Hello everybody! It’s DreamingMind here, welcome or welcome
back to my channel! The Halloween girl Karin Misono is finally
here! So early Happy Halloween and let’s take
a closer look at Karin. I’ll go over her stats, connect, magia,
doppel and team and memoria recommendations. Karin is a permanent fire magical girl and
as a 5 star she has a max HP of 28,476, a max attack of 7,874 and a max defense of 7,543. Compared to the other 5 star fire magical
girls and other 5 stars her HP is quite high. Her attack is the lowest out of all 5 star
fire magical girls and still low when compared to the other 5 stars. Finally, her defense is average when compared
to the other 5 star fire magical girls and the other 5 stars in general. She is a support type and growth and levelling
is focused towards her HP and attack. When taking a look at her discs we can see
that she has 1 charge disc, 1 horizontal blast disc and 3 accele discs. Her MP gain is quite good. From a triple accele combination you can earn
around 68 MP. Let’s move on to her connect, magia and
doppel. Karin’s connect is called: “Have a Halloween
Night Boost!”. Depending on her rarity, she increases the
attack of the targeted ally between 35 and 40%. She also grants them a 100% chance to dazzle
the enemy, or bewitch as we call it in the English version, and a 30 to 35% chance to
inflict a magia seal on the attacked enemies. Her magia: “Candy Death Squall” deals
damage to a single enemy. As a 4 star she deals damage between 680 and
720% and as a 5 star between 720 and 760%, depending on magia level. She decreases the targeted enemy’s defense
for 3 turns, as a 4 star the defense down is between 30 and 40% and as a 5 star between
40 and 50%, this depends on her magia level. She increases the MP gain from accele discs
of all allies for 3 turns, as a 4 star the increase is between 22.5 and 32.5% and as
a 5 star between 27.5 and 37.5%, again depending on magia level. Finally, only as a 5 star she also increases
the damage dealt by allies between 32.5 and 42.5% for 3 turns, once again depending on
magia level. Her doppel: Mcdougal, the doppel of the pillow
thief deals 1760% damage to a single enemy. She will decrease its defense for 3 turns
by 60%, she will increase the MP gain from accele discs of all allies for 3 turns by
42.5% and increase their damage for 3 turns by 47.5%. Just like Suzune, Karin is another fire magical
girl who is also an accele gorilla. However, unlike Suzune, the cute Halloween
Karin is luckily permanently in the gacha. Because she is an accele gorilla, her MP gain
is quite good, so she can easily gain almost 3 quarters of the MP bar with just one triple
accele combination. However, she does have a single target magia,
so it is a bit less useful than a magia which hits all enemies. Karin is a support type and with a high HP
and average defense so she will mostly stay alive during battles. Because she is a support type, her attack
is low, but this is not too bad. Karin mostly relies on her magia to deal decent
damage and luckily she can get a full MP bar quite easily. Aside from that, the damage from her normal
attacks is not too bad, but don’t expect her to do wonders because she is simply not
an attack type. So how good of a supporter is Karin? Karin’s connect is quite an interesting one,
though we’re going to start with the most simple buffs. Karin will increase the attack of the targeted
ally for 40% at max. Which is of course always useful because everybody
can profit from a general buff like this one. The targeted ally will also have a 100% chance
to inflict the debuff ‘bewitch’ on the enemies she attacked. This debuff will give the enemy a 50% chance
to miss their attacks and they’ll receive 80% more damage from the element they are
weak against. So just know that enemies can still attack
you even though you inflicted the debuff on them, but of course, they’ll now be more
easily defeated because they’ll receive more damage. Finally, Karin also comes with a new debuff
which is a magia sealing debuff. Sadly, the succession rate of the debuff is
very low, if Karin is a 5 star it only has a 35% chance to stick to the enemy. As a 4 star it’s even only 30%. So it would be better to expect it to not
stick to the enemy. However, it can of course come in handy if
it sticks and can be very useful in challenge quests where you’re often up against other
magical girls. So if one of them reached a full MP bar and
is about to fire off their magia, and you have no other means to stop it, you can use
Karin’s connect to and the small hope you have left to have a very small chance of delaying
