Hello everybody, it’s DreamingMind here,
welcome or welcome back to my channel! We’re continuing with the magical girl reviews
and this time we’re going to look at our new welfare magical girl: Melissa de Vignolles. Well I hope my pronunciation wasn’t too
bad. Anyway, we’re going to look at Melissa’s
stats, connect, magia, doppel and team and memoria recommendations. Melissa is a welfare water magical girl and
up to now, we can awaken her to a 4 star and later on she gets uncapped to a 5 star. I’ll include her 5 star stats in this review
as well, so you can see how good she’ll eventually get. As a 5 star, she has a max HP of 22,519, a
max attack of 8,211 and a max defense of 6,698. Compared to other 5 star water magical girls
her HP is almost at the bottom of the list and when compared to the other 5 stars in
general it is still quite low. Her attack is quite high when compared to
the other 5 star water magical girls, but average when compared to the other 5 stars. Finally, her defense is the worst of all 5
star water magical girls and still quite low when compared to the other 5 stars in general. She is a magia type and her growth and levelling
is focused on her HP. When taking a look at her discs, we can see
that she has 1 charge disc, 1 vertical and 1 horizontal blast disc and 2 accele discs. Her MP gain is quite good. From an accele-charge-accele combination you
can earn around 46 MP. So almost half an MP bar! Let’s move on to her connect, magia and
doppel. Melissa’s connect is called: “It Is Bad
For Anyone To Go Missing!”. Depending on her rarity, she increases the
MP gain up from accele discs of the targeted ally between 30 and 50% and removes all debuffs. Her magia: “Désintégration” deals damage
to a single enemy. As a 3 star she deals damage between 660 and
700%, as a 4 star between 700 and 740% and as a 5 star between 720 and 760%, depending
on magia level. She also inflicts defense down on the targeted
enemy for 3 turns, as a 3 star the defense down is between 15 and 25%, as a 4 star between
25 and 35% and as a 5 star between 30 and 40%, depending on magia level. Finally, only as a 4 and 5 star she also increases
the MP gain of accele discs of all allies, as a 4 star the increase is between 20 and
30% and as a 5 star between 22.5 and 32.5%, once again, depending on magia level. Her doppel: La Hire La Hire, the doppel of
annihilation deals damage of 1760% to a single enemy. She also decreases the defense of the targeted
enemy for 50% for 3 turns and increases all MP gain from accele discs of all allies for
37.5% for 3 turns. Melissa is already our third welfare magical
girl and actually the second welfare water magical girl however, she is quite different
from Umika. Her disc distribution is quite nice and well-balanced. Only having 1 charge disc doesn’t hurt her,
having two blast discs in two different directions can be a big help depending on how your enemies
are placed on the field and those 2 accele discs are quite useful. Since she is a magia type, it means that she
specializes in getting that magia bar up to 100 as fast as possible, only to fire it off
and start again from 0. Some magia types have 3 accele discs, but
Melissa hasn’t and that is actually not bad. Having 3 accele discs more or less forces
you to only use those and build up the MP bar without being able to do much else. Melissa has 2 blast discs and they enable
her to focus a bit on wave clearing as well. This does not hurt her MP gain, since it is
quite good and you can get it up quickly. Anyway, this allows Melissa to focus both
on wave clearing and Magia spamming. Speaking about magia spamming, most of her
buffs are however focused on that. The MP gain up from accele discs buff coming
from her connect is, of course, one of the buffs to help you with magia spamming. The buff is decent and on par with the same
MP gain buff of Rena’s connect. She also removes debuffs with her connect,
this can be handy in longer boss fights or challenge quests where debuffs can become
really bothersome, because sometimes the debuffs stay for several turns. Her magia also supports the magia spamming
ideal since it gives the MP gain up from accele discs buff for 3 turns for your whole team. So within those 3 turns just use as many accele
discs as you can to build up those MP bars. Her magia also inflicts defense down for 3
turns on the targeted enemy. So it is wise to use her magia first out of
all the possible magia’s you can pick so the other magia attacks can profit from the
defense down. Sadly enough, Melissa’s stats aren’t too
great. But since she is a welfare we can easily get
4 memoria slots for her and I recommend doing that since her stats can improve thanks to
the memoria’s. For now I don’t recommend using Melissa
in PvP, of course you can do that and she isn’t bad or anything, but most other water
magical girls will simply outshine her. So if Melissa is like the best water magical
girl you have, you should use her in PvP of course. Once she gets uncapped to a 5 star, she’ll
get better in PvP and with the right memoria’s she can hit pretty hard. Let’s move on to team recommendations. Because Melissa is a magia type she fits in
traditional magia teams with Rena and/or Rika. Of course, the goal with this team is just
to use all those accele discs to build up MP bars as soon as possible and fire off that
magia. Both Rena and Rika also have the MP gain up
from accele discs buff in their connect and both also give the targeted ally a chance
to land a critical hit. Although it isn’t a 100% chance, therefore
it is a bit inconsistent, but when it sticks it’s a great help and will also help the
damage output of the team some more. Rena and Melissa could also work together
to bring down a boss who takes up only 1 square on the field since both of them have single
targeted magia’s. So you can use Melissa first to deal some
good damage and put that defense down debuff on the enemy and afterwards using Rena’s
