Preschool education activities, games and lesson plans

project bubbles is a great way to help children develop and learn using stories activities music and play especially designed for children aged from two to five years project bubbles gives you a month-by-month guide to preparing a quality learning program for young children there are three separate age groups and project bubbles and three separate programs for eighty two to three three to four and four to five years each of the programs will have a book like this which gives you a monthly guide in preparing implementing and reviewing a quality program containing play based themes activities ideas stories songs and long for the year so let's take a closer look for each of months this is the first page that you'll see and this reflects the main concept of the month this month it's discovering springtime next you'll come to the program planning page this page should help you with your planning for the entire month you'll find that there are hundreds of ideas throughout the month you might decide to do a group activity looking at the texture of objects or maybe an individual activity looking at discovering springtime you won't be short of ideas there are two to three stories every month either based on the main concept of the month or on a particular values such as communication respecting nature and all of them contain our project bubbles characters there's an original song of every month which are lively modern and fun and which reflect concept of the month as well as all of the ideas stories songs and poems there are tools for you to use including reflection pages group discussion pages and parental communication tools if you want to review this book in more detail you can download a whole month's program of activities from this website for free project bubbles brings together everything you need and more great value easy to use resource pack it's designed to save you time inspire you with new practical ideas and help the children in your care to learn to find out more about the individual resources in each pack why not click on some of the images on the home page to see how they can work together to help you in your role of caring for children

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