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Police Activity At North Stockton Hotel

and it starts with breaking news we're continuing to fall that situation that stalked and a cops are calling it a very dangerous situation and it's all unfolding right now the San Joaquin County Sheriff is not saying much about it but is warning people to stay away from the La Quinta Inn on West March Leigh let's go back to CBS 13 Zach sauce with an update from the scene are you hearing something new Zach yeah so far still few details still a very active scene here in North Stockton off of March lane apparently the SWAT team on hand here as you can see police are not letting us get much closer San Joaquin County Sheriff's and Stockton Police on-hand for this activity this all seems to be again centered around the La Quinta Inn they're calling us a very delicate and dangerous situation moments ago we saw police actively questioning a man in a red shirt in an adjacent parking lot later placing handcuffs on him and taking him away unclear how that man is tied to all this they have multiple streets leading to this in blocked off a nearby office building also blocked off guests at the end so far in the dark about all this will of course stay on top of this and bring you the latest details as soon as they come to us and Zach have you spoken to any of the neighbors or have you seen anybody come out of that hotel we see that it's a kind of a busy area there's an IHOP right there yeah you know frankly just a lot of confused passers-by here a few guests from the inn have come up to us again asking us what's going on we really know about as much as they do all that the only thing we know right now is that this is a quote very dangerous situation and we're being asked to stay back beyond the police line at this point all right we'll be following this throughout the night

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