(Dramatic music) We are back! I want to invite you all on this adventure. This time we are in the Ardennes Forest, we just arrived in Germany, Eastern part of Germany, and we’re going to visit an old military base. Hey man Good to see you. (Dramatic music) You’re watching Metal Detecting WW2 Battlegrounds. (Dramatic music) But yeah, this channel is about metal detecting, finding World War Two relics, and sharing that history with you. (Dramatic music) Right now we’re walking to a location. I decided to return to the massive dump pit. (Dramatic music) Going to start off metal detecting right now. First signs of fox holes, looking good. Everybody is doing their very best here, to find something nice. (Dramatic music) My friend Johan just shouted he got something nice, so, just making my way towards him. What did you find? I think it’s a Nazi Party badge. Oh man I just broke off the pin, very fragile. Awesome find man. Speechless right now. (laughs) very nice. Cool, well. Let’s find another one. Everybody is running towards me, because I just said I found something which is worth showing. It’s a German panzerschreck rocket. (Dramatic music) Just got another signal at the edge of the dug out. Check this out, this is a German bayonet. Let’s get it out. That’s very cool. I’d say, this is the moment that it really starts to get interesting, because I just found a cufflink you see that, you see that pattern. Yeah it says Lappland, I have it. I have a clear image now, that is so cool. Yeah it is, congrats man. Officer’s cufflink. (Dramatic music) Now I’m also hitting something interesting, you can see better here, I’m really curious what this is going to be. Some sort of leather bag, oh wow. Okay guys, it’s totally filled with something, Mike! (laughs) oh my god man. That’s german belt hook. That’s another coin. And then there is some sort of newspaper thing. So let’s check out Mike’s dump pit. Then all these little pieces came out. It’s like chess and checkers right? Yeah Chess pieces Small chest filled with games. Oh wow, that’s a horse piece. Yeah, got two of them, I’ve got the two white ones and two black ones. I think this is the moment, there’s motion there, it’s coming loose. Yeah, oh man, that is so clearly readable. That’s so awesome. We made it, I want to take a short moment to celebrate and thank all of you out there somewhere on this planet watching my videos. We earned the silver 100K award. (Dramatic music) We have a very big signal right here, and I think we’re already trying for quite some minutes to get it out of the water. All right, I think it’s coming loose, I think it’s some sort of ammo box. There you go, it’s out of the water. See that paper, yeah it’s very fragile I’m not sure if you can save this but we’ll see. This moment really made my day, Kenny was complaining all day about the metal detector not really working out and stuff like that. I was like, let’s dig up this signal and while being bitten by about twenty ants, red ants, I found something colorful so I didn’t touch it any further. Be careful, oh my god man. There we go. That’s almost uncorroded. Amazing condition. (Dramatic music) We excavated the whole thing, it’s definitely an MP-40. I think this is the moment to take it out. (Dramatic music) So like I said, it’s Jerry’s first time joining me in these metal detecting adventures and he just showed me this, this is an officer’s shoulder pip, the more a soldier had on its shoulder the higher its rank. That’s in a very nice condition still. Mathias thinks he has a bayonet, it’s bakelite. Scabbard, yeah. With the scabbard. It’s a complete one man that’s very awesome. That’s a pretty one. I don’t know if you can see this but we’re digging around a major dug out here. I said there’s a star (laughs) What type of star is that, it can only be one right? Great job man, we can add that to the list. We’ve literally been struggling for forty five minutes maybe to get this big object out of the water, it’s loose right now. It’s another Flak 3.7cm ammo box, like we found last time. Oh my god man, that’s. Look how shiny it is. That’s again a Flak 3.7cm, but this one is unfired and really in an untouched condition. It’s a Mauser K98K rifle, Yep, it’s in great condition man. Yep, and the sight is still here. (Dramatic music)

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