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  3. The cartel de Sinaloa
    The cartel de los caballeros templarios
    And another carteles, they are cooking for you paloma, you better run away.😱😰🥶🤫🤫🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

  4. Hey everyone welcome to America… how embarrassing… not to mention this is what our gov does as well

  5. Hmmm a person living in Mexico supporting trump I think you libs should open your eyes and learn that you’ve been tricked like a fool

  6. Belinda needs help… her approach is clearly childish.
    That said, to be a woman and/or a minority and to be endorsing the Republican Party/Trump is sheer insanity and the height of ignorance. Paloma also needs help… and the Ranch won’t cut it.

  7. It kind of looks like Paloma has Dr Phil manipulated just like they said at the beginning of the show. I literally scoffed thinking ‘yeah right, nobody manipulates Dr Phil’, but apparently it does happen. All of these women are equally disgusting, yet it seems the focus is mostly on the two.

  8. Typical Trump supporters, childish bullies who's only means of communicating is aggression, because they aren't intelligent enough to be capable of mature discussion

  9. I will never understand how a woman of color could vote for Trump. Trump is a racist he doesn’t even like Hispanics. His wife wore a jacket that said “ I really don’t care” on tv whole shown with kids that have been ripped from their families. Trump don’t like NO ONE , but himself.

  10. Maybe, they should all concentrate on living their own lives and putting all that negative energy into helping others who are in need and turn it into positive . Maybe helping homeless or those less fortunate.

  11. What a bunch of daft cows! Imagine being in your late 50's and this is what you focus on…being like a high school mean girl!!

  12. Redhead mustve got raped or beat sum like that, it’s okay let her hand out those court papers to ease the pain away from her rape case

  13. Aren't these these the two ladies that came to that shelter my father works at and was screaming at the young girl outside the gate telling her to go back to her own country? I hate to tell you that girl is LEGAL US citizen. You two white ladies are racist. You think just because people are of color they are all here illegally. You don't own the land either . I don't care what this mexicans ladies political agenda is, but seems you two ladies hate her because she is Mexican.

  14. What are they going to do after the impeachment? These ladies need jobs . If they were working they would not have time to fight .

  15. I feel sad for all these women. Their life is nothing but anger. They put their anger before even their families. Anyone with emotional intelligence knows that anger starts from within and others carry the blame. These women are without grace. It’s devastating to know that they are given a platform and that others enjoy stewing in their anger with them.

  16. Being a social worker turned writer, I have to say all this hatred, bullying, and division really gets to me. I don't know how people fight day in and day out. Some people thrive on chaos, though.

  17. Imagine stalking someone to film serving papers. Using the courts for petty vengeful fights that use tax payer dollars and time that could be spend on worthy cases. This gets more ridiculous.

  18. This is why I am SOOOOO AFRAID of America. I am South African, went to visit Texas to do some outreach work and was called a "dumb Mexican" , "you are disgusting, clean my garden". I am South African, not even MEXICAN!!! I immediately went to the airport and booked a ticket home, slept at the airport and literally kissed the ground when I landed in Cape Town. These women are what we all fear about America!!! This is disgusting!!!! its RACIST!!!!! These women are cyber TERRORISTS not bullies. Urgh.

  19. Those two are lying. A a restraining order last a whole year. They filed and where refuse the order. You can not get an order without, being physically twice.

  20. Well I know which one of these women are a few screws loose! Hint: It's the one with nothing better to do than to comment on every comment that she does like. Lmfao 😂 Just wow!!!

  21. Aaand…this is wat the social media platform has given us…grown middle aged women acting like spoiled children 👎

  22. Holding a grudge, seeking vengeance and refusing to forgive is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Pathetic women.

  23. Karma is defined as the force created by a person's actions which causes good or bad things to happen to that person. These ladies problems are a creation of themselves.

  24. Paloma has physically and verbally attacked and abused CHILDREN while close to the border – look up the video she posted it herself. Her “activism” is whack. Not defending the other women at all they’re horrible and part of the promblem – but I understand their frustration in the way dr. Phil is misrepresenting Paloma.

  25. As embarrassing and petty it is to be a Trump supporter, out of the three of these women, I'm much more inclined to believe the Paloma lady, because the other two don't seem to have very solid arguments for why they're doing what they're doing. They can't even answer Dr. Phil's questions that well.

  26. I have ZERO pity for this horrible person posing to be innocent. Shes lives in mexico, at that. Only reason she can cross the border because her mom married an American citizen whom was able to get her and her mom citizenship.

  27. Amy and Melinda are ETHNOCENTRIC.
    Paloma use some IDENTITY STRATEGIES.
    They are NOT REASONABLE ➡ human interactions : bully…

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