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  1. Love how W would laugh and nod in approval every now and then. Like he knew everything Jon was saying was true.

  2. When Donald Trump dies, they are going to place a pay toilet over his casket and pay off the national debt.

  3. I know I'm about to get a lot of hate for this comment but it's the truth. Did President George HW Bush repent of his sins and put his faith in the only hope of salvation The Lord Jesus Christ? Being good and doing good saves know one.

  4. You gotta love Jon … respect how he elegantly steps on Trump’s pride and makes him feel obsolete during the ceremony.

  5. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust THIS motherfucker is FINALLY getting ass-reamed in hell and absorbing them devil's nuts ha ha ha ha roses are red 🌹 and violets are blue Trump done whooped the last stupid whore he'll beat the NEXT bitch too! Ha ha ha ha NOW he's the BURNING BUSH ( cause he's in hell ya know ha ha ha) i just got a hankering for some Bushes baked beans ha ha ha ha

  6. Can you imagine that pumpkin head(trump) is listening to that speech . A racist lying hater of so much . He should not have come . How could he possibly contribute anything other than bigotry and hate

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