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  1. @2:11 that’s exactly what you hear when you’re in that specific situation.
    Me: “Oh it’s okay now, it’s over.”
    Narrator: “It was not over.” mwa ha ha

    Edit: @3:47 yep

  2. I was pre school teacher allso. I got storys myself here one last day of school Kids were getting sick left and right in their plates .

  3. I can definitely relate to this video, I am a former preschool teacher and I have some horror stories.

    I had a boy playing on a hippity hip ball, he rolled off and hit his chin which mad him bite his tongue. Mom can and got him, long story short he broke his jaw and had to get it wired shut 😱

  4. Im from the UK and used to be a pre school teacher. Dealt with it all. I ended up quitting and changing my job. We're to underpaid for what we put up with. Plus the ridiculous amount of paper work just added to all the stress.

  5. Once in preschool I pissed myself after the teacher asked if I needed to go to the bathroom and I was potty trained and had no diaper and the teacher was mad 😂

  6. BIG THUMBS UP to pre-school teachers (ALL TEACHERS) I'd rather to basic training again for 6 months straight then do what they do.

  7. Since buzzfeed is committed to doing these “horror stories” videos. They should do special ed teacher horror stories because BELIEVE ME special ed teachers have A LOT to share

  8. One of my coworkers got a phone call from her son’s nursery and had to rush away from work. We were all concerned that he was ill or there had been an accident. No. One of the other kids had pooped, scooped it out of her underwear, and fed it to my coworker’s son. Kids are revolting. And I say that as someone who has three kids and a grandson.

  9. I think the worst thing was when I was a infant teacher. I picked up a baby and had them faced away from me and I noticed a smell. They pooped while sitting in the rocker and I realized they got poop on my pants and shirt. I've had kids sneeze on my face.

  10. I would really like to see the spa/beauty therapists answering questions people want to ask or their experiences cuz they have super nice and thrilled stories to tell 😇😇

  11. I had a 3 year old clog BOTH toilets in the classroom within 10 minutes. That was a fun afternoon of cleaning…

  12. Been through pretty much all of these and more! Infant teacher here. It’s a bad day when you get puked down your shirt, major blowout on your lap and teething babies all in the same day. We’ve had that kind of vomiting scene before and it’s not fun. You go home with snot, smelling like spit up or poop, and care doesn’t end after work because I have a toddler myself. Daycare/preschool teachers need better pay for this type of job. It takes certain people to have the patience to raise these children to have the basic building blocks of success. We are the start of the future for these children.

  13. I work with toddlers, and the amount of times I’m changing diapers and they sneeze in my open mouth… too many times.

  14. You think those stories are bad, I’ll tell you some real horror stories. The worst part of being a preschool teacher isn’t blood, vomit, and poop. Nope. The emotional upheaval for children of divorce, deaths in the family, and all kinds of abuse. I ended many of my days crying on the floor of the shower when I was a preschool teacher.

  15. O man this is right up my alley. I too am a preschool teacher and the horror stories I have. Soon after experiencing potty trained kids having the runs I have learned and told all my co workers where ever I work. The day I ask you for a regular kitchen size trash bag you know it’s going down. I was lucky my boss walked in and I told her “(insert boss name) hurry I need a trash bag! It has happened!” She knew immediately and got me a trash bag and bleach cleaner and towels. If you want to know this is to bag the lower part of the child up as we transport them form where ever they are to the bathroom so as to not drip and track the poop/ biohazards through out the school. (Welcome! This will be a useful tip for anyone with kids)

  16. I’ve been peed on, got poop on me, spit, tears, blood, vomit. Everything on more than one occasion. Even on the most normal day someone who hasn’t worked with kids would be horrified😂

  17. I worked with one-year-olds this summer and we had a stomach bug go through that gave them nasty diarrhea that would come out of their diapers randomly when you picked them up. lots of shirts were thrown away that week

  18. I’m an infant teacher. Projectile vomiting, baby turning and sneezing mid drinking their bottle and their moms breast milk gets into your mouth, and blow outs so bad that poop is covering every inch of the babies body is an every day occurrence.

  19. When I was in preschool I punched another girl in the arm because she didn’t do what I said… I feel bad for my preschool teacher.

