Once upon a time there was a prince. The
prince lived in a land far far away. One day he met a beautiful girl
and he fell in love with her. Why am I telling you this story? Because today we are going to learn past simple tense. So the story that I narrated right now is
an example of how you will use the Past Simple tense in your day-to-day life. Let’s begin! The Past Simple tense in English is also known as ‘Past Indefinite’. Now this is a tense in which many of the students who are learning this for the first time make a mistake because most of the students they always believe
that ‘was’ and ‘were’ are used as the helping verb of this tense, which is
wrong. The correct helping verb for this tense is ‘did’. When you’re learning
this tense for the first time you also need to remember the rule of 90% that is
in this tense 90% of the time you will not use a helping verb in ‘affirmative
sentence’ for example ‘He went to school’. in this sentence I have used the subject ‘he’
with the second form of the verb ‘go’ which is ‘went’. What you need to be
careful about is that the other 10% of the time when you are using this tense
you will use the helping verb ‘did’ in the sentence and along with ‘did’ you will use
the ‘infinitive’ or the first form of the verb, for example ‘He did go to school’. We
do this or we use this structure when we want to put more focus or more emphasis
on the main verb of the sentence. The verb ‘to be’ is also used in the second
form in this tense. So you will be using ‘was’ and ‘were’ in your sentences as a
‘linking verb’. ‘He was happy to learn past tense’. ‘They were angry’. In these examples
I have used ‘was’ and ‘were’ as a linking verb. The past simple tense can be used
in many ways in English language for example we use this tense when we talk
about events or happenings that happened in past and are completely finished or
over. We also use this tense in stories like the example that I used in the
beginning of this video. The past simple tense is also used to describe events
which happened in a particular order in past for example if you ask me about my
yesterday’s routine then I will use the past simple tense to describe it. ‘I woke
up at 6 a.m. in the morning. I brushed my teeth. I ate breakfast and then I left
for work’. So that was the lesson on past simple or past indefinite tense. I hope you
enjoyed it. Share it with your friends who might benefit from this video. Keep
watching my channel to learn more about English grammar and English language.
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