Surprise! We’re doing it now. Phase 1 — Gel Manipulation I position my crosshair right above this bubble to get the gel to spread further out. No real setup here, just moving around slightly in this general area near the top of the bubble. As you can see, the goal is to get the gel behind this fence. This will be useful later on. I need just enough for me to be able to bounce on it. Phase 2 — Invisible Collider Boosting Right above this barricaded door is an invisible collider that we can take advantage of. The invisible collider is shaped in such a way that by pressing against it we can gradually gain more height. Specifically, we need to reach a height of 420 units (3rd number next to ‘pos’ in the top left corner). This is usually the hardest part of the run to do quickly. Here, I somehow hit the invisible collider twice in a row, giving me enough height to finish the jump. Phase 3 — The Fence Jump If you want to pull this off, angle yourself such that the 2nd number next to ‘ang’ in the top left corner is at -127. This fence is just a few units too high for us to jump onto normally. If only there was another way… Luckily, there is! Here I’m trying to jump right before I hit that metal mesh next to the fence. Done correctly, its collider will push me upwards similarly to the technique used in the earlier phase. Except this time, I just need to hit it once. The upwards boost from it is just enough to make it onto the fence, but as you can see it’s incredibly precise. The -127 angle mentioned earlier is a balance between optimal movement speed and survivability, since it’s very easy to slip and die after finally making the jump. 3… 2… 1… Phase 4 — Precise Jumps Here we use that sliver of gel we set up from before. A second-crouched bhop is needed here to gain extra height over a regular jump. Once again, another second-crouched bhop here. This jump is possible by 0.4 hammer units. ZERO POINT FOUR. Final Phase — Insane Gel Jumps Since we are colliding with the gel ball as it spawns, its velocity is slow enough for us to push it away from its normal trajectory. And by crouching, we can launch it upwards over the nearby vents to cover important areas further away. Now, we build speed for 12 hours… In all seriousness, we trick the game into thinking we’re falling so that we can reach the max velocity of 3500 u/s. Even though we’re at max velocity, we continue to press against this position until the game slowly forces us out. By doing this setup, we have a 100% chance of surviving what comes next… I nearly timed my 3 second portal shot countdown perfectly here… Oops, I accidentally hit the dome… This is the first time I’ve gotten here after 4 hours of failed runs… can’t be too reckless. Thanks for watching mates.

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  1. Valve: leaves barely an inch of bouncey blue gel out next to the wall at start

    Kittaye: "I'm boutta end this man's whole career"

  2. I love the combination of getting out of the map and the interesting game mechanics. Using the repulsion gel as well as clipping through geometry and finding ways to get out of the map with it is just awesome.

  3. Valve: Develops game for hundereds of minutes
    A random guy who knows how to fuck with the blue ass motherfuckers: I am about to finish this mans whole career.

  4. Without the captions, people who hadn't played portal yet would see the whole process seeing as somewhat boring 😀

  5. When life gives you a portal gun, throw that portal gun back at life and demand to see life’s manager!

    Btw, Portal 2 almost had no portals in it at all in early stages of developing the game.

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