ROCKY: Hey, kids,
welcome to another round of “Who Knows Their Dinos?” TINY: Ready to figure out
which dino we’re talking about? ROCKY: Is it Pteranodon, Velociraptor or Rugosodon? TINY: Hey, Rocky, you said
those names really well! ROCKY: I’ve been practising. OK, here goes! Today’s guest
of honour was a flying reptile. TINY: You mean… like this? ROCKY: Nah.
I mean it couldreallyfly.Our creature had wings that were
as long as nine metres across. That’s longer
than any birds’ wings! TINY: Yeah. Those wings
are as big as a hang-glider’s! ROCKY: This winged wonder
could take off from the ground, just like bird. TINY: And give us great rides! ROCKY:
For really long distances! TINY: But for Hegan,
landing’s another story… ROCKY: Like birds, this fabulous
flapper had claws on its feet. But it also had claws
at the end of its wings. What bird has that? TINY: What a claw-some feature! (Giggles) ROCKY: For its large size,
this creature was very light. Scientists guess that it
only weighed 35 to 40 pounds. TINY: That’s just
a little heavier than a Corgi! ROCKY: A flying Corgi!
Can you imagine? TINY: No. They can barely walk. ROCKY: Anyway, our mystery guest
had a big brain and long crest. Scientists aren’t exactly sure
what the crest was used for. TINY:
Maybe to store extra brains! Just kidding. ROCKY: It also had a really
long beak, but no teeth. TINY: That’s right.
Its name actually means “winged and toothless.” ROCKY: But I call her
“airborne and awesome”! So, do you know
who we’re talking about? TINY: Is it Pteranodon,
Velociraptor or Rugosodon? ROCKY: If you said Pteranodon,
you’re flying high! TINY: Good job! And thanks for
playing “Who Knows Their Dinos?” See ya!

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