Welcome to the next episode. We have something special for you Very few people know about this place, and many would like to visit it. We invite you to join the tomb together with us. Today is sunday, we decide to go the church Can we go inside? Closed, but in Holly Bible was wrote “knock and open” Maybe it will happen? Probably not, however So we can try alternative way. Here is a branch. As if someone tried to look inside what is inside Yes, but here we have a hole in the stained glass, so maybe we’ll use a monopod Good idea. We will see what’s inside. We include ours Wunderwaffe Yes, I turned it A little bit ahead It has not entered yet. It can still get inside a little bit Now is good We are now heading to the back of the chapel We’ll see, maybe there will be an entrance there …even to this crypt. There is an entrance even it’s open. Here someone had to deal with this security Exactly! so we invite you inside The double chain did not manage this time Down the stairs Perpetual rest let them give, Lord However, it has its tenants Here, we have old confessional Less discreet version it was necessary to be very quiet To be true, I did not confess long ago but now we probably will not have the opportunity. Here we have church organ. It’s fisharmonia I do not know much about music equipment Here, we have something Such equipment appeared primarily in chapels and smaller churches. but, I wonder if this is a game? I think, probably not. It’s mute We have to disable mute mode. Here, we have some keys You can watch it You can light it Forte Giarinette? I think clarinette Right, you have better eyesight and 16 Here, less clearly the glasses do their job and we have more inscription interesting of which year is an instrument? they usually have a plate from which they are from But, it hasent I would bet the end of the 19th century second part There’s plate. 1864 year it’s probably written for my beloved son here and you are caring at the thoughtful ones Here, zoom the camera In Latin that is, an introduction to the gospel of Saint John. I do not know Latin well.. …but individual words can be associated so at the beginning there was a word so the god was a word and the word was god and in a word, the body happened and at the end of God, thanks but of course it’s just my unspecified translation Just free translation, we can called it and leave it where it happened There’s some card. We have some psalm. the note is not in the frame and is not glazed, and a bit worse condition Here, we have… 25nd psalm ..but i dont anything about this Here we have some figures Not in good condition, its in spider’s web This angel is after amputation slowly falling apart This gypsum or something like that. It’s been unused for a long time There is some from glass Figure without head Look, its from wood? So i I’m not surprised what its look like in this time We can see mold and some vermin it’s wintering now It has something to feed on. One of them woke up They will eat us! Another figures Here we have the biggest coffin set on large legs it is precisely written who is inside and we certainly will not disturb their peace because it would be a bit uncultured So what’s more? little upstairs? Look, here we have two little coffins so, i think theres a child coffins and here is their parents Four large coffins Theres smaller so i think here is teenager or maybe woman We dont have information who rests here because its we cant find more information about this place. Look at this! This is part of the confessional less discreet too mobile confesional Here is part of hassock but there is no other part with the grille Here is box, maybe we can find something inside? general it’s glasses It looks like be modern But of course it’s empty Here its upstairs Upstairs to heaven. again plank, beams Some remains. A small junkyard was made of this tomb. Above us is church or chapel and i think they moved all stuff and bring it here. But it’s only my theory. And here, there are parts of the garments of people who have been buried here You think so? because it protrudes from the coffin it is either a coffin or a coffin at least it shows but I am intrigued by the year from which this instrument comes is he a contemporary of the owners Maybe we can find some information. where it comes from and in which year it was produced but that would have to break through these layers of dust But, look it can be closed maybe something will be written there We have more in latin we’ll see soon It is spreading a bit, this paper is not in good condition. Body of Christ I’m not too fan of the language of ancient Romans so i cant translate it so let’s leave it as it was we will open because we do not want to somehow interfere in this place as you can see it was a castle there is second part of them I wonder because in normal pianos there are pedals Question is how is called But have some pedals here, or footswitches, as someone preferes Look, I find head of this figure Here, wooden head So we find it not far from the apple tree, or rather the head from the body in this case I see that there is a catch or something like that Maybe it was hanging on the wall? Here are the hooks from the coffin I bet all of these coffins are open but, we wouldnt open these, for sure. But, we can zoomed in and see the lid of this coffin is not in good condition it is bitten by the tooth of time So problably see everything Perpetual rest let them give to them we’re going to the next part of exploration we’ll see the church from the front and we will tryin go inside again but, we will what’s gonna be

