Gilf al-Kebir, ‘The Great Barrier’ is an immense rocky plateau. whose smooth summit rises to an altitude of just over 3000 feet. Since time immemorial it has been battered by the great sea of sand. Nowhere in the world is as arid and as desolate as this huge desert plateau, and yet, thousands of years ago, there was once water, and animals, and men. And it was here in 1930s, when the Hungarian explorer Laszlo Almasy made a sensational discovery. But the rock pictures of the Cave of the Swimmers discovered by Almasy are nothing compared with the abundance and sacred rituality of those to be found in this other cave. These extraordinary scenes of the life and the mysterious and long forgotten civilization have recently been discovered. Hunting, love, games, fishing, parents holding the hand of their children… Not to mention all kinds of animals: gazelles, lions, dogs, giraffes… and a weird creature – a huge bull or elephant, headless, but with the man’s legs, that seems to be devouring the human beings. It has been interpreted as representing the transition from life to death. The big question everybody’s asking about this cave is what the heck are these animals, these big animals. – The beast. The beast: what is it? When we saw this cave, we automatically saw a beast and all of a sudden everybody realised that this is the same beast painted in all the other engravings and paintings of Wadi Sura. Cooper says that, for him, this explains the symbol of capture, not the symbol of the death at all. He thinks that this is the symbol of human being showing the most powerful thing he did like an imaginary animal, like that the Japanese had, for example. An imaginary animals, they are representing how humans that are very small next to it were able to capture it and completely shoot its head. After 10 thousand years these places are still communicating the intensity, with which early men tried to make contact with the afterlife. And there are so many things of dancing classes.

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  1. Those swimmers look at bit like me before I got my first swim HUD. 😉

    They always say the first publication on swimming only appeared in the 16th century, but this must definitely be a guide how to dog paddle! 😉

  2. I used to have a pet beast like that.

    I think the beast was simply giving the people a haircut. Just because it's big and scary, doesn't insinuate death, ya know.

  3. sensational discovery which enlightens us this day how and what they have lived and what were their rituals were. Its always amazing to see this

  4. We are having a great discussion on this video and others like it concerning the land of Yam and Saharan paintings of what looks to be a forerunner of the Kemetian monster Ammit very instersting video.

    Have a look-see better yet join in.

  5. Interesting paintings here. Anyone know if the new Prehistoric Channel will carry content like this, or will is just be creatures and animals.

  6. Thank you very much for these is a Wonderful exvavation. I think these are the painting traces of our very old ancients mostly in ice age when they lived into caves to keep warmth themselves and were frequently thankful with wild animal which made them to be alive by their fleshes. However Dr zahi is seen in your team he knows better please say my greeting to him and ask him about this subject and if i was right advise us.
    Thanks again

  7. I chuckled out loud when they said "we interpret it as stages of life" or something like that. No, it was an actual beast that was actually eating people! It was briefly described in the book of Genesis and the apocrypha. When the fallen angels were cast down to earth they did as many horrific monstrous things as they could. Having sex with human women, and probably animals too. There are theories that the demons invented new creatures and monsters with all the wild things they were doing. At any rate there is historical record of various villages being dominated by one giant beast/humanoid that forced the population to feed him. Eventually it would become ridiculously hard to feed these giant creatures so they started eating people. That's when god make the flood to wipe out everything. All of the world was wicked except Noah and a few of his family members. That's how bad it was. Like massive killing everywhere. It centered around the creatures called "nephilim". Look it up if you guys think I'm lying. Even the Smithsonian has confiscated multiple large boned humanoid skeletons over the years because it runs contradictory nto evolution and they don't want the public to know. Look it all up. Do your research. My main point is- these people are so blinded by their atheist belief they they don't understand the creatures in the wall painting are 100% real.

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