  20. Two year old: walks over
    Me: hi
    Two: holds out poopy hand
    Me: oh you stuck your hand in your diaper cool touch nothing please thanks

  21. One of my toddlers was crying so I let her sit on my lap, and all of a sudden she stopped and got this strange look and her face. Next thing I knew she was projectile vomiting all over me . I was sitting crossed legged,so it was all over the front of my body and the back of my legs! I didn't want to upset her even more , so I was just calmly saying ",help,help,help" until the teacher on the other side of the room heard me and helped get her off me. I had to drive home and take a shower because I was just completely covered. The best part about it was the toddler was still being breast fed, so I was not only covered in vomit but also covered in her mother's breast milk. 🤢🤢🤢

    Her parents gave me chocolate and a card saying sorry.😅

  22. I’m a preschool teacher and I was subbing in a classroom and a child comes up to me and he said there’s poop in la cocina. Now I don’t know these kids by name that well and I have some very unique names in my classroom so I’m thinking a child named la cocina pooped somewhere. So I’m asking where is the poop and he kept saying la cocina. So finally I said show me where. The child proceeds to run over to the kitchen grab the poop and show me. That is the day I learned la cocina means kitchen in Spanish and I also learned you can never disinfect a classroom enough

  23. My son is 2 and gets nose bleeds when it gets 2 hot, I forgot to tell my mother this when he slept over her house and she almost fainted at the blood all over the sheets and his face

  24. This one time at Christmas when the kids had a spontaneous dance party, while staff were adding Christmas decorations to the class room. No one notice that a child in middle of the dance floor had thier nappy come a bit lose. This child also had also done a poo, this poo had rolled out of the nappy and pants then fell onto the dance floor 😩 .by the time the smell had hit us over half the class had rolled, kicked, spin, jumped and just all around covered themselves in poo. It. Was. EVERYWHERE! We had to shower 3 kids. Merry Christmas to us haha

  25. "Stop licking the window." something I never thought I'd say so many times in my life… Ahh, preschoolers…

  26. I used to get sick always l, but then I did some research and created a teacher routine for myself to protect from germs.

    My teacher routine.
    – hand sanitizer at work
    – lots of vitamin c and other foods that boost immunity.
    -When leaving work. Hand Sanitize
    , and don’t eat, touch face until arriving home.
    – But, when I get home, wash hands really well, plus arms and wash face.
    – change clothing in case germs. 🦠
    – Now you can relax and eat dinner, your germ free.

    This got me through flu season, snot, coughing and more from my lovely students.

  27. once in preschool I was in the bathroom and since the bathroom is in the classroom these 3 boys liked opening it randomly… and.. well… you know what happened next.

  28. Pre school teacher!
    So I have a little girl as a student who is slightly…. Let's go with anxious. And she tends to have multiple different illnesses/injuries/complaints throughout the day (to the point we had to have meeting with her parents) so we got to a point where we would acknowledge and then dismiss her. Usually if it was a in her head ailment she would walk away without issue but if it was a real thing she would say "no really.. . .. " Well on one particular afternoon I was sanitizing toys and she came up to me "Miss Kyla my tummy doesn't feel good" I responded along the lines of "oh I think you're ok why don't you go play and see if it gets better" She's accepted this and ran to play. About 5 minutes later she walks back up to me "Miss Kyla.. . . " Doesn't finish because she proceeds to vomit all over the floor. I pick her up and she continues to vomit the whole way to the bathroom and all over the toilet. I felt very bad and sat with her until her mom came to get her

  29. Wait… you're telling me… these parents expected a toddler to be self sufficient in potty training with a onesie on?… WHAT ALTERNATE DIMENSION ARE THEY FROM?

  30. I was a nanny for two autistic boys and a non autistic girl in the same family. And I set the youngest boy up for a nap in the living room. He starts sleeping, fine, whatever. I come back 5 mins later, and this boy has pooped in his diaper smeared it all over the walls and the carpet, has poo all over his face, arms, legs, and is also attempting to EAT it. I couldn’t even think, I just grabbed him and ran him upstairs and put him in the tub with his clothes on. I was dry heaving the whole time I was cleaning him up. 🤢😷

  31. one day when I was in preschool, we were playing with shaving cream and all was well… until my idiot 3 year old self decided to try putting the shaving cream on my eyes! I screamed so loudly that my mom heard me from oustide IN HER CAR getting ready to leave after droping me off. apologies to my poor preschool teacher, wherever she is. I was a pretty stubborn toddler.

  32. I had a child completely miss their diaper (still haven't figured that one out) and poop all up his back and down his legs, and not a drop in the diaper.

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