their HP isn’t that high to begin with. You already have a big chance to defeat them
in 1 hit. Therefore, this is much more useful when you’re
up against bosses or challenge quests enemies with high HP. Finally, her connect does come with a demerit. Mitama will decrease the defense of the targeted
ally and this is where that double edged sword lies. On the other hand, she heals the target for
a very good amount, but on the other hand she decreases the defense. So if next turn, the enemy decides to pick
on the magical girl you connected to with Mitama, this can severely hurt her, almost
making the heal useless. Mitama’s magia is interesting in that it
doesn’t deal any damage, but is focused around debuffs and buffs. In total it has 3 debuffs for the enemies;
curse, poison and a magia seal. The curse debuff will make the enemy lose
15% of its HP and the poison debuff will make the enemy lose 5% of its HP. A great thing is that these debuffs stack,
so the enemy will lose 20% of its HP once the turn ends. Because of the curse debuff the enemy will
also take 80% more damage from the element they’re weak against. The magia seal is also very useful when you
have challenge quests where you’re up against other magical girls. That way you can stall and defeat them before
they can fire off their magia and obliterate your team. I would say that it’s better to have Mitama
at her 5 star rarity since the debuffs from her magia will then stay for 3 turns. If you use the magia of a 4 star Mitama the
debuffs will only last for 1 turn, so it doesn’t help you out that much. Besides that, Mitama will also buff your teams
attack for 1 or 3 turn(s). Once again just 1 turn of you’re using a
4 star Mitama and 3 turns if you’re using a 5 star Mitama. So it is definitely better to have her at
the 5 star rarity. However, the most important thing is the debuff
she’ll inflict on herself. Now, if you know about Tart’s or Darc’s
magia, just whatever name you prefer, you know this is similar and there is a way around
it. But before continuing with that, because Mitama’s
attack isn’t great and she doesn’t deal any damage with her magia, you basically have
to rely on connects from team-members to let her deal some decent damage. So sadly enough, that is one more problematic
thing. She can, however, get her magia up easily. So if you perform Mitama’s magia and in
the next turn make her connect to another ally, that ally can do some serious damage
because of the ‘deal more damage to enemies with status ailment’ buff. However, of course to get her magia up, you
need her to attack. So it’s basically a choice of first sacrificing
your damage output to get Mitama’s magia up, then you can probably deal some decent
damage for a few turns and then you need to build up Mitama’s magia again. Also important to know is that at some point,
enemies can remove those status ailments with their skills, so they might not last 3 turns
after all. While Mitama’s magia can be very useful
in certain situations, as when up against other magical girls in a challenge quest to
seal their magia’s, it certainly has its downsides. So, should you use Mitama in PvP? Of course, as always, the choice is up to
you. But I wouldn’t advise using her, unless have
the right memoria’s to counter the curse debuff on herself. Usually it’s also hard to get up her magia
and sadly her connect is a double edged sword as well. So both actually have a bit of a downside
that you need to be careful with it. Before continuing with memoria’s, let’s
take a look at team members first. As I mentioned before Mitama needs to rely
on the connect of her team members to be able to deal some good damage. Therefore, one of the best team members for
her would be Liz. Liz is extremely offensive, her connect will
let Mitama piece the enemies’ defense and give her a chance to land a critical hit,
so it increases her damage output quite a lot. Liz also has a strong magia, so having someone
with 3 accele discs as her team member also gives a bigger chance for an accele combo. Liz her defense is not too good, but luckily
not too bad either, so she can make use of Mitama’s connect without the defense down
demerit taking a toll on her. Another opion is to pair her with Mito. Mito is a pretty balanced tank with decent
attack and defense stats, so she’ll be able to make Mitama’s connect work as well . With
her connect, she can direct enemy attacks towards Mitama to fill her MP bar while not
taking any damage thanks to the provoke and evade buffs. Do note, this only works for a 5 star Mito. But Mito’s connect also gives Mitama a chance
to land a critical hit, so it works offensively as well. Mitama also works in a debuff team with, for
example, Alina, Mami and/or Hinano. These three magical girls also have debuffs
in their kit, but their defense isn’t the best, so that’s important to know when you
perform Mitama’s connect on them. Anyway, Alina has the bewitch and poison debuff
and a chance to stun the enemy with her connect. Her magia has no debuff, but it is a strong
one. Mami had the bind and burn debuff on her connect
and has a chance of inflicting those same debuffs on the enemy with her magia, with the burn debuff
lasting for 3 turns. Hinano can poison the enemy with her connect
and poison and stun them with her magia. So with any of them there is a big chance
that you have at least some debuff active for most of the time. So you can use Mitama’s connect on basically
anyone, but just make sure that the defense down demerit won’t put them in too much
danger. Mitama’s personal memoria: “Proof of Darkness”
will give her 15 MP at the start of the battle. It is a decent memoria and can be very helpful
although Mitama her MP gain is quite good already. However, the memoria I really advise you to
use is “My Bible”. This memoria will make Mitama immune to the
curse debuff, so with each magia she won’t inflict curse on herself anymore. Besides that the memoria will also give a
constant 20 or 25% damage increase, so it helps Mitama with her attacks as well. Now, this is a 4 star memoria, so you might
not have it. The only alternative to this is the “After
the Rain – Seika” memoria, which only makes Mitama immune to the curse debuff when it
is max limit broken. This does some together with a 10% increase
in attacks. So if you’re really bothered by the self-inflicting
curse debuff, this is an option for you. Another similar and good memoria is: “Walking
the Same Path”. This will give Mitama a 25% constant increase
in damage while also healing her HP. So this can be a slight alternative if you
don’t have “My Bible” as well. Luckily Mitama is pretty tanky and she takes
neutral damage from anyone, so the biggest threat is still the curse debuff. Of course, you can also use this memoria in
combination with the “My Bible” memoria for a bigger increase in damage and some healing
for herself. As Mitama is packed with debuffs and if you
put her in a debuff team, “Attitude Toward Art” is also perfect to use. This memoria will make Mitama immune to the
poison debuff and increase her damage towards enemies affected with a status ailment. So it’ll increase her attack towards them
and that is something she can definitely use. Overall, Mitama is an interesting magical
girl to use. Sadly, both her connect and magia have somewhat
of a double edged sword in them. The self-inflicted debuff from her magia isn’t
too bad as we can work around that. But having a heal with a defense down demerit
in one connect doesn’t make much sense because when you heal someone you want them to have high
Hp again and not be dragged down again by a defense down demerit. She also needs to rely on the connect of her
team members and memoria’s to do decent damage. Mostly, magical girls with 3 accele discs
usually rely on their magia to deal decent damage. However, Mitama’s magia only inflicts debuffs
and her normal attack stat is quite low. So this sadly puts Mitama at another disadvantage. Still, her magia does have good debuffs to
use against the enemy. Especially the magia seal can be very nice
when up against other magical girls in a challenge quest. So what do you think about Mitama and are
you rolling for her? Feel free to let me known down in the comments
below! I hope you enjoyed this video, please leave
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  1. Hello everybody! I have some very important news to share. Sadly enough it isn't good news, but I think you should know. To make these kind of reviews I rely heavily on Photoshop, Sony Vegas and of course my laptop. Since about a month or so, my laptop (almost 6 years old already) hasn't been doing that well and it occasionally crashes. Today's crash was really bad and I was afraid my laptop was done for it. Luckily, we (me and my boyfriend, mostly him) managed to ''fix'' it and I rushed everything to still edit and upload Mitama's review. However, my laptop is still in a very bad shape since we were unable to completely fix all the errors. So I'm afraid that it can die at any moment. This means that I won't be able to make magical girl reviews (no, I'm not quitting)… I have been saving money for a new laptop, but at the moment I don't have enough to buy a new and decent laptop. So I'm literally praying that this laptop will stay alive until I can get a new one. I'm sorry about this sad news and I'm trying my hardest to keep everything up in the best way that I can. With that being said, I still hope you find the review enjoyable!