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  1. Nie rozumiem dlaczego nagrywaliście jakaś słabą kamerka,skoro kolega wyglądający jak student informatyki miał porządną lustrzankę, która z pewnością nagrywa znacznie lepiej…

  2. To jest zajebiste, może nie powinnam się tak wyrażać, z racji szacunku do zmarłych, ale nareszcie miejsce w moich klimatach. Świetny odcinek. Łapa bo suba już dawno zostawiłam.

  3. I would like to think that these comments are all civilized intelligent conversation concerning subject and not "Americanized" with all the ugliness we see here on y.t. Just saying……..

  4. Why is there a lamp over in the corner? I mean who is going to get up in the middle of the night to turn it on? And that old organ, who is around to play it, but even creepier, who is going to dance to the music? And who are those chairs for? The ones that get tired of laying down, and want to sit up for awhile? This is one very strange and creepy room!

  5. Very good to see the coffins haven't been disturbed much unlike here in America where 200yr old tombs get broken into and ransacked for valuables and skulls fairly regularly

  6. I would have preferred the other man to hold the camera way better because he was looking at the interesting details (the coffins one by one, the old documents, the statues, etc) but instead we always had just a general view from far with the spot light which light is not enough diffuse and make it all blurry or indistinguishable in the center.

  7. Thankyou for sharing this…fascinating, except I wish there had been English subtitles…wonder why you were so fascinated with the organ?
    Also I couldn’t help noticing that you didn’t wear masks? There was one casket open and so much dust, you don’t know what those people died of, so could breath in some nasty mould spores, please be careful. It looked like the mausoleum for one family ?
    Look forward to more of your adventures. Helen in the UK. 🙋👍

  8. Click subtitles icon on the bar if you want to see english translate. And check also another creepy crypt https://youtu.be/fxAQ8XoZe2g

  9. Thank you for being respectful of the dead but also thank you for taking us into the crypt! It is very interesting – very

  10. look at all the years of debris that has fallen on that old organ – which is one that you have to pump with your feet to get enough air for the billows inside to make sound.

  11. Dobra miejscówka na melanż i schronienie w deszczowe dni dla bezdomnych. Troche posprzątać i by ktoś mógł się urządzić…taka ala działeczka 😛

  12. I'm less interested in the coffins and bodies, and more interested in that beautiful chapel and the Reed Organ in the crypt. The wood work there is astounding and when he stuck his camera in the window, I was floored at the sad beauty of the pale light and the old dusty wood. I wonder how long it has been since somebody entered that chapel. I'm assuming that crypt and Mausoleum date back to the around the 1860's

  13. Ci którzy nakręcili ten klip kiedyś staną się tym kim obecnie są spoczywający w trumnach. Wyobraźcie sobie, że wasze miejsce pochówku stanie się kiedyś bez waszej zgody przedmiotem zainteresowań poszukiwaczy rozgłosu. No chyba, że weszliście tam za zgodą WKZ, to zwracam honor. Jednak nic na to nie wskazuje.

  14. Sorry will have to unsub because I do not understand your language and some how…how ever it is done ( I do not have a 'bar' and there is no four buttons bottom of my cell phone screen) to get the English translation according to You Tube it would ENCREASE my data useage on my phone, that will not be happening.
    A shame, I would like to know where you are and what is going on. I un-subbed. Thank you for showing such respect for the dead. Good luck in making your videos.

  15. That is a pump organ. You sit down and pump the peddles with you foot or feet, air goes into the bellows, then press the keyboard and if working right should then make sounds. Push the round buttons to change the sounds on the key board.
    White keys where the two black keys are, C D E F G A B C then it just keeps going that way. The black keys are sharps & flats.
    I dout that organ would work any more with all the dust and dirt and stuff that has fallen on it, plus the water/and damp-ness have probably ruined it, what a shame it was left there.

