We came to Enoch looking for hope, a fresh start on an untouched planet. Then we found a signal, so we set out to discover its source. That was our first encounter with… the Anomaly. When the storm struck, the Outriders
were forced back into cryosleep. While we slept,
the Anomaly raged, and the creatures of Enoch advanced. Thirty years later when
we finally woke, the world had changed. But so had we. With our advanced technology
rendered useless by the Anomaly, a successful colonization wasn’t possible. And after all these years,
the signal is still out there. And at its source… …a chance to find answers… …to start again.

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. So, two (?) new PS5 IPs have been announced so far, neither of which I am particularly interested in. Let's hope the third one will be better, or I might start to get worried … Meanwhile, two rather promising SeXbox games have been announced already.

  2. I did tell them to keep the ship in orbit before they slept. Who goes to sleep on an unknown planet, with storms, possible earthquakes and creatures that will rip the flesh off you. Now all that tech is useless 🤔 caveman 2.0….

  3. This is the New Mass Effect kinda…. aight im not against that i loved it… But y'all better put some Cool Bosses & Raids 👍🏼

  4. Who is better??😍

    Like – PS5
    Com – Xbox

    👇🏻Gifting next 389 subs💕🎁🎊






  5. From what I know from JorRaptor, it's an open-world RPG Shooter so I'm in 🙂
    The story seems to sound great and I've never seen that direction.

  6. Amazing, the union of 3 genres in a single post-apocalyptic, shooter, and futuristic, what more can we ask for? Is it already known for consoles to come out?

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