namaskar friends welcome to prad culture Welcome friends Let’s start today’s video Actually, you all knows that Prad culture, this is a cultural channel Where Various cultural program Stage show Which are in Bengali culture Means song, Dance, Drama, Recitation Vocal drama, Story telling, puppet show Various this type of cultural program In this place, I…. publish here. video publish Apart this Poem also Poem recitation are here Poem, song, various discussion are here and some biography of great person Vocal drama also story and small story So, Various way which is bengali culture We saw and our childhood belongs Those culture I highlight here because Generally, which we saw Bengali culture is now imperilled All says like that not my opinion that may be for TV channel for cable TV Or may be for Mobile or may be various western effect It’s hard to remain tied culture to Bengali But I have seen that…. a big percentage of that are tied up Not to say it’s gone Lots of cultural people are present in west Bengal and they tied up this culture and they are trying by various activity, event, program you all knows Which is Bengal culture all are famous according to other culture it remain parallel to another culture so you all tied it up For that obviously Thanks to all of you You people who watch this type of program I respect them Because I have seen Lot of persons says that…. Here in YouTube Lot of roasted videos are here Lot of funny videos are here Lot of adult videos are here Or such videos which are not suitable in Bengali culture lot’s of…… Lot’s of channel publish short videos dance with song some people are interested in this side for that… cultural videos are not watching I also thought that… When I started my channel then I thought that This channel got all views we are not because If they uploads video roasted video or which is criticize video or which has…. you are teasing someone or which are adult or funny short film or clips or Prank video This are most watch video Not watching cultural video Bengali culture like Song, Drama, Dance, Vocal drama This will not work all says me previously But…from there when I started uploading videos I saw My video are watching… and…. and…then I took this decision that no… This is totally wrong Lot’s of people watch Cultural program and hear recitation also all says poem recitation not heard by today’s people Poem is obsolete now Poet are writing poem without harmony I think this is totally wrong Now lots of new poet are coming new poem are comming New reciter are reciting the poem and all are watching people lot’s of viewer watching and commenting parallel with other videos Today’s competitive market where parallelly running cable TV TV serial cinema, drama and world of internet Lot’s of others garbage videos of YouTube from them this cultural videos are getting good rank

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