that magia attack for 1 turn. Of course, there is no guarantee for this
so that makes the debuff very inconsistent. However, if you’re lucky, it can save you
from annihilation. Karin’s magia is also full of support buffs
and a debuff. It’ll decrease the defense of the targeted
enemy for 3 turns, so it is a perfect memoria to use against a boss fight who only takes
up one square on the field. Her magia will also do the most damage in
that case. Furthermore, it increases the MP gain from
accele discs and damage of all allies for 3 turns. These buffs will make sure that your team
will deal a decent amount of damage while building up their MP bars more easily to fire
off a magia again. Because Karin is an accele gorilla, she easily
recharges her MP bar back to 100 and will be able to fire off another magia attack. This naturally means that you’ll get those
two buffs again for your team. If you put Karin in the right teams and RNG
is on your side, you can fire off Karin’s magia often and have those two buffs and that
one debuff active for most of the time. This will naturally help out your team and
give them consistent buffs to keep dealing decent damage. However, I don’t think you should use Karin
in PvP. Karin mostly relies on her magia to do good
damage, but since it can be quite hard to get your magia up in PvP before being defeated,
she won’t be of much help. There are also too many water magical girls
who are incredibly strong and can defeat Karin without much trouble. Another great thing about Karin is that you
can put her in a lot of teams. Of course you can’t put her in a blast or
charge team, simply because she isn’t made to work in such teams, but there are a lot
of other possibilities. She can easily fit in a magia spamming team
with, for example, Rena, Rika and Suzune. So of course, the goal with a team like this
is just make as many accele combo’s as you can and spam those magia’s. With Karin’s magia you can even increase
the MP gain which, of course, helps with magia spamming. In return, Rena and Suzune can enchance Karin’s
strength and make her hit a little bit harder with their connects, while Rena and Rika can
also further enchance and increase MP gain from accele discs. Karin also works greatly with any magia type
magical girl and those who have a very strong magia, a few examples are: Melissa, Tsuruno,
Liz and Kaede. They all have a pretty decent attack stats
and 2 accele discs, 1 charge disc and 2 blast discs, so while still being able to build
up MP bars easily, they do provide some more versatility to the team with their blast discs,
allowing you to clear waves of enemies more easily. Liz is the most offense magical girl out of
them, so you can use many connects on her to make her deal a lot of damage. Both she and Kaede also have an attribute
strengthened magia, so Liz deals more damage to light enemies and Kaede deals more damage
to water enemies. All expect Liz also increase MP gain with
either their connect or magia. In short, Karin can provide good support for
them while some of them can also provide small support for Karin, who then in return, can
even provide better support. Karin is also packed with a few debuffs, so
she would work in a debuff team with Alina and/or Mami. Alina has the same bewitch debuff as Karin
on her connect together with a poison debuff and a small chance to stun the enemy, which
can possibly also prevent them from using their magia’s. Mami has the bind and burn debuff on her connect,
which can prevent enemies from acting for 1 turns while they are hurt by the burn debuff. Her magia is slightly more inconsistent as
it doesn’t guarantee you the burn and bind debuff, but you still have a decent chance. Both Alina and Mami have a strong magia attack
and 2 accele discs, meaning that while inflicting debuffs on the enemy, you can easily build
up their magia bars. A more free to play friendly debuff team would
be with: Hinano, Kanoko and/or Seika. Hinano has a poison on both her connect and
magia, and also a stun on her magia, this prevents enemies from attacking you for 1
turn and you can use this as a defense mechanism to protect your team for 1 turn. Kanoko can charm enemies with both her connect
and magia, also preventing them from attacking your team for 1 turn, and Seika has the fog
debuff, which will give enemies a 25% to miss their attacks. Seika also relies very much on her magia to
deal damage, even more than Karin, and Karin can help her out perfectly with this. Hinano is also already uncapped and should
make up for a good 5 star in your team. Of course, with most of these teams you build