magia can be a decent strategy. However, Melissa isn’t your traditional
magia spammer, since she doesn’t have 3 accele discs. Therefore she also fits on a less strict magia
spamming team with , for example, Kazumi and or Ren. With this kind of team, you do focus on getting
that MP bar up, while also being able to clear the field more easily because the girls have
more blast discs. Kazumi helps more with that since she increases
blast damage and lets the targeted ally ignore the enemies’ defense. This will allow Melissa to hit much harder
than usually and this is a good upgrade for her. Ren seems to focus on dealing as much damage
as possible with her connect due to the chase ability. This ability will let the targeted ally follow
the attack of another ally unless they defeat the enemy. She also provides an attack increase and an
evade, so she does think about the defense and durability of the team. Melissa is the one who focusses on getting
more MP gain thanks to her connect, but neither Kazumi’s nor Ren’s MP gain is bad. Due to Melissa’s mostly weak stats, she does need
some support. Madoka is a good choice as she can also help
Melissa with MP spamming. Madoka can heal Melissa and restore MP with
her connect. Her magia will also restore MP and offers
a 3 turn damage cut, this is extremely nice for Melissa since her defense isn’t the
best. If you don’t have a Madoka or for some reason
you can’t use her, or you don’t want to use her. What do I know after all? Then Umika is another great option. She is also a welfare, so many might have
her maxed out and all. She can’t help Melissa with her MP spamming,
but she can offer her good heals and decent damage cuts with her connect. With her magia she also heals Melissa and
removes any debuffs. So when having both Melissa and Umika in your
team, those debuffs probably won’t stay on you for long. Melissa’s personal memoria: “Hope and
Despair” helps her with both MP gain and will allow her magia to deal more damage. I certainly recommend using this memoria on
her since it helps her with her two biggest strengths which only become even stronger
with the help of this memoria. Other good memoria’s for increasing MP gain
are: “It’s Not Like I Was Waiting” and “The Flavor of Drama!”. “The Flavor of Drama!” is especially recommendable
if you put Melissa in a battle with both fire and forest enemies because this memoria also
increases the MP gain when getting hit by the element one is weak against, in Melissa’s
case forest of course. If you want to increase her magia damage even
more you can use: “Here With You” and/or “The Three of Us, Going Forward”. Use “Here With You” when you work in a
traditional magia team because this memoria gives you either a 20 or 25% constant magia
damage boost. Use “The Three of Us, Going Forward” in
battles where you want to use Melissa’s magia less often. You’ll need to activate this memoria before
using Melissa’s magia, but the magia damage boost will be slightly higher, either 25 or
27.5%. You can also use: “Those Days are Gone”
or “Walking the Same Path”, they both regenerate HP so they increase Melissa’s
durability but have a different secondary effect. “Those Days are Gone” will also increase
Melissa’s magia damage and “Walking the Same Path” gives her a general attack boost. Both are good memoria’s that either enhance
Melissa’s strong point or enhances her stats to make her hit a bit harder. If you’re looking for some active memoria’s
to use, “Past and Future” and “Splash Party!” are good options. They’ll increase Melissa’s damage output,
this includes her discs and her magia while also giving her a defense cut. So it’s good for both offense and defense. “Past and Future” will give the buffs
for 3 turns and “Splash Party!” is the 3 star alternative memoria. The buffs are slightly higher, but at the
cost of having it active or only 1 turn. Finally, if you are worried about her durability
in battle, you can also use: “For The Ones I Love”. Upon activation this memoria will give Melissa
a 3 turn damage cut which can be up to 20% and it’ll also regenerate her HP slightly. In conclusion, Melissa can be a great asset
to your team because she fits in a variety of teams. I suggest getting her and everything you need
to awaken her and increase her magia level. So what do you think about Melissa and are
you liking the event so far? Feel free to let me known down in the comments
below! I think Liz’s review will be up next Friday
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  1. Where is the early gang? :3

    Melissa is Waifu

    I’m my waifu in the Madoka Magica amino

    I have waifu at 4 star and is maxed out

    Waiting to get Waifu at doppel and 5 star

    That explains my Waifu :3

  2. Btw 0-0 am I the only one that finds it hard to believe that Melissa, a girl that made her wish so she could save Tart and her father from bleeding out (which granted her healing type magical powers) can't heal others in the game? And no °-° taking away status ailments is not the type of healing she did! She literally healed mortal wounds in a few seconds!

    Did Umika ever heal anyone in Kazumi magica 0-0 (I don't remember and I'm too lazy to bother to read that manga again)? Cuz she can heal just fine in the game!

    Oh and let's not forget that Melissa is classified as a water type magical girl in Magia Record even though she uses lightning style attacks! Where did her typing even come from? Is it because most welfare girls need to be water types? Someone please enlighten me on these things 😂

  3. so basically
    she can hit hard
    she can debuff clear
    she can magia spam
    and the best part
    she can be a 5 star

    now i need some luck to pull liz next week and reunite the team

  4. Should I get her if I already have both a maxed out multi slot Nanaka and Rena? Also I just want to say, and please don't take this as me being offensive or whatever, but you have THE MOST ADORABLE voice!!! <3

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