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  1. I'm so happy that both sides of my Youtube peoples are colliding. For everyone who also loves this, YOU'RE WELCOME!!! lmao

  2. Fucking David haha the one time we get another Sacramento native and you ain't here anymore. You'll be missed my friend..

  3. Things I remember Nick Cannon doing:
    All That
    that song "I really don't like this dude. I can't stand him…"

    and hosting talent shows and wildin out. Plus that hat and the movie with Christina Milian

  4. Omg. His 84 day marriage was exactly how my husband and I married. Lmao!! But we married in Vegas with our jean shorts..lmao.

  5. Damn editor could HAVE inserted a Maury clip @ 16:25… โ€œyouโ€™re not the father.โ€ crowd going apeshit

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