up MP bars with ease, but is great to mix those who focus very much on MP spamming with
those who can inflict debuffs on the enemies. Karin’s personal memoria: “Phantom Thief
Karin’s Sly Plan” will give her upon activation a 3 turn 100% chance to ignore the evade-status
on the enemies. This memoria also has a short cool-down, so
can be active for most of the battle. This can really come in handy during boss
fights and if you decide to use Karin in PvP. Other than that, I would recommend using other
memoria’s. Such as “Those Days are Gone” and “Walking
the Same Path”. They’ll heal Karins’s HP slightly, so
it increases her durability a little bit. They also have each a secondary effect. “Those Days are Gone” will increase her
magia damage and “Walking the Same Path” will give her a general damage boost. The damage boost will work on all attacks
including her magia, so it is the better memoria out of the two, but in case you don’t have
it; “Those Days are Gone” is also good. If you want to focus more on increasing her
magia damage, you can use “Here With You” or “The Three of Us, Going Forward”. “Here With You” is probably better to
use because this memoria gives you either a 20 or 25% constant magia damage boost, and
it is very easy to spam Karin’s magia. However, if you plan on using it less, use
“The Three of Us, Going Forward”. You’ll need to activate this memoria before
using Karin’s magia, but the magia damage boost will be slightly higher, either 25 or
27.5%. If you want to focus on Karin to gain even
more MP, you can use “It’s Not Like I Was Waiting” or “The Flavor of Drama!”. When up against a combination of forest and
water enemies “The Flavor of Drama!” is more useful because this memoria also increases
the MP gain when getting hit by the element one is weak against, in Karin’s case water
of course. However, Karin’s MP gain is already really
good, so I only advise to use one of these memoria’s if you have multiple slots for
your Karin so you can combine it with a memoria that will increase her magia damage. Overall, Karin’s stats might not be the
greatest, especially not her attack. But she is made a supporter after all, and
for that role she is perfect. She is quite versatile and can be paired up
with a wide selection of other magical girls which is always helpful. So I was working on this during the extended
maintenance, but I assume that it should be over as you’re watching this video, because
I don’t expect 24 hour maintenances. So as always, I’m curious what you think
about the current event. Feel free to let me known down in the comments
below! I hope you enjoyed this video, please leave
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  1. I like the Halloween Event; it's different then the other Events I took part in. Also, I really like Karin!! She's freaking Adorable, and I'm glad that I got her, even though I already got Suzune from the previous Event as well. Love your Magia Record Reviews, and I'll be looking forward to your next Review. Speaking of said Reviews, if it isn't too much trouble, would I be able to ask for you to Review a Certain Magical Girl? I wanted to ask before I said who, just incase you didn't take requests, since I don't want to be rude. Hope you have a Good Day, DreamingMind!!! ^_^

  2. Thanks for the usual review! I love them, since now I know how to use better my girls <3 Karin is so cute, I want her bc she's cute xd

  3. Who is going to be next holy 2019 magia record (JP) ?
    -Mito Aino
    -Chiharu Hiroe
    -Nemu Hiiragi
    -Meru Anna
    -Yuma Chitose
    -Kaede Akino
    -Kako Natsume
    -Konomi Haruna
    -Hinano Miyako
    -Sana Futaba

  4. Karin is so sweet
    I still don't have her after rolling all my gems and tickets but I got Ria out of it and she isn't half bad either.

  5. well i really want some accelle gorillas for a change but yeah F2P is suffering, anyway she's always a welcome spook

    by the way about the maintenance the NA train finally broke really hard this time ( that's the reason we need brakes every once in a while ) but it worth for all the updates they gave us

    and at least we got an easy event for a change, because they know that mecha liz comes first but i'm triggered right now cause we got a mission to stun an enemy and guess who has every debuff available but a stun ?? classic, but complaining is not an option ……. yet

  6. "you can use Karin's connect and the small hope you have left to have a very small chance of delaying that magia attack for one turn."
    I'm so excited for this event, Karin is a S tier cutie.

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