Hello everybody, it’s DreamingMind here,
welcome or welcome back to my channel! Today we’re going to look and discuss a
magical girl who wears pants in a way they don’t actually work: Leila Ibuki! I’ll go over her stats, connect, magia and
team and memoria recommendations. Leila is a permanent fire magical girl and
as a 4 star she has a max HP of 20,408, a max attack of 6,544 and a max defense of 6,609. Compared to the other 4 star fire magical
girls her HP is quite high and still at the higher end when compared to the other 4 stars. Her attack is average when compared to the
other 4 star fire magical girls and average to high when compared to the other 4 stars. Finally, she has the highest defense out of
all 4 star fire magical girls and her defense is still at the higher end when compared to
the other 4 stars in general. She is a balanced type and her growth and
levelling is also balanced. When taking a look at her discs we can see
that she has 3 charge discs, 1 horizontal blast disc and 1 accele disc. Her MP gain is still quite good. From a charge – charge – accele combination
you can earn around 41 MP. Let’s move on to her connect and magia. Leila’s connect is called: “Let’s Unite
Our Feelings!”. Depending on her rarity she heals the targeted
ally between 37.5 and 42.5%, she also increases their attack between 30 and 35%. Finally, she also grants them a 60 to 100%
chance to land the debuff burn on the attacked enemies. Her magia: “Circle Of Fire” deals attribute
strengthened damage to a single enemy. As a 3 star she deals damage between 500 and
540% and as a 4 star between 540 and 580%, this depends on her magia level. When up against a forest enemy 200% more damage
is dealt because of the attribute strengthened damage modifier. She also increases the charge damage of all
allies for 3 turns, as a 3 star the increase is between 15 and 25% and as a 4 star between
20 and 30%. Finally, only as a 4 star she also removes
all status ailments from all allies. Due to her highest rarity being a 4 star,
Leila doesn’t have a doppel yet, but this might/probably will happen in the future when
we’ll be able to awaken her to the 5 star rarity. Leila is just another charge gorilla however,
she also still has her own unique side in this spectrum. Leila is a balanced type and his can become
clearer when we look at her connect and magia. Leila’s connect takes the best of both and
combines offense and defense together. When connecting to another magical girl, Leila
heals them, increases their attack and will let them inflict the debuff burn on the enemies. The heal is very decent, it is on par with
a 4 star Konoha heal and the same counts for the attack buff. Leila’s connect surely improves when you
awaken her to the 4 star rarity, not only because the heal and attack buff become better,
but certainly more because the burn debuff becomes guaranteed when attacking the enemies. Enemies with the burn debuff on them lose
10% of its HP and take 80% more damage from the element they’re weak against. So Leila does increase the durability of your
magical girls and makes them much stronger with the other two buffs. The most important is that you get 3 buffs
and they’re all very useful, there is no inconsistency because they all stick to the
targeted magical girl, although this only counts for a 4 star Leila, so do take note
of that please. Furthermore, Leila has an attribute strengthened
magia. So when up against, for example, a forest
boss who only takes up one square on the field, she can be really useful. Her magia will do more damage than other single
targeted fire magia’s thanks to the fact that it is a attribute strengthened magia. Besides that, she gives a nice buff to charge-teams
by increasing their charge damage for a decent amount and she can remove status ailments
from allies, which can also be handy in longer boss fights where status ailments can last
for several turns. So Leila is the definition of a balanced
type. She can heal decently and remove debuffs while
also increase the damage output of the team. But because of this she herself isn’t leaning
towards the offensive or defensive side. She can’t be a damage dealer because her
attack is too low, neither she can be a tank because her HP and defense is too low for
that. And precisely that is the problem with Leila,
you would basically need support for your support magical girl. Because of this and her charge oriented discs,
I wouldn’t use her in PvP. You’ll even run more into the problem of
Leila being neither offensive nor defensive. Besides that, she gets easily overshadowed
by the likes of Tsuruno and Kyoko who have clearer roles. I mean, people even solo PvP with Tsuruno. But let’s move on to teams and see in which
kind of teams Leila can fit. Because of her charge oriented discs and magia,
Leila easily fits in a charge team with, for example, Ayame, Meiyui, Akira and Momoko. All of these 4 girls are also charge gorilla’s
and most of them can increase the charge damage with either their connect and/or with their
magia. Ayame’s connect and magia can also burn
enemies which can be useful to get rid of them more easily. Akira would simply be your main damage dealer
because of her high attack stat and Meiyui takes care of durability with the evade on
her connect. Momoko and Leila would mostly support the
team. Leila can take on the role of a healer a little
bit while Momoko can boost everybody’s damage. Once again the tanks Kirika and Kokoro are
also back. You can make either of them the one who will
absorb most of the damage that the team will suffer and protect Leila and the rest of the
team. Both their attacks are not great, so Leila’s
connect will help them with the attack boost and the burn debuff can also help out. Due to the heal, your tank can stay tanky
and keep absorbing that damage while relying back on Leila for more support. Lastly, there just is a team that I have to
suggest. You can pair up Leila with Seika or Mito,
or you can put the three of them in a team. Seika is great support for charge gorilla’s
and even Mito has 2 charge discs, so she can profit decently from it as well. In return, Seika can profit greatly from the
heal since she has rather weak stats herself and Mito is somewhat like a forest tank while
also being able to deal decent damage. She has a provoke and evade on her connect
and magia, allowing you to protect your team efficiently. With her magia, Mito can also increase the
defense of her allies for 3 turns, so this gives your magical girls more durability as
well. Leila’s personal memoria: “Leila’s Key”
allows her, upon activation, to gain more MP for 1 turn. You could use this memoria, since Leila’s
magia is quite good it’s understandable if you want to use it often. However, Leila’s best combo to gain the
most MP, is also a decent combo to deal damage, so maybe this memoria is not really necessary. Other good memoria’s for Leila are of course:
“Those Days are Gone” and “Walking the Same Path”. Both memoria’s heal each turn, something
Leila can really use since she can’t heal herself. They also each have a secondary effect. “Those Days are Gone” will increase her
magia damage and “Walking the Same Path” will give her a general damage boost, which
is really nice in combination with her attribute strengthened magia. The damage boost will work on all attacks
including her magia, so it is the better memoria out of the two, but in case you don’t have
it; “Those Days are Gone” is also good. Also, since Leila is a charge gorilla, you
might as well use: “Teamwork on Our First Meeting” to increase her charge damage. Another option would be: “The Third Magical
Girl”. This memoria will increase both Leila’s
charge damage and increase her MP gain from accele discs so her magia bar will hit that
100 faster. This basically almost combines her personal
memoria and the “Teamwork on Our First Meeting” memoria. In my opinion this is one of the best memoria’s
to increase Leila’s damage. If you’re looking for some active memoria’s,
as always it’s good to use: “Past and Future” or “Splash Party!”. They’ll increase Leila’s damage output,
this includes her discs and her magia while also giving her a defense cut. So it’s good for both offense and defense. “Past and Future” will give the buffs
for 3 turns and “Splash Party!” is the 3 star alternative memoria. The buffs are slightly stronger, but at the
cost of having it active or only 1 turn. For the future you might want to look out
for: “Starlight Power!”. This memoria will increase charge damage for
either 10 or 12.5% while also giving a 20 or 25% chance to land a critical hit. This memoria will be available in the gacha
once we get the “FM Kamihama Holy Radio Station” event. Leila is not a bad magical girl to use, she
can help your team both with the offense and defense. The only problem with her is her balanced
nature, something we can see back in both her buffs and stats. Therefore she can’t really be classified
as either an offensive or defensive magical girl and basically falls in the gap between
those two. For this video I actually have a different
kind of question for you. What do you think about the small Madoka birthday
party event? Are you getting any of the paid items? Do you think that timewise it’s too close
to the Iroha’s birthday party event? Feel free to share your thoughts about any
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your timezone is and I hope to see you next time. Bye bye.