  16. At–14:08— Look under the coffen…SEE the sharp pointed toes? Looks like something is about to come up out of the floor.

  17. Aaaa im so jealous this is such a beautiful find. I wish I could find something untouched in my hometown. Sadly most of the beautiful history things get destroyed because. People my age have no respect for anything.
    I am a fan from Ohio (Us)
    Keep up the good work.

  18. Nie wiem gdzie jest to miejsce ale wyglada na prawie nietknięte . Ja jestem z Pomorza i w roku 1959 byly tu takie rodzinne grobowce. Podobnie budowane tylko,ze zamiast takich witrazowych okien byly tylko pod sufitem okrągle rozety. Juz w 1959 r podwojne masywne drzwi byly wyłamane ,trumny pootwierane ,nawet wywleczone zwłoki z trumien. Trumien bylo 12 ,w tym dwie malutkie . W latach 60÷70 po tzw wiejskich zabawach mozna bylo znalezc pojedyncze zwloki wywleczone daleko poza grobowiec. Wowczas owczesna wladza uznała ,ze lepiej bedzie pozbierac pozostale zwloki i pochowac na cmentarzu komunalnym. Tak tez zrobiono .Grobowiec kompletnie rozebrano ,dzis nie ma po nim sladu .
    Dzieki za filmik ,przypomnieliscie mi moje dziecinstwo .

  19. Sad that it’s abandoned, no family left to care for their dead or just don’t care. ☹️

  20. Organy w grobowcu ? Jeszcze czegoś takiego nie widziałem . Ktoś kiedyś chyba zrobił to po to, bo było to zakazane i schował się w grobowcu z całym osprzętem by nikt nie widział i nie słyszał

  21. This is the best crypt I have seen in here. It was kind of you to leave the dead rest in peace, but it seems that someone else got in and opened those caskets and may have stolen jewelry on them. Seems like the big coffin was the father/mother, and the rest could have been his son's or daughters with their children. Perhaps they died during WW1 or prior to the war. Is this in Austria somewhere or in Poland?

  22. No me entero de nada ….poner traducción por favor … gracias .
    En este caso ,Español .
    Soy de España ," Sevilla"

  23. Nie wiem czym wy sie tak podniecacie ? Zaklucacie spokoj zmarlych wlamujac sie do prywatnej krypty i uwazacie sie za odkrywcow ? Wy jestescie zwyklymi wandalami.

  24. ich versteh zwar kein wort davon was da geredet wird aber dieser ort/lost places ist schon beeindruckend danke fürs hochladen

  25. Te trumny Sa puste, gdyby ktod w nich leżał, to na trumnach umieszcza sie tsbliczke z nazwiskiem i data ur/smierci

  26. А где это находиться можно узнать ? Прикольно 😉 Спасибо. !

  27. Może wartało by to zgłosić do jakiegoś okolicznego muzeum , czy konserwatora zabytków ? Może tam jest coś cennego co wartało by uratować przed zniszczeniem ?

  28. Deep in the Carpathian forest, there is a crypt that is centuries old, said to be the resting place, and base of operations/corporate offices of one Vlad the Impailer. I tend to believe this story, now that I have seen it ! That is some Crazy Gothic Shit ! Even an organ !

  29. Fajny film i ciekawe miejsce ,ale osobiście nie wchodziłbym do takich miejsc ,ze względu na panujący tam tzw. mikroklimat

  30. This is NOT a storage place for empty coffins. This is a family crypt. To be this big and ornate, it was obviously a family with money. As each family member died, they would be placed in the crypt with the other family members. Sometimes, but not always, with their spouses too. Obviously, this family crypt included some children who died, which was very common before vaccines. There ARE bodies in those coffins, unless removed through the years by vandals. It was common practice years ago for families to visit the dead often. They would sit, sing, pray and even play the organ. A way to HONOR the dead. Different practices than today.

  31. beautiful. can t stop wondering what happened to them. considering many people were killed during the revolution, it should be cleaned and maintained!

  32. so who was inside with a camera when you went in from the back door ..there were only two of you who were investigating the crypt.

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