Everybody needs a family. Because it’s not fair
facing the world alone. I don’t care how tough you think you are. They should always be there for support. No matter what. In the best of times… they will arm you
with the tools to succeed. And in the worst of times, they will understand when things… don’t really go the way you planned. Now, some people are lucky enough to be born into the perfect family. Others… Well, they go out
and make one on their own. And once you’ve done that, anything is possible
if everyone pulls their own weight. So, if you want to be part of my family, I do have one little rule. It’s my way, or… Well, who am I kidding. It’s my way.

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  1. 1:30 the tunes reminded me of a song i heard a long time ago? I think it was played along of a video with an animated guy running? he was doing big swings with his arms as the song was playing, i searched everywhere on google and i couldn't find the song/music/original video that i heard the similar tune for. PLEASE HALP ANYONE.

  2. when she don't need a boyfriend Either cause she has a B.O.B, Ladies get you a bob He can do the work for you!~ xD

  3. It’s crazy how Ashe turned Bob from a proper butler into a killing bodyguard machine, I wonder if she had to reprogram his brain to change him that much, like are omnics created in one way and one way only or can their personalities change, I guess Bastion proves the latter option

  4. Look at how grand and heroic bob is in 0:42, where he takes up nearly 1/5 the screen. You can tell he is the main character of the story just by looking at this scene! He's also greeting the police officers! I think blizzard did a really good job on this hero trailer, though I'm not sure why they have scenes with no characters at 0:08, a zoomup of just the sky at 1:06, and no characters again at 1:19 and another zoomup of the air at 1:26. There also wasn't a portrait of a hero at the start of the video. Just a blank white screen and a text that says hero story. Other than that, however, I still enjoyed this trailer. It was really good at explaining the character of Bob without any talking in the background at all!

  5. When you realize she probably bought a whole cake with her money that she PROBABLY worked for and cut out three slices one for her and two for two parents and she PROBABLY celebrated her birthday on her own ;^;

  6. When she said “It’s my way” I was waiting for her to say “or the highway” the fact that she said “who am I kiddin, it’s my way”….

    That hit different y’all 😩🤠

  7. The touching story of an over worked, under appreciated butler who had to keep a spoiled brat from killing herself. Truely a tale of courage and endurance, of a sense of duty and loyalty. Bob truely is an inspirational character 😉

  8. Honestly I thought the comment section would be filled with League kids swarming the chat with "OMG BLIZZARD STOLE OUR CHARACTER! THAT MEANS THIS GAME IS TRASH! AND OUR IS BETTERS!"

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