  2. i already got mitama and i love her and treasure her because she was so kinda to me. i didnt get her in my first 10 roll (ofc) but she sent me an alina and aimi (i didnt have either of them before so i was already pleased getting aimi but then i get a four star immediately after and. man..) on my FIRST 10 draw of the limited weave.. then i wanted to wait and get some of the events magia stones so i used some solo tickets. 1: a natsuki gem. 2: a memoria 3: and i normally skip the image sequence because it can be inaccurate but these ones i didnt and let me tell you that my heart actually stopped seeing the null symbol slide by. on a solo ticket. with the counter only at 8. i guess all my complimenting mitama paid off because she paid me in return i am WAY too lucky for a free to play person (but as someone who is poor i am mega chuffed)

  3. Mitama is best shopkeeper and I will definetely roll for her <3 Thanks on the tips for the demerits, I have the memory of My Bible, so I could work with it. Hope she responds to my summons, I don't think I'll have many chances to roll for her since I roll a lot for Karin and she didn't came </3 So I'm Karin-less and Gemless ;_;

  4. I’m so tempted to get her, but I’m saving my rolls for madokami and cool homura.. And I wish she was a balanced type instead of a support so her stats were a bit better 🙁

  5. I love Mitama and her doppel loooks so elegant. But I won't roll for her. They are spamming good girls for the rolls. After Tart and Liz they give us Alina then Suzune then Karin then Mitama. I used my stones for Suzune. I won't waste my 1k magia stones on Mitama chance. I guess another good magical girl who is more useful than Mitama will come to game in a few weeks.

  6. Wouldn't umika and her make a good team? Because umika has high defense and can remove status ailments. So they can heal and protect each other

  7. so in the end she's basically waver with debuffs, but of course i don't have a waver and the same happen again rolling a few tickets for mitama (at least ria answer the call so i'm not empty handed) literally the best mitama is the support one (thanks friend list)

    by the way i feel you with the laptop situation, in the end those lovely machines absorb all our prayers when we need them the most (my theory is : the gacha curse focuses on phones and laptops without mercy, but hey no pain no gain right ?? )

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