Hello everybody, it’s DreamingMind here,
welcome or welcome back to my channel! A new magical girl has arrived in Magia Record
NA. She already appeared in the story but now
we have a chance of getting her in the gacha; Alina Gray! I’ll go over her stats, connect, magia,
doppel and team and memoria recommendations. Alina is a permanent forest magical girl and
as a 5 star she has a max HP of 22,370, a max attack of 9,784 and a max defense of 7,106. Compared to the other 5 star forest magical
girls her HP is average and at the lower end when compared to the other 5 stars. While her attack is quite high when compared
to the other 5 star forest magical girls and the other 5 stars. Upon release, she beats Rena and takes the
place of the magical girl with the highest attack stat currently in the game. Finally, her defense is average when compared
to the other 5 star forest magical girls and once again at the lower end when compared
to the other 5 stars in general. She is an attack type and her growth and levelling
is focused on her attack and HP stats. When taking a look at her discs we can see
that she has 1 charge disc, 1 horizontal and 1 vertical blast disc and 2 accele discs. Her MP gain is good. From an accele – charge – accele combination
you can earn around 38 MP. Let’s move on to her connect, magia and
doppel. Alina’s connect is called: “Melt into
my Artwork”. Depending on her rarity, she increases the
attack of the targeted ally between 35 and 37.5%. She also grants them a 100% chance to dazzle,
or bewitch as we call it in the English version, and poison the enemy. Finally, only as a 5 star she also grants
the targeted ally a 35% chance to stun the enemy. Her magia: “The Nine Phases” deals damage
to all enemies. As a 4 star she deals damage between 340 and
380% and as a 5 star between 360 and 400%. She also grants herself a 2 turn attack boost. As a 4 star the boost is between 25 and 35%
and as a 5 star between 35 and 45%. Finally, she also grants herself a 2 turn
chance to land a critical hit. As a 4 star the chance is 40% and as a 5 star
the chance is 70%. Her doppel: Old Dorothy, the doppel of fever,
deals 902% damage to all enemies. She poisons all the enemies for 3 turns. She also grants herself a 2 turn attack boost
of 55% and a 2 turn 100% chance to land a critical hit. Alina is actually our second 4 star forest
magical girl in the game. Before we only had Mami but now she is joined
by Alina, although I’m not sure whether she wants her company. Anyway, let’s start with Alina’s disc distribution. Her disc distribution is quite good and it
certainly fits her role as an attacker. With both a horizontal and vertical blast
disc she can reach a decent amount of the field and with her two accele discs she
can build up her MP bar easily. Her connect does a lot at the same time, but
let’s take a closer look at it. The attack boost is useful for everyone, but
sadly it is slightly weaker than for example Rena’s attack boost which is 40% as a 5
star. However, Alina is packed with debuffs. The posion debuff should speak for itself,
once applied on an enemy, it’ll lose 5% of its HP at the end of the turn. The bewitch debuff however might be a little
bit more complicated. When using the connect it has a 100% chance
to stick on the enemy however, once applied and once it’s the enemies’ turn, they
only have a 50% chance to miss their attacks, so don’t get surprised when the enemies
still hit you. The bewitched enemy will take 80% more damage
of the element it is weak against. So at least that is a nice touch and it’ll,
of course, allow you to defeat the enemy much faster. And then, there is also the stun Alina has
as a 5 star. The percentage of the stun is very low, so
you shouldn’t count on it. But when it sticks it of course makes the
enemy unable to act or recover HP and it’ll also take 80% more damage from the element
it is weak against. There is a sort of problem with this connect,
because if the stun sticks, it renders the bewitch debuff useless. When using this connect, it would be the best
to hit all the enemies on the field with it. It doesn’t matter whether this is in normal
story quests or in PvP, in PvP the consequences might even be bigger. Let’s say you’re using the connect in
PvP and stun most, but not everyone, even with the bewitch debuff they only have a 50%
chance to miss the attacks, meaning the attacks can still hit you and besides that, it would
be easier for the opponent’s team to get a puella combo and get their own connect ready. In normal story quests the consequences aren’t
this big of course and you probably have already defeated the wave of enemies, or you are close
to defeating the wave. In the right situation and with proper calculations
you can use this connect to your advantage by targeting the right enemies. So you might just be careful and think about
who you should target and of course there is a high chance the enemies won’t get stunned
due to the low chance. So don’t worry too much. Her magia deals decent damage, but it might
be a little bit selfish since she only grants herself the attack boost and the chance to
land a critical hit, but that just means you should select her discs in the 2 turns she
has the buffs to make the most out of it. It would have made her better if she would
also grant her allies the same buffs, but I suppose we can’t have everything. Because she has already an incredible high
attack stat, these buffs will naturally make her hit even harder. Alina is also a great magical girl to use
in PvP. We have lots of strong water magical girls
like Rena, Yachiyo and more are to come. However, Alina can defeat them without having
many difficulties. Something you do need to watch is her HP because
neither her HP or defense stats are great. So depending on the enemy’s team and RNG
your Alina might not be up for too long and I really advice to watch her HP closely and
heal when you can. Since Alina has a good distributed discs and
doesn’t enhance any specific discs with her buffs, she is highly versatile and fits
on a variety of teams. You can basically team her up with everyone. However, as usually I’ll give some recommendations. Either because I think the suggestion would
make up for an interesting team or the girls can really help Alina out and make her shine even more. Alina is a queen of debuffs, but she is not
alone in that regard. She and Hazuki can work together nicely. Alina will have the bewitch, posion and a
low chance to stun and Hazuki will have the curse debuff on both her connect and magia
and she also has a 3 turn attack down debuff on her magia to make it even more difficult
for your enemies. Their debuffs can work nicely together because
they stack and the curse and poison debuff go hand in hand to deal damage to your enemies
at the end of the turn to defeat them quicker. Besides, due to the attack down debuff, you
improve the durability of both Hazuki and Alina since they’ll take less damage. So the strategy is simple, just stack those
debuffs and they’ll do the work for you. Another option is Hinano and this is a perfect
timing because she is getting uncapped. Hinano also carries some debuffs with her,
she has poison on both her connect and magia. The poison from her magia will even last for
3 turns and as a 4 star and above she also has a guaranteed stun on all enemies for 1
turn. So you can use this a defense mechanism to
give yourself a little bit more time to defeat the enemy or get a heal ready or anything
like that. Since they both have poison abilities, your
enemies will be poisoned for most turns and once again they’ll do the work for you. Just for the sake of building a debuff team,
you can also pair up with Emiri. She has both the bewitch debuff on her connect
and her magia. Although as a 4 star she only has a 42.5%
chance to land the bewitch debuff with her magia. So that is not so good, but on the other hand
she also lands a defense down debuff on all enemies for 3 turns and that’ll help Alina
to do some good damage. Now we’re slightly moving away from the
debuff teams, but we’re not entirely there yet. However, if you want to clear a field quickly
while also making use of Alina’s debuff and attack power you can pair her up with
Nanaka. Nanaka is better known as a blast gorilla
and although Alina isn’t a blast gorilla, their discs synergize together nicely. Alina has two blast discs and with her amazing
attack power this allows her to deal decent damage and be a decent wave and field clearer although not as good
as a blast gorilla. Naturally with Alina’s connect, Nanaka can
still land those debuffs and with her 3 blast discs she can debuff every enemy on the field. Besides that, she also has a 3 turn defense
down debuff for all enemies on her magia and this will let both Nanaka and Alina to deal
some good immense damage. Finally, now really moving away from the debuff
teams and moving more on the support side. Konoha would make a nice support for Alina. First of all, Konoha can heal Alina with both
her connect and magia and therefore increases her durability. With her connect she can also grant an attack
buff and increase the MP from accele discs. This will allow Alina to deal more damage
while building up her MP bar to fire off that magia and once again, do more damage thanks
to her own magia buffs. Furthermore, what can be handy during boss
fights with the counter ability, is that Konoha’s magia has a 3 turn buff to ignore such counters. The counters of the enemy could be a serious
threat to Alina because of her low HP and defense, however, the anti-counter ability
will let her do what she does best without taking damage back herself. Alina’s personal memoria: “Final Piece:
Alina’s Nine Phases” gives her upon activation a monopolized draw, which means that you’ll
only get Alina’s discs. However, sadly the cooldown on it is too bad
to actually use it. If you would use it, you would probably only
be able to use it once and it would be better to focus on further increasing her attack
or durability. Speaking about durability, “Those Days are
Gone” and “Walking the Same Path” are great memoria’s because each turn, they’ll
heal Alina’s HP slightly, so it will increase her durability a little bit. They also each have a secondary effect. “Those Days are Gone” will increase her
magia damage and “Walking the Same Path” will give her a general damage boost. The damage boost will work on all attacks
including her magia, so it is the better memoria out of the two, but in case you don’t have
it; “Those Days are Gone” is also good. As with any damage dealer, “I Made Friends!”
is a good memoria. It’ll give Alina an attack boost and each
turn she’ll have a 20 or 25% chance to land a critical hit. When working in a debuff team “Attitude
Toward Art” is also an good option. It’ll make sure that Alina can’t get hit
by poison herself and it will increase her damage even more when she attacks enemies
who are affected by a debuff. My final thoughts on Alina? She is a great damage dealer who is highly
versatile and able to function in almost any team. she’ll always be a great asset to your team,
whether you roll for her now or get her later. So with that being said, are you rolling for
Alina? Feel free to let me known down in the comments
below! I hope you enjoyed this video, please leave
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  1. Hi all, I'm sorry for the repetition around 13:09! I'm well aware of it but I figured it out once I already edited and uploaded the video. I'm very sorry about it, hopefully you can all still enjoy the review!

