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  1. Oh gee. I rememb, it came to my head, that one video by someone where planet looked like it got…. Zerod…. Og gee, thx for the vid!

  2. Thank You Scott, I was going to put this video in a comment on Begley's channel then I thought he isn't worth giving him attention. God Bless you Scott, you are doing humanity a great service in waking people up with your EVIDENCE, not theories or conjecture but EVIDENCE. Keep up the great work but do take some time out for yourself if needed, Thank you again.

  3. I must commend you dear Scott and Dr Albers. This is pretty mind-blowing footage. It must be very satisfying for yourselves also to get such clear evidence for your research. Thank you.

  4. Wow, this is amazing! I wish I could show everyone. I have to watch some of your other videos. I have never seen so much ๐ŸŒท I really know Anthony Patch is talking alot about cern and magnetic pull to open portal. Just trying to put pieces together. Much thanks for this cause it is amazing.๐ŸŒทโœ๏ธ

  5. wow…..amazing footage. it is nice when this type of info is presented in a professional and scientific manner with data. it is when information is put out there that isn't explained correctly, lack of info, or incorrect info is given that can instill fear in some. keep up the fantastic work and thank you for all the time and effort you put into this subject. you rock………xox

  6. No attack here just don't think that it is that close to our solar system yet. We would be seeing much worse going on that the strange abnormal events we are seeing now would look like childs play. Yes I do think the odds of us being in a binary system is very plausible in fact everything seems to fit with that.

  7. Youโ€™ve seen the worldโ€™s leaders telling us about new projects that are going to cost Billions to keep the seas in check, or the new high speed train to get people to London 30 minutes earlier, again ยฃbillions. Do these people live with their heads in the sand? By all accounts none of these projects will see the light of day if Plant X is real-and it is. The only answer isโ€”jump on the first friendly UFO or one of the planets that are part of that group..

  8. I don't think space is what NASA, and scientist has been teaching us all . It's something different, and I am amazed!

  9. I know most people in comments thnk they know what there looking at ,but it could be a radiation effect of magnifications.of a planet billions of miles away the sun is a POWERFULL ,power station that can do things in space we couldn't even start to understand ,I find it hard to beilieve that a planet is on its way to collide with the sun ,or the earth ,the sun would burn it out if it got close enough ,there's solar storms that happen on the sun that could fry earth if it got boosted by a tad amount ,I realy dnt thnk there's anything to worry about ,like everything else you think is gonna end the planet ,or if you're selfish you're life ,forget about it ,get on with you're life ,and at least help volunteer to do good work helping others ,then u can be proud of youreself that at least you done something to try make the world and the people who live on it ,that little bit better , today ,be happy and content if u have a roof food and clothes clean water ,everything else is just cluttering up you're life. ,

  10. Hey Scott I was wondering how close this Planet X system and its orbiting moons will get to us and what kind of Destruction are we talkin about or is it just extreme weather earthquakes meteors exedra thank you for everything you do FL Mike

  11. Scott, I trust your information above anybody else. I thought Ben at SO was trustworthy but he seems to follow the mainstream agenda to a point stating that the sunspot group coming back around has been very quiet on its way around the back of the sun when that is clearly not true! It seems that this Planet X object is interacting with the sun towards its apogee and causing energetic events even though we are in a solar minimum. I think when the next solar cycle gets going we will be in for some fun times. Keep up the top work fella. Subscriber from England checking out ๐Ÿ‘

  12. Amazing collection of photographic evidence, Scott, …having followed the research for a few years, I never doubted planetx news, not you nor Claudia. Question is,what does it all mean for the immediate-shorterm-mediumterm future…can humanity survive whatever when we don't know what or when is coming …Lost trust completely in whatever govt might say/do … preppers are independently relatively wealthy, the monied elite are taken care of…what of the decent hardworking goodfolks … should we dig a deep hole in a mountainous area or just throw up our arms in helplessness and pray for a swift passing since it surely wont be painless …Be nice if govt with all its knowledge access would help us … looking at Giza plateau underground city with pyramid(s) actually providing energy and water to the underground city, gobekli tepe, Hopi led underground to an underground oasis, …we could survive both blazing heat/frigid cold earth surface if we were underground. Rex/Leak project interviewees share their ideas …but how does a whole country of ppl survive?!? USN has a future map of USA after water has risen; others say at least 1/2 earth will be scorched for hours then flashfrozen…Back to current planetx now in 28day orbit around our sun and causing extreme Wx havoc, … did planetx arrive last year and now forever stays orbiting our sun? how about rest of nemesis system of nemesis browndwarf,4planets and several moons…is all that orbiting our sun? permanently? or is there some other bunch of planets etc that have arrived or our solar system just intercepted as our solar system travels through space? I read someone's opinion that milkyway galaxy has dissolved into another galaxy(ies) and the whole area of the universe earth is now in is highly energized and all is dynamically changing …to what no one knows …what impacts all this will have on earth's weather&climate and if earth will be habitable by humanity …and for how much longer…?? no one knows…But since we now know much more advanced civilizations came/lived here bcs earth was once idyllic climate for humanoid species but left after many years bcs earth had become unstable and uninhabitable …should we be thinking of off planet living in space,a dysonsphere? at least temporarily, until we find something habitable??? and how much time do we have to get off planet if that might be the wisest solution??? we could mass produce dysonspheres and load them with vertical farming, plants&animals and knowledge databases and seed/gene ark to get life going on a new planet …mass conversion of factories and longterm survival collections …the secretspace program has the materials and energy to build them for transport elsewhere or in safe space orbit somewhere …we could

  13. So what is that blue and green, earth-like looking planet? Looks almost computer generated.. Crazy!

  14. Would you give up your place in heaven to stay on earth to help the lost at the rapture. It all a choice God has made us powerful and we change the world because he said we can move mountains. Let get busy. Start with your own mind then branch out should you dare.

  15. Gods big ass cannon ball is getting all juiced and itโ€™s just a matter of time before he launches it ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ’ฅโ˜„๏ธ ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธthis world is fucking wicked Scott .

  16. Hey Scott, Have a look at the object at 3.20 in your video and compare the marks to the objects in the billion year old balls discovered, that are featured in the video by "Universe Inside You"- "Forbidden Archeology: These artifacts shouldn't exist" Video at around 5.39. Surprisingly matching marks to what is seen on your video which shows a sphere with the dot and a ring going around the circumference if you look closely.

  17. Is it possible that these objects at one point stand between the sun and earth or in front of the sun๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž

  18. WOW!!! TRULY AMAZING!! BEST VIDEO YET! I'm sure this is hundreds of hours invested in your research of these websites to find this footage! It's not like they "gov" is hiding it from us anymore…. there just not telling us & so VERY THANKFUL for what you do to show us the truth! I know it's out there, bc my bible tells me it's coming & Jesus tells me the time is now. I appreciate your dedication! May God Bless you to keep doing what your doing

  19. Fabulouss! If its coming around every 28 days, is there footage of its trajectory like the final part of this video documenets from 2007? anything more recent?

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