this seems like a very bad idea already I guess what is up everybody welcome back to the channel I'm Josh and today I'm with my friend Florian aka venom trickshots what's up dude it's been a while it's been a while we've done some stuff in the past but we are back for a full video we're gonna break some world records you're gonna show me how to make a poool Strix nut which I've never done before we're gonna try to make him look good I can't guarantee that so jewelry do that I think let's just do some juggling cool trick shot amazingness here we go [Applause] I can't keep coming up the serious part [Applause] Oh but when in out in oh yeah that was that was hope you guys like that comment your favorite trick shot in in that little montage Florian you have a few few world records already huh yes six of em six and you said a few more today which are coming soon we can't we can't tell you find out yet yeah the one I would love to see is your longest longest usable pool cue yeah I think you've done something was the longest usable Golf Club yeah I'm gonna show you even crazier is the pool cue this is absurd this is the longest usable pool cue in the world and I'm gonna try to do a trickshot lose it okay that thing's ridiculous that's a pretty cool world record but for the craziest world record make sure you watch the end of this video I do Instagram shout outs to people that follow me on Instagram every single video here are those two people today like and comment my most recent Instagram post for your chance to win an Instagram shadow okay so he's going to attempt to to break one of his current Guinness World Records for the longest time to spin the tango so basically I'm gonna keep the ten bolt make it spin okay and it's gonna spin more than 23 seconds to beat the record now in the Guinness World Record stipulated a with the ten ball cannot touch any other rail so he's gotta stay in the table okay otherwise the attempt is disqualified got it if it's it he's calling it this is gonna do 27 second second Wow I need three new old record 32 stop oh wow right on the dot 34 second well brush the kids record I usually do but man that was good oh it's impressive alright that for that world records pretty awesome and make sure you watch till the end for the for the craziest new new world record we're gonna set but first let's do a new section cold I'm gonna teach Josh how to play pool cuz I heard it's not that great of a pool player so I'm gonna make you look good which I think some time go we'll try our best alright guys this is what we call the railroad shots come on that's it all right so there was a hard version let's do the easy one okay so same exact setup right because everybody's got pool cues at home not a big deal huh you're gonna put the white boy here but you're gonna put a little bit of right speed some rights thing is when you go on the right side of the white bowl got it and probably the exact same thing all right so there was first try your turn if I get this you got to give this video a thumbs up if you have to reverse spin right I think I already lost you guys yep let's try it let's just see what happens put your hands down they're gonna rub two meter one okay there you go they don't sit there not with your thumb there okay don't put that in bad pong playback please please please please please please come on come on nice bad right he's not an arrest but I'm have to get what's next okay guys so this is trick number two it's what we call the four bull in one shot I know for you is probably hard to make one Bowl but you're gonna make for okay I'm not even gonna do it because I truly believe in you what he's not gonna show if you hadn't no I'm not gonna show it to you okay it's gonna be the surprise of the day because I once you have genuine reaction right gosh yes and there we go suspended the role into the seven to ten then pretty hard okay that's incredible Oh surprises that's really cool and that won't teach you he's gonna do his stuff shots okay I want to try that that's kind of a good piece there you go all right okay okay so now we're gonna really raise the bar for you this is what we call the pyramid shudder okay okay but the endgame here is to try not to make a pyramid fault oh I know it's a pity I know which if I know what you're about to say you replace that ball this goes in exactly it and this stick all you're gonna do is play a stop shots then what goes here okay so if I mess up the whole thing can whole thing Falls and it's a brand new fail let me just put like a minute to go so don't mess it up okay no pressure go for it oh that's what I was trying to do okay I'm not so sure there you go we'll be okay with that when you've done watching this video head over whistle sports channel cuz they've got more videos with venom is this really gonna hurt you're probably wondering why I'm standing on the pool table florian was so impressed with my pyramid shot that he said he he needed to one-up me and so I'm going to stand on top of the pyramid and then he's going to do the trick I'm gonna try to not kill my skin gear to see to see if works ready oh my god three two one oh you're too heavy you never happened before actually so I need to go to diet a saying three no and actually I got me a little nervous this seems like a very bad idea ready I guess and Josh is in one piece thank you thank you all right now first time all right speaking of the pyramid trick we're gonna attempt a world record from it today most triangles stack the highest pyramid ever fall and we're gonna replace those do do that trick [Applause] oh yeah that's actually smart right yeah this is pork by itself it's a race all right the 14 triangles that for the world record of these everyone to complete this room welcome to one thing I've never tried it that high so it should be interesting oh my gosh that's incredible barely moved it just perfectly replaced it like if there was a half of a second where that was Nepali the whole thing would come top leg out yeah it's amazing shot thanks so much for watching hope you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up if you did and go check out Venom's channel leave a comment on his most recent videos saying Josh sent me just to see who's who's showing some less lies yeah thanks to us the sports making this happen make sure you check out their videos on the end card after this or link in description ffs it is coming every Monday every Wednesday every Saturdays make sure you subscribe if you haven't yet and comment early every single video if your chance learn some juggling balls let's go to the beach [Applause] Bluebird

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  2. I really did mean to drop my phone my charger was right down there and it landed right in it 100%

  3. 4:36 josh tried to look cool by flipping his phone and catching it but failed and dropped it 🤣🤣

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