  2. I got suzune in 1 ten pull on jp so now I don't gotta wait for her on NA 😀 her accele gain is a bit slower compared to other accel characters….

  3. As much as i want to roll for her, im saving for mito and just try my luck in the normal gacha. But i am gonna get alina once im able to

  4. Im rolling for alina and its taking SO long ivr done so many pulls and i can't get her shes one of my favorite characters ;-;

  5. Yes. Finally a forest girl I look forward to and got in NA. I managed all my saving to get her three slot open and she is awesome. I tried and failed to get Mami in regular gacha so now I have Alina. I can save up for another good forest girl…

  6. I want her and I could get her because I have necessary gems and tickets but I don’t know if I should because there is a chance that I won’t get her (sorry if bad grammar. Main language is Spanish)

  7. Was able to get her after using 3 10x tickets, leaving my 3k stockpiled gems untouched.
    Got her to 5* max and slapped I made friends on her. She shreds literally everything, extra 1-6 was a piece of cake. Jojolina is truly the strongest of them all.

  8. well now we got a forest and debuff meta with alina and the hinano level up (is the first time i actually use her) cause mami was really lonely in that aspect, i won't roll for her in a while (f2p by the way) but since she's permanent now a spook is always welcome, luckyly the friend list never disappoints

    meanwhile we can farm chains and some new materials in the special training and that's always welcome
    ( a dead week won't kill us tho )

  9. I got her with my second 10 pull 😀

    I was really worried at first cause i don’t even have enough to hit pity after using almost all my Magia stones on Tart, but I’m so glad she came!

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