Hi Hanz fuck you wtf? We haven’t made a video all month,
we are no longer friends Today I will exercise alone people were right in the comments Hi guys, welcome to the new video the opening scene is only reaction to your comments just because we haven’t made a video together for a month doesn’t mean we’re not friends we both live in a different town so we don’t see each other so often I don’t want to see him so often so
that’s how I like it the last time we saw each other, we drank a lot Kuba normally doesn´t drink and came to drink so I appreciate that he came to drink for my son and he invited me like: I know you probably won’t come, but you could so I came I drank only pure vodka so I didn’t vomit but you had some panic you quickly disappeared because I already felt I was drunk I don’t remember anything I don’t remember when you left, I don´t remember Jožka we started drinking at 9pm and in 11pm he was so drunk and it was unforgettable action I left at 11pm and
he hugged me and he doesn’t know it so drinking for birth children is the best action it’s a tradition,
if you survive it, the child will survive too The more you drink for the child, the healthier it will be so guys, what will happen today? today we´ll exercise shoulders, arms, some vikings loglift because here is the new loglift I want to exercise mainly these loglifts, because I´m changing technique so I´ll try to give PR will we break the world record today? yes, we can do it we weight up it 120kg the loglift should weight about 75-80 kg but the wood still dries so we will count the lower weight 75kg How long is this here? 2 weeks it dries up in a month The rest period is bad in that you lift little, you have long pauses and you can’t last much and regeneration is very bad I have to listen more to my body when I was as old as you, I lifted a lot all year but now I can´t I don’t even know what it is like what it was like at that age I lifted my max every day but I will be 23 years old,
I’m getting older in a moment you will inspire respect in people you have 2 years and after 25 you will be old Kuba what are you playing now? game theme what are you playing? I was more interested in Death Stranding because I like post-apocalyptic atmosphere but you are post man you still walk and walk but it´s good, I enjoy it mainly you don’t understand how did it happen the atmosphere is good you have to carry baby now you are talking about that game or about your training? you carry the fucking baby you don’t understand what’s going on but when I saw gameplay from new Need for speed you don’t understand what’s going on too Kuba, did you play an old Medievil? I played it when I was young he wasn’t born now is remaster of the Medievil it was on PS1 it´s a fantasy game,
you play as a hero, you kill zombies but what´s unique it´s absolutely same like the old game same gameplay it just has new graphics so if you want to play game from 1994 you can play WOW you can play Medievil I played Medievil too and I remember when I got PS1, my first game was Croc and Spyro and my first game on PC was Warcraft 2 and then I played Warcraft 3 Warcraft 3 was good and next year will be Diablo 4 I played wild tribes you played wild tribes? I don´t know if you know it but I played online game called Webgame it was a game for smart people because there weren´t pictures, only numbers it was very good who know it, write it to the comments the game Wild tribes was good because it was real time in there yes, it was interesting yes, in Webgame it was the same but you had army, your own land but there were no pictures, only numbers I know what do you mean I think that it still exist I think that today’s generation doesn’t know it I played Crash Tekken 3 is from 1996 I think tell me what do you think about comments on YouTube? comments on YouTube comments on YouTube is place, where you can write anonymously so there are people there, which can´t
show feelings but because it´s anonymous, they can express themselves positively they can congratulate, commend in real life, they wouldn’t even come to greet you they won’t tell you personally, only on YouTube and then they are people there, who are absolute idiots you can’t understand how stupid they are and write only bullshits and I say, every morning normal people go to work so
I pay attention to people on social media, it´s my work and right at breakfast, I see some stupid comment from some idiot and I’m angry and I say to myself:
I won’t read it I’ll put the phone and on the screen appears: YouTube notification and it shows you a part of the text but I don´t care I know that some people are idiots someone doesn’t like me, so he writes for each video some bullshit automatically and I´m fine, but sometimes it´s very hard I still try to think like that man, but it´s not possible and you Kuba? I have pretty cool comments but some comments are bullshits too YouTube is worse because is anonymouse Instagram is better, because you see profiles of people do you know the difference? On the Instagram people follow you because they want to follow you on YouTube are people who want to follow you and then people, who hate you a want to follow you too because they are waiting for your mistake and that´s a group of idiots and then is 3 group of people, who accidentally found your video and don’t understand it this comes with the size when you are bigger, there are more people who don´t understand your content but I don´t understand, why these people