– What’ve you got? What I got here
is a very rare Babe Ruth Boston Red Sox team photo
from his 1915 rookie season. That is cool. I love Babe Ruth. The guy had a really
interesting life. Did you know, apparently,
at seven years old, he was so bad that his parents
put him into reform school. Didn’t want anything to do with
him at seven years old, which I think is probably bad parents. Yeah, correct, correct. [ball hits bat] [cheering] I bought the photo at an
auction about seven years ago. There are only about
five or six in existence of this type 1 variation. I’m asking 12,500, but the least
I’ll take is probably 9,000. A lot of people don’t
know that in 1914, 1915, to sign a legal document,
it wasn’t 18, it was 21. Correct. So the Red Sox more or
less had to be his guardian. And I think the
Yankees paid, like, $200,000 for him, which was
just an enormous amount of money back then. I guess they thought
he was that good. Right.
Right. But next thing you know,
the biggest rock star. I don’t think there’s ever been
anyone as big as Babe Ruth. He transcends generations
and generations. And this was a publicity
photo of some sort? Correct. They put these in
the newspapers. These are very rare. They tell me there’s
about six of this type 1 variation in existence. But the other one I’ve
seen has pinholes in it. Anything Babe Ruth
from this time period is worth money, if it’s real. Over the years, there’s been
a lot of fake Babe Ruth stuff that’s tried to sneak
onto my shelves. I have to be extremely
careful here. And what are you looking to do? You’re looking to sell it? I need to sell it. I’m asking a very
reasonable $12,500. OK. I see you had it authenticated. Yes. A professional
sports authenticator. OK. Why in the world
did you open it up? A side is opened,
which means you can pull the photograph out and
replace it with something else. This came straight from the
auction house in this sleeve. I said, I don’t want
it encased because I might want to frame it. OK. Do you mind if I have
a friend look at it? – Have at it.
– OK. Hang out. I’ll be back in a few minutes. You got it. He can call an expert, but
I verified my information. I pretty much know
all there is to know. But yeah, he can go ahead
and call whoever he wants. Man, 1915 Boston Red Sox? Mm-hmm. 20-year-old Babe Ruth. That’s right. That is really cool. I mean, who could have
possibly imagine what history had in store for this guy? With baseball being
in its infancy, and Babe Ruth came
into the sport, there’s only a very few
media outlets covering it. So having anything related
to Babe Ruth surviving 100 years later is an amazing find. So I mean, one of the
biggest urban legends in baseball, as you
know, how did Babe Ruth get the name The Babe? The story goes back
to his days when he was in the minor leagues
with the Baltimore Orioles. A guy by the name of Jack Dunn
kind of took him under his wing since he was under
age at the time, and really took care of him. So his other teammates
kind of busted his balls a little bit about it. You know, oh, he’s Jack’s
newest babe and everything. And it kind of stuck after that. Cool. Here’s my concerns. OK. It’s open. And everything I see PSA
is generally sealed up. Sometimes. With PSA, you can
have discretion as to whether you want it
encapsulated or just stickered. In this case, it has
just the sticker on it. And in looking at this one, I
mean, the sticker, the letter, the condition– everything is authentic on this. OK. That’s cool. OK, so the big question. What do you think it’s worth? I can’t emphasize
how exceedingly rare it is to find an image
of Babe Ruth, especially from his rookie years. So these are actually
a really big deal. And honestly, man, in this kind
of condition, on a good day, I’d say you could sell
this for about 10 grand. OK. Thanks, man. You got it, man. When we’re talking about a
photograph from his rookie season, 100 years old,
there are far less of those out there than there
are autographed baseballs or other items. I don’t think it would last
long in any retail setting. Well, verified. Hey, what’s your
best price on it? What about 12,000? There’s no way
in the world that’s going to happen
because I don’t think I can get that much out of it. You heard Jeremy. On a good day, I can
sell it for 10,000. So I’ll give you seven grand. Seven grand. Wow. You heard what the man said. They rarely come up. I think it will sell fast. I really do. 11,000. No. I will go seven. I take all the risk. I have stuff all over
the place in here that I thought would
sell real quick. Will you do 8,500? No. I will do 7,000. That’s what I can do. I’ve come down. You haven’t bumped
up, not even a nickel. I won’t bump up a dime. Yeah, I don’t think I can
let it go for that price. But thanks anyway.
– All right. Thanks for coming in, though.
– All right. OK. I’m disappointed he
didn’t budge from 7,000. I thought he would
at least come up 500. It looks like it’s back
to the auction houses and see if I can get a
little more money for it.

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  1. He's gonna make more than 7k now..
    Because auction price starts at 10k, and even after paying the auction fee 30% he's getting more.

  2. Who else saw babe Ruth and got reminded of that one episode where there was a giant oompah loompah selling his bat for 2 million dollars??

  3. I just don’t think Rick wanted to do business with him. Something was off I believe Rick would’ve came up a bit if he actually liked the guy

  4. Whats to stop him from going and getting 1000 copies of it and selling copies how will anyone know its not THE photo like wtf its a photo go run 1000 copies sell them for $50 each $50k

  5. Normally I think Rick can be a jerk. But in this case his offer of 7k was actually reasonable.

    What is it with these people, who think they can get full retail price at a store – whose job is to resell it?

    If he wants 10k he should find a buyer that actually wants to purchase it for themselves. Or go to an auction and risk getting far less while taking a 15% cut.

    Just makes no sense why anyone would think they can get full price when selling to a middle man. Doesn’t work that way.

  6. I think Rick wouldve gone up to 8000 if the guy wasnt so thick headed and annoying asking for 11000 after Rick told him FOUR TIMES that was ridiculous

  7. Pawn Stars commenters are so dumb. And they're such liars. I wish there were more (intelligent) comments about the items and less comments bashing Rick.

  8. Im actually glad the guy left he didnt even come up from 7000 once totally showing the audience these guys are money grubbing meisers

  9. I wanna do a “Best I can do” joke…but unfortunately, the best I can do is, “The best I can do…”…So forgive me guys that’s the best I can do.

  10. Seller "I'm looking to sell this bag of assorted pubes I've collected off public toilets for the last ten years as a janitor at a college campus"

    Rick "how much you looking to get?"

  11. A print of a photograph that could have been duplicated at any point in time by anyone with access to the original enlargement or negative sells for $16,000, man collectors are dumb. I wonder if someone had the original negative or the original enlargement how much they would go for. I bet if someone made an enlargement from the original negative today it would be worthless because its new and the only reason this print is worth anything is because its old. I guess people don't realize that a print isn't the actual photo, the negative and less so the original enlargement are the true photograph.

  12. rick gave him his highest right off the bat, 70%. usually they try to get a 10k item for 50 or 60%, thats why rick didnt go up. they seem to have a percentage cap right around 70 on all the appraisals.

  13. I always laugh when I hear the appraisers cause we all know they call there “friends” in they tell them what the customer wants so that they can make a lower appraisal lmao

  14. Rick really low balled this guy. I would've asked once for 9k at my lowest and then wouldnt shake his hand if he offered 7.. I'd turn around and leave

  15. Rick: “So what do you want to do with this? Sell it?”

    Customer: “No, actually I was looking to start a fire with it. Got a match?”

  16. It’s so funny how people get mad at pawn stars for low balling. How do you think they make their money? They don’t ask for these customers to come in and sell them stuff people offer it to them. When someone offers to sell you something what makes you think your gonna be nice a pay full price for it if you have to sell it.

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