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  1. So I was at the gym running on the treadmill and I was almost at my targeted distance when that feeling just hit me. I’ve been a distance runner for about 3-4 years and I’ve had it happen before where I need to go in the middle of a run and I’ve almost always been able to hold it, so I wasn’t really concerned. I just thought to myself, “Just finish this and then run to the bathroom. You can make it.” I finish up on the treadmill and at that point it’s just gotten worse. I just do the first thing that pops into my head and make a mad dash to the bathroom. I get halfway there when the barrier breaks. I get to the bathroom and there’s poop not just in my underwear, but all over the inside of my shorts. I text my mom, just telling her that I had an issue, trying to figure out how to tell her what’s happened and she’s not responding. I send her like, 15 messages before she finally calls me to ask what happened. She said she’d bring me some clothes to change into. I spent a total of 20 minutes just sitting on the toilet waiting for my mom.
    On the bright side, after that day, I always remember to “empty myself” (as I like to phrase it) before running.

  2. Was washing my anus as usual but the water pressure was too high. I noticed a pain in my stomach and realized I had just given myself an enema without realizing it. I could not hold it in and I thought it would just be water. I let loose and a few turds shoot out and splash on the shower floor. I don't know what to do and in desperation, I stomp them down the drain. Bits of corn were floating about.

  3. When you have IBS, this just becomes a regular part of your life. One time I had an ibs episode while I was driving on the highway and it was so painful. I did my best to get off an exit and make it to a gas station but it hurt so bad I could barely focus to keep driving. It was stabbing pains. So I pulled over and pooped behind some trees. It was awful. And then I went to a Wendy’s where I cleaned up in the bathroom and threw away my underwear. I haven’t felt truly clean since that day.

    You’re welcome strangers of the internet.

  4. Lol I can relate to the cross country one. I have felt embarrassed when I have to use the rest room after doing a warm up or in the middle of a run. Lol thank God we would run in a neighborhood where the coach lives in and have met at her house to run and have ran past there many times. Lol make sure you use the rest room before like way before you go on a run and then again before you get ready to run, but sometimes that doesn't work. Lol for me I always end up going to the rest room after practice lol 😂😂😂😂😂

  5. One time when I was like nine I had to poop and the park bathroom was far away from me and I didn't make it. I had pooped my self while wearing white shorts. Once I got to the bathroom I took off my underwear and left it behind the toilet and cleaned myself as best as I could.

  6. Ok so we were on vacation, and I was left in our hotel OOF with my mom and sister, becaus my aunt and her friend went out to go o whatever, and so I’m lactose, but I had eaten some cheese or something earlier, and I had to suddenly poop because it hurts my stomach.and so I get done, wash my hands first (idk why) and then I flush. But the toilet was NOT flushing, and I think, “ oh, it’s Justin stopped up” so I call my mom in, she’s gets the plunger and u know, does it, burn it won’t go down. At this point the water was rising and was spilling on the ground, and so my mo had to get a cup, scoop the poop out of the toilet and thro it away, while I watched her and felt SO bad for her (I was only like 8 or 9) and then my mom called the manager and he got a janitor to fix the toilet while my aunt and her friend were coming back. So ye 👌

  7. When I was in nursery I pooped myself when I was farting and then my sister had to come and clean me up . And the worst part is that people saw my poop 💩 on the floor

  8. Not me but my brother (who was sick) had gone to me my Gma and my other brother and said I pooped my pants. Now of course my grandma got all mad and told him to take a shower and stuff and about an hour later this man poops again. Again. Again

  9. One time my dad took way too long in the bathroom and I HAD TO PEE AND POOP REALLY BADLY and I basically got a box, some plastic bags, and newspapers. I shaped it like a nest and I close the door (IN MY ROOM) and crunch. My pee starts flying everywhere and my poop went in the box but it was nastyyy. I also remember waking up at 12 am (when I was really little) and I needed to poop but instead of going to the bathroom i pooped on the couch that was in my parents' living room and my mom shot up out of bed and she said "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" I ran away with my buttcheeks flapping all the way back to my bed (maybe i wasnt potty trained or i was scared to go to the bathroom i dont remember lol)

