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  1. BOZO – your phone record came from the Parnas indictment
    So for 8 minutes you talked to this maybe Parnas about the weather??
    "I have the phone records but I am not releasing them and I am going to court to prevent it"
    Well Parnas is willing to testify you did and you keep changing your story every interview
    So good luck with your 2nd ethics violation (you stepped down from a committee on the first one)
    Good thing for you the impeachment is more important right now but the "deep state" is surely investigating you as you talk.
    You really should do a Mulvaney "Yes I did it – now get over it"

  2. IS THAT HIS DEFENSE?? 😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😩😩😩😭😭😭

  3. I am a Fox fan but why can't their female anchors wear something professional rather that cocktail dresses that show much more than what is appropriate, in my opinion, for a news show? How about a nice pant suit like the male anchors wear?

  4. Funny how this is the place(fox) all lieing piece of shits run too for protection 🤣🤣. You go cought, be a man and accept it. Hes lieing u can tell.

  5. So no, he won't release his phone records. Talk about a spinster. Nunes is corrupt and I can't wait for him to go down

  6. Of course the records don't match, it is more lies just like Russia, Ukraine, the dossier, Epstein killing himself, Mifsud……..

  7. Rep. Nunes deserves to be the next Speaker of the House or run for The Senate 😏 Smart and very Honest guy 😎 God Bless Patriot!!

  8. NUNES IS GUILTY. If not let him take a lie detector test. There is 100% proof he is guilty. How dare he not mention his ties.

  9. This stooge is guilty as can be lol—Hope all these corrupt repubes are brought up on charges, dont think I will have to wait that long.

  10. Whatever is going on with the Democrats is absolutely absurd. They should get in huge trouble for wasting our taxes like this.

  11. He is guilty. Come on, we all know it. And the money never got to Ukraine. It was a lie. $35 million was never paid as we learnt this week. Go look that up people. Why isn’t Fox telling the truth?

  12. Lol, what a lying sack, just like the rest of the corrupt republicans. Enough of these scum bags running our great country into the ground. We are already the laughing stock of the world thanks to Trump. We are now the worlds idiots, thanks.

  13. All you have to do is say it and it dont take much for a Republican to believe it. So show your phone records with the same intensity you wanted to see that birth certificate!!

  14. The second amendment was written so we Law abiding citizens can protect or selves from criminals like Adam Shifty and his goons.

  15. Nunes has been working on the Carter stuff now for 3 years. He has nothing to show for it. The fact is this guy is a third rate liar and a schemer.

  16. Even if it matched what Schiff is puting out, the fact remains, I doubt he had legal course to get and release the private information within the records he got. We need companies to start protecting the privacy of thier customers. Yes I realize this has been going on for along time, and yes I ralize most of these companies have you sign documents where you acknowledge somewhere within the numerous pages [that nobody reads] you sign away those rights to the company. But just because a company or someone can do something doesn't mean they should is all. It is time to give people back thier constitutionally protected rights.

  17. Come on mr nunez , u need to learn to lie better than this. Even Stevie wonder can see that you lying. I'm a staunch Republican and don't like what's going on but when you boldface lie it makes ppl start to wonder .

  18. You are a Congressman. You are acting on behalf of all Americans. Sorry buddy, but your phone records are subject to interrogation. This dummy is making a case for Hillary to have her own email server and doesn't even realize it.

  19. 4th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States: The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

  20. Why are most witnesses and politicians involved in this impeachment dual citizen Israelis???? They swore an oath to Israel not the United States. This is an Israeli coup. Welcome to the Jewish homeland!!!!

  21. Nunes has spent the last 3 years defending Trump. Just like Barr is the president's personal attorney, Nunes is Trump's personal representative

  22. So, it took him looking at his phone records to remember that a lady called in April; which led him to passing the call on to his staff? Who does this guy think he's fooling? I hope this is one of the calls that was recorded.

  23. This guy thinks he was violated because his phone number turned up in the call logs of 2 people that are being investigated. He only has himself to blame right now.

  24. Nunes tells Hannity he can't remember wether or not he spoke on the phone to Parnas but will check his records lol. Their not Democrat phone records their phone company phone records. Nunes is a lying sack of S***. The three clowns from rent a dope afraid to ask difficult questions and point out Nunes BS.

  25. Tyranny at its finest. The police cant even dig into your phone records without a warrant while investigating REAL crimes, and these communists are just doing whatever they want! Schiff, Nadler, and the entire Dem clown car need to be locked up! They are the seditionist criminals!

  26. Just like Schi__y Schiff’s fake reading of President Trump’s call. The fake parody he read in Congress. So Schiff has a habit of making up bs.

  27. My God. He actually believes himself as zero complicity. Humble pie on the menu in the very near future as he dons the orange jump suit.

  28. Those animals at fox continue to lie to their poor uneducated viewers… Nunez is a disgusting son of a bi*** & here in California he will not be reelected, you can be sure of that.

    that idiot son of a bi*** doesn't so s*** for his immediate community, his office calls and calls for help and were in an entire different county – lame fox dog.

  29. If he (schiff) Or anyone who works as an employee of WE THE PEOPLE took an oath. Every time they speak on behalf of their employer. WE THE PEOPLE His oath should be intact during his working hours. If he or she slanders lies or gives false witness then he "shouldn't be above the law and prosecuted

  30. Yeah! Luke Skywalker was the true evil in Star Wars! Elsa messed up everything for her kingdom and don't get me started on Jesus! That dude was a total smit head!

  31. Someone needs to do something and if there is true laws been broken people need to be let out in cuffs and charged. Not some thing I was wrong and it quits.

  32. At 2:40 you can see how hard it is for him to lie. How the hell do you not remember who calls you as the intelligence community head??? The call records don’t match his imaginary story. Nunes got caught just like the rest and is trying to LIE to everyone’s face. How stupid is he ?

  33. Doesn't anyone think Nunes is a little bit creepy? I think the cow issue is illuminating and I worry that his direct link to the orange faced bovine will ultimately scupper him – as well as those three sitting on the sofa. What will you guys be doing at 60? For all the outstanding contribution(sic) you offer to journalism I think you may end up working at a minimum wage job.

  34. It’s just like the Soviet Union that’s what the democrats think they are gonna implement in this country some king of communist oligarch system where they can do whatever they want.

  35. These democrats have been spying on everyone and unmaking people when it’s illegal they did it to everyone around our President when he was running and they still think they can do whatever they want. The Obama administration was spying on all of the journalists in this country.

  36. Schiff made it or had Nancy pelosi do something where he can’t be held accountable for anything he does illegally.

  37. Every American want accountability for these criminals in congress who are attacking this country and our President since day one.

  38. He's actually trying to conflate calls he engaged in way back when he was in charge of the oversight committee and calls that are open records with people who are now defendants and their lawyers. Nunes is not even a good liar, he's obviously worried and should be. These two, Nunes and Jordan have had plenty of deer in the headlight moments. AND this was just another one.

  39. I've said in the past that if ever there was a human being that could be mistaken for a cockroach, Adam Schiff is that despicable human being. I now feel the need to apologize for the horrible insult I made against cockroaches.

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