With Maori Language Week
in full swing, how fitting is the confirmation
that our very own history will be compulsory in all schools
within three years. Changes to the national curriculum
will be taught from primary school right up to NCEA levels
at secondary schools and will come into effect in 2022. History lessons are expected
to include the arrival of Maori
to Aotearoa, early colonial history, the Treaty of Waitangi,
the New Zealand Wars, immigration and Aotearoa’s role
in the Pacific. As Eruera Rerekura reports, the move follows growing calls to teach our very own
historical narratives in schools. A new dawn, bringing light
to the NZ’s education curriculum. It’s not as though
it was the government’s idea, it was inside from
Otorohanga College students. In 2015, a group of school girls
from Otorohanga College, as well as other schools
from across the country, brought a petition to parliament. They called on politicians
to establish a day of rememberance in respect of the landwars and
the plundering of Maori villages. The education system has for a
long time ignored our own history. Attention is placed on how
New Zealand fought overseas, but then the history
of our ancestors and the New Zealand landwars
are ignored. So, today a gesture has been raised
to expose our history that lives within
parliament’s walls. He says it makes sense for children
to know about the land wars. It’s important to learn
about the NZ wars because the peace
that we have now comes from the battles we had in the past. There will be many benefits
for the generations ahead of us. Let us not think about ourselves
in three or five years time, but looking ahead to 20, 30 years when there will be greater
understanding of our history. Knowing our history
strengthens nationhood. Eruera Rerekura, Te Karere.

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