  10. When i was 5, i wanted to make a kind of "experiment" to see for how long i could hold my poop inside of me. (i know this is really ridiculous but keep reading!) I dont know for how long it was but i think about five days where i did this. And when i got to bed that evening, i remember waking up in the bathroom with new underwear on, and my dad sitting and scapping POOP of my feet. Lets just say i NEVER did that again 😂😂

  11. So, I was riding my bike in a church parking lot like I do almost everyday and suddenly I had to take a crap and I was near my apartment but I did not have the key to get in and I forgot that so I rode my bike to the apartment and I could not get in so then I rode my bike back to church and I tried to open the doors and that would not open and it got a lot worse and this is actually near a highway and I noticed a bush and I went behind it and looked around and looked at the highway to make sure there were no cars and looked behind me because there was a road there and there were no cars and also this in a town but I pulled down my pants and took a crap and then I kept riding my bike and the next day I road my bike again and went back there to see if it was still there and it wasn’t and I started laughing so hard because I knew someone knew that someone took the crap there and the only person who knows who it was is me. And they had to clean MY crap up.

  12. I needed to like poop really bad and I decided to tell my teacher i needed the bathroom and he said well you should listen for a little bit And I’ll let you go I figured I could wait for 5 minutes but it had been 10 minutes me half way pooping my pants ask the teacher but then he said well he asked 3 minutes ago and I said well I asked ten minutes ago he said that the boy was going first and I said I’m about to sh*t my self and your letting him go first this man said well he’s still going first so I just think f*ck it and ran out of the classroom I got suspended for that and now at least I know my teacher told the principal a story that I didn’t even tell him he said she just up and ran out the classroom I go to a new school now

  13. Emily’s story sounds just like mine except I was running in a residential neighborhood and pooped behind someone’s backyard.

  14. About a month ago (I’m 67 years old) I pooped in the toilet. I started panicking cuz I never pooped before and I was scared but then I went to doctor and said I fine so goo

  15. So when I was a toddler they used to call me a poop catapult….

    Mom, dad i'm so sorry for all the walls and carpets i've ruined in my youth .

  16. I was in NYC with my school and I was in times square and we entered the m and M's store and all of a. Sudden I Poop my pants and I had to sit in it for four hours.

  17. My poop story: I really had to use the bathroom and poop and, I was standing next to the toilet and I had jeans on. I couldn’t unzip my jeans. (I was like 5) So, I ran down the stairs so my mom could you know, unzip my jeans so… i finally made it to the bathroom all the way upstairs and…my butt was seriously like 2 inches away from the toilet and I pooped on the floor I screamed I POOPED ON THE FLOOR my mom said, it’s ok I’ll pick it up…😂😂😂

  18. Okay… so I was like 10 and it was my best friends birthday and I was hELLA SICK but I didn’t want to miss her birthday party, we went roller skating and then afterwards I was going to have a sleep over at her house. It was like 12 am and I was playing on her computer when I needed to fart but when I let it out… it wasn’t a fart. I took my phone and ran to her bathroom and I HAD DIARRHEA IN HER CHAIR. I had to wake my parents up, tell them I had shat my pants and they brought me cloths and I went home and took a shower. So that happened

  19. I don’t have a bad poop story but when I was around 4, I would get very constipated. Like go to the emergency room at 4 am constipated. Those were some tough times😢

  20. My sister and I were home alone for a week and she clogged the toilet and refused to do something about and of course, I didn't want to because ew and I was a stubborn 15-year-old. Anyways we have one bathroom and we still had to use it I tried to flush it but it just made the toilet almost overflow, our apartment stunk so bad even with all the windows open and the bathroom fan. I tried using Febreeze and Lysol to help the smell but that just made it way worse. On top of that stench, we had to pee in the tub making it worse and a couple days later I had to poop so I had to go in a bag like a dog then I threw it out in the garbage bin in the alley. This was a disaster because on our road the city garbage truck only came once every two weeks which was beyond bad considering we lived in Canada's fourth largest city. Because of this the alley started to stink as well meaning we couldn't even escape the smell outdoors. I couldn't smell Lysol without throwing up for a year and a half after that.

