Preschool Art Activities: Frogs : Educational Crafts for Kids

hi I'm Sam Kelly I'm an artist and educator and today I'm going to show you a preschool art activity on frogs we're going to make a frog headband so you'll need some construction paper green and red you'll also need a glue stick you'll need a black marker pencil and a pair of scissors as you can see I've already cut out my shapes I've measured this to fit my head and you'll probably need at least you'll probably need two strips even for a kid shorter strips of course and let me just glue this together first just a little bit of glue should do it and as you can see I've got these sort of u-shaped pieces here these will be the eyes but we've got to draw a little bit on them so just inside a smaller shape and I'm going to do those old-fashioned cartoon kind of eyes little not taken out of them nice big expressive frog eyes so let's put just a little bit of glue on the edge here we want them to stick up quite a bit and just gluing them behind kind of close together as frog eyes are so done with that part and now of course we need the frog's tongue so taking a pencil wrap this long skinny strip around it and I find that kids love to do this it's like a magic trick for them they love to curl paper so just wrap that around tight slide it off and you'll have a nice curly piece of paper and that I'm going to add a little glue to and going to be kind of hanging off the side so that's not in the child or adults face and there you have it a frog art activity for preschool or grown-ups I'm Sam Kelly thanks for joining me you


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