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  1. The real questions are:
    What's Homura's birthday? Will it ever be confirmed?
    Will she also get a birthday party in Magia Record if it does get confirmed?

  2. at first sight i was thinking: she's a charge gorilla i can skip her i got momoko and the rest anyway
    then i saw she goes full superman style, now i need her ………….. she's not limited right ??????

    and basically the birthday events is the best thing ever for the F2P, we actually feel like whales for a week
    i'm not a party guy but now i want to celebrate all the time.
    too bad is hard to beat the pity break tho

  3. I think compared to jp, we've got amazing gifts for Madoka's birthday. I try to support games I play on a daily basis whenever I can afford it so I got both bags. Extra rainbow orbs are a blessing and a gssr gave my Mami another slot which made me so happy. If only the pace was a bit slower, so little time to farm everything… I want a small break to enjoy personal stories ;_;

  4. leilas design would be so cute if only she had real pants! 🙁

    i'm happy about the madoka birthday event bc hey, free pulls are free pulls!

  5. On the first day, Madoka's actual birthday, I got a Madoka copy. And it was the first hit on the 10 pull, which was really cool. Yesterday, I got another Madoka copy, Tsukuyo, Yuma, and another copy of Madokas portrait memorial in the SAME 10 PULL. So yeah it's been a wild ride.

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