  21. I pooped while in the bathtub and tried to hide it but when my mom let the tub water out I had to also get out and in the tub was my poop and she had to scoop it out with one of the bath toys we had and I got in big trouble

  22. This isn’t my story, but it’s still pretty gross. So during Music class, I had to go to the bathroom, and so did my friend. So we asked the teacher and they said yes, so we went to the bathroom. When we arrived, the stall I had opened was disgusting. Inside the toilet was what looked like bloody diarrhea and the person who did it, didn’t bother to clean it up. I nearly puked up my lunch because what I saw was so disgusting. My friend wanted to look (idk why) and I showed them, and the were like”someone must have eaten bad cafeteria food”. And yeah that’s the disgusting memory I have torn into my brain.

  23. My worst poop story is this:

    I was in primary school at the time and was about 9 or 10. We have a park opposite the school so after school we would often go to the park for a bit. The park is linked to a big playing field that belongs to the village hall. So me and my friends are playing around in the dens in the corner of the field. I suddenly get the urge to poop. I look across the field to the village hall which has toilets. There was no way i was able to get there in time so i ran of to a corner and did it. Not realising that i had forgotten to pull my knickers down so I took them of and i just hung them on a random branch. So i not only had a smelly butt I didn't have any knickers on and to add to that I was wearing a skirt with NO tights…

  24. I would have panic attacks that would give me uncontrollable diarrhea… we were on a feild trip… had an anxiety attack… and the only toilet nearby was a porta potty, and my whole little group had to wait for me and I-😭😭

  25. So uh I was 10 and we were at a hotel and my dad took me my baby brother to
    Swim 🏊 so we were swimming and i.had the nerve to poop and I was saying to myself I could hold so I did for like 10minutes and then I went to my dad to show him a back flip u need water and I did but I'm the middle of the flip I started and my butt was up and my head was at the bottom and then it happened I farted and I poop my self in the pool and a couple minutes so by and I'm happy cause I didn't think he new but he did and blamed it on my baby brother and when we got to the room I had to rinse my swim suit because it had poo in it 💩💩💩🙊🙊🙊😖😖😖😂😂😂😂

  26. The last woman wig was sooo bad!!! I could see her hair!!! It was obvious she didn't have blue hair.

  27. This was an embarrassing story. I’m a girl just to know. I was at my friends house on the last day of school to sleep over with another friend. The girl who’s house I went to has a cute brother who was 2 years younger than us. She also had a cute cousin who was like 3 years older than us. I had to go poop really bad, so I went into the bathroom. For some reason this poo didn’t come out and it took like 15 minutes which was a long time because they were right outside the bathroom in the kitchen. Her mom was like 32 so she was young and made jokes, even tho it doesn’t matter. So she made a joke to my friends and her cousin and brother that I was pooping, I was sooo embarrassed I still haven’t told anyone. Her mom yelled and asked if I was okay, I was embarrassed so I said I’m fixing my hair. I walked about and they were making ice cream. About 5-10 minutes later her cute brother and cousin walk near the restroom and her brother said it stinks did you poo? I almost cried of embarrassment 😂😬

  28. My mom was at her work place where she helped take care of someone's cat while they were on vacation, she had to go poop, and when she did, she heard this spraying sound, and she wiped, looked behind her, and her poop was all over the wall, because the pop went out of that small crack behind her

