Primal Attack T-Rex Vs T-Rex Extreme Chompin Tyrannosaurus Rex Unboxing Jurassic World Dino Battles we are also gonna unbox the primal
attack extreme chomping Tyrannosaurus Rex from Mattel Mattel just keeps on
bringing out T Rexes these are only a few of the ones I have for Mattel later
in this video I will let you decide which one of these is your favorite oh
it’s great to see you today I have the first dinos from Mattel I
found this one in Amazon and she looks awesome so this is the extreme chomping
Tyrannosaurus Rex so this is the one where you push the head and the mouth
open and chomps and now they have the tongue in the down position the original
one that first came out the head the tongue like stick out this is like
they’re just I don’t know it just doesn’t look doesn’t look right and then
uh the first one was like uh shades of orange
this one is shades of brown light brown dark brown like I said really cool
looking I mean I do like the look of this one more but it’s a little
disappointing the action is well I mean what are we gonna do and
then this is gonna be the first of the primal tech dinos I’m gonna be adding to
the app and for some reason they got rid of the cards I don’t know why they got
rid of the cards because those were actually kind of cool so this is
gigantic white head and neck articulation cool let’s open her up okay
and here she is out of the package greeting our indominus rex outside the
gates of jurassic park I thought the indominus rex came from
Jurassic world kind of weird well like I said I mean her tongue does not stick
out like the original one so this would be the original one again so side by
side luck wise I mean besides the colors they seem to be identical movement on
the neck on both of them so pretty much is the same mold
I really wish they would get rid of this button here because it’s hard to make
action videos with these I mean the ones that had the control and the tail so
much easier I mean with this son they also did the same thing with the battle
damaged – worse they still kept the controls here on the head which I don’t
understand that really because if you look at this indominus rex here with the
controls in the tail i mean you have so much of a better Dino
look at this to control the here so you could make all kinds of really cool
action videos without your hand being in the frame like I said check this out if
these guys had a battle it would be like this so which one looks cooler of course
the one in the tail because here your hand is here you want to get rid of your
hand I mean you have to be extremely close like that of course the indominus
rex is gonna be better and then if he faces just find us or at once again same
thing and in the picture the ominous rex just shot her down so i wished i really
do wish with the primal age ones that some of the other ones they do go ahead
and make differences because like this spinosaurus here i mean this is a
totally awesome dino big rubber flap piece here you’ve got the ribs with
damage there you pull that you have a button you have a beating heart with
actual liquid in it behind it so that is like a really cool innovative dino and
then you come back to this one it’s basically just a paint job so i guess
pretty much if you’re looking for the differences this one pretty much the
color i mean that’s that’s the only difference you’re gonna get because like
i said same movement with the neck the mouth of course they
do drop the tongue from the original which makes it cooler you could do
cooler attack videos little tiny arms great movement on the legs the feet do
swivel they did go ahead and paint the nails on the toes which gives it a lot
more D so okay it’s cool but if you go ahead and watch my earlier video on the
new primal attack ones they are gonna have some really cool new ones so that
is exciting okay so besides the extreme Chumphon primal attack your ex these are
the few of the other ones I have this is also one up the extreme chomp and T
Rexes ones but this one is painted to look like a primal aged t-rex so this
one is really cool I apologize guys I’m running a cold today so I don’t solve
that so you have the small primal egg one here this is one of the ones that
came with lettuce truck the source t-rex so this one ah has no tongue at all but
it does have a magnet here which attack which it uses to attack that feature on
the set and then here we have an extreme chunk of t-rex they came in a double
pack with a little green baby one so this one also does have the drop zone so
this is not a custom one motel actually sells this one and then here is the
original chompin t-rex here with the big tongue this digs
out and our brand new one which we just checked oh now this is one of the thrash
and throat t-rexes but this is custom beanie so I like this one because they
put the controls in the tail why they change that I don’t know I mean look how
awesome that is I mean you could do so great attack videos and everything with
this so nice custom painted one and then I got my big custom painted Diablo t-rex
is a Jurassic world roaring super colossal t-rex so this one
actually has the sound effects nice big extreme roar but it’s all custom painted
I mean this was not cheap but it is awesome
ah these were done by two different artists so you can see this one diablo
t-rex is more of a shiny red and black where my big one it’s more of a dull
coloring i like the adult coloring more personally well anyways go ahead and
vote Bob up which one of these is your favor okay well anyways it’s time to go
ahead and add this to the Jurassic world fact app so this will be the first of
our new primal attack dinos so when we started up its got the new
primal attack gates of Jurassic world so they did totally update the app for the
primal attack once so if you go over here to the collection button the first
ones are gonna be the primal attack Oh looks like they gave us a free drink
over X to go and in check out so this is a new
Dracorex that’s gonna be coming out so if you go ahead and poke her a little
bit sometimes they’ll get angry but now they have this new button where you
could go ahead and check her out in 3d so that’s really cool over there and
then if you go back we could get some facts on her Oh some info so this one
Drake over X has a heavily armored quest goal okay let’s go ahead and add our T
right so you could go ahead and scan right off the picture I included so they
definitely did make these dinos more aggressive I mean that t-rex is really
attack on the attack there okay sorry and then also we could go ahead and
check her out in the new 3d mode so you can see her from all sides which is cool
and then let’s see what new facts they give about her so first of all the
biggest part of her brain is devoted her short muscular arm can lift over four
hundred pounds each Wow didn’t know that Tyrannosaurus Rex is both an active
predator and a scavenger so if we go back to our collection you will see in
the primal attack there’s only two right now they’re gonna be coming out with
like 20 some new dinos and some of them are brand new and really cool dino
rivals I have a whole bunch of them which if you’ve been following my videos
you also do have those and then the original ones I have a loss so I have
probably a hundred twenty dinos you could add to your app if you go to my
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  1. Yeah this toy is good i have this t-rex and primal attack toys. i have from mattel primal attack callovosaurus, dracorex, t-rex, control n'conquer carnotaurus and ornitholestes. Yeah i have everyone but i don't have:tarbosaurus, sarchosuchus, pteranodon, triceratops and everyone this dinosaurs is not on and not on everyone shops.

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