  29. I recently pooped in my pants when I was in bus while going to school, I had such a HORRIBLE day. I was given a skirt from school supplies to wear and my parents don't even know about it

  30. Ok this really isn’t a poop story but when I was in kindergarten we were sitting on the rug and um how do I say this i FaRtEd and it was loud so everybody turned around and looked and me and when they did I turned around too but of course nobody was there and it was just computers so everybody body started laughing and the teacher was trying to calm them down😭😂

  31. One time, I was at a really nice restaurant with my family. I got up to go to the bathroom and as soon as I got close to it, I smelled the most disgusting stench ever. I walked into the bathroom anyway. In the toilet, there was more poo that I think I've ever pooed in my whole life. It was overflowing out of the toilet, spread all over the floor, and there was a long piece of toilet paper draped over it.

  32. When I was 9 years old and I was in school, I was sitting down on the floor and the moment I sat down, I felt really uncomfortable. So I asked if I could use the bathroom and I checked my underwear and the whole center was covered with poop.

  33. I used to work in a dog kennel picking up dog poop all day and nobody would give me a ride home from work. I had to walk home and mom would hose me off on the front yard with the garden hose before she let me in the house like the guys in the Pulp Fiction movie. This went on everyday I worked.

  34. I had the stomach flu and gave a friend a ride to school. As we were pulling up to the high school I sneezed and crapped my shorts. I didnt say anything. Just dropped my friend off. The worst was I was wearing thing mesh type shorts and no boxers… I spent the next 3 hours scrubbing my car seat.

  35. I was on a school trip and I had the sudden urge to go poop on the bus it was so strong that it compelled me and I started crying my eyes out. Take in consideration frozen the movie was playing and let it go came on so of course I was singing my heart out while crying. The bus driver saw me crying so we stopped at a rest stop. When I stood up from the seat my friend pointed out a big brown spot on the seat. I get up and run towards the bathroom but I trip over myself and fall on my face. Everyone was trying to help me up while trying to avoid the juicy poop stain on my butt. I think I have the best poop story

  36. Plot twist: The guy who cat called her was a plumber…..

    I mean a girl with poop in here pants is better than nothing to enlighten his crappy day _(•_•)_/

  37. jimmy(worker): hey boss we should tell the public about our poop stories
    boss: hey that would be a great idea, heaps of views

  38. One time I was dancing for the president we are a famous dance company. I hade to poop in the middle so I pooped on the stage and every one can see it so I start eating It it tasted goooood salty but corny. I eat it all now I eat poop for breakfast lunch and dinner you should try it!

  39. When I was 12 I decided not to use the washroom before going to fwa/furry weekend Atlanta and I got on the plane and while the plane was taking off I needed to use the washroom and I pooped in my pants while in first class and i smelled like poop the whole entire flight

  40. I suffer from IBS-D myself and I literally can't go anywhere unless I'm 100% sure that there is a bathroom. I always wanted to become a stage actress but then I realized that due to my medical condition, that just wasn't possible. What if my diarrhea kicked while being on a stage?

  41. With my lovely combo of celiac disease + endometriosis I feel like I have a hilariously awkward 💩 situation at least once per month. I have pooped in so many weird places at really unfortunate times…in a lake, behind a shed at an elementary school in 2017 (it was on a weekend, don’t worry!). I spent a four hour direct flight having diarrhea the entire time, so much so that the flight attendant just let me sit in her seat right next to the bathrooms. Once after having surgery my husband spent the night in my hospital room. He unfortunately woke up the next morning because of the smell of me pooping myself in bed because I was in too much pain to get up and a nurse didn’t come fast enough when I rang the call bell. Poor guy. That one was rough.

    So many more stories, so little time 🤣 nothing embarrasses me at this point in my life. When you have chronic illnesses you just kind of roll with whatever your body decides to do, and apparently my GI system thinks pooping in awkward places or situations is acceptable 🙄😂

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