write bullshits I don’t understand why who has the time to go on the YouTube, give dislikes and write awful comments I don´t understand it they are waiting whole video for the mistake they are watching the video and when I say something wrong, they are happy and write comments there are people, who need the impuls that mistake because they point out that you are not perfect better to ignore it it’s 99% positive comments there so the 1% is not important exactly, these people have the right to comment it and you have the right to ignore it we are athletes and we make videos on YouTube because we have more free time and we want to pay attention to our fans so that´s why we do it I like fun, bizarre videos when people don´t understand that’s why I like it Jujimufu, because he has best videos Kuba has another content but he do it for these people so I don´t understand why some people differentiate athletes and youtubers I´m athlete too but in my free time I make videos for my fans these people are… you said one good point everyone who has some video on YouTube is youtuber worse, better more active, less active but everyone who has video there is youtuber I´m angry now someone is redtuber who doesn’t turn out well on youtube, go on redtube this is evolution you start make videos on Instagram no, you start on TikTok TikTok is for children then you start Instagram if you have time you have Twitter, Fb… then you go on YouTube and if you aren´t successful on YouTube or in your sport or something else, you go on Redtube because everyone is successful there do a bigger squat you won’t fall back you start too high you have to go as low as possible in legs 4. Theme: document about veganism it´s bullshit, I saw this document I paid 70 CZK I bought it and I saw it and it´s bullshit they said that prehistoric people were vegans that bones and stone tools were
found in excavations but only because vegetables roted and now they found a fossil of some vegetables in the excavation so they think that prehistoric people were vegans the movie’s called Game changers now it´s a big trend to be a vegan so watch it in the movie is a lot of studies about how vegans have a longer and better erection when you are vegan you have more endurance, bigger muscles, better erection, you are stronger and you are bigger dick everything more and do you know what else they say there? they took hyenas…no hyenas they took some cats and dogs and they show that they have pointed fangs and that we have straight teeth so we have them destined to veganism so we are vegans because we have straight teeth I won’t be vegan I like meat burgers they impose much veganism in that movie they talk about there Patrik Baboumian he´s good athlete, good man but they talk about him like about the best athlete in the world but they didn´t show the battle where I defeated him or they showed there the fight, in where Conor Mcgregor losed with Nate Diaz, but they didn´t show the retaliation fight what did you eat before the battle? nothing, I was nervous but I eat meat, I like it I don’t eat meat extra lot but I like quality raw materials but it’s more expensive but I like it up to 140kg it can go dynamically but then it´s not possible so now 140kg, it´s my max it will be my 3rd try so believe me do you believe me? you have the loglift too low and then you can’t move it you have to go as deep as possible there are 2 ways the first one is that you roll it up on your stomach and the second one is that you fling it out by your pelvis and with my hands determine the direction with light weight it goes up to 150kg sometimes you tend to try lift it straight up now we try to break the world record family friendly push press in two I don’t know what weight, because
I don’t know if anyone ever tried it don´t try it we can, you not yes, they are trained professionals,
they do it often are you nervous? never ok, maybe a little let’s try it you are high 3…2…1… yes it´s fine, add 180kg I would try strict push press now you can try 140kg are you nervous from the new world record ? I really need to take a shit and I´m afraid of some injury but this is pretty safe so you haven’t given the loglift yet so now you´ll improve your mood of course that yes loglift, my friends, next year! I believe it amazing things will happen next year we did 180kg together on biceps I want bandages what do you have in your bag? water, iphone 3…2…1.. what were you waiting for? this is family friendly push press double, I don´t know… world record now we try 180kg and we´ll see 3…2…1… you got it it´s easy, we add it was heavy I would give it so Kuba fucked up it fucking young blood are you ready? 200kg, easy so the new world record is 200kg you can try to overcome it and send videos now: you can try it
and at beggin: don´t try it finally something went well, I´m so proud it´s good that now when I´m tired, I can´t do strict push press but when you lean back, you can do it easily it’s a new technique for me too it´s hard, I´m used to do strict push press I did it strictly and I did 200kg and now I try this strongman technique so now I tried it for the first time because i don´t have viking in pilsen and I think that´s easy so I can imagine 10x200kg so this is the end of this video we did the world record so I´m really happy I hope that you enjoyed this video give likes, subscribe wtf?! this is not your chanel so today was training of shoulders, vikings, loglifts so don´t forget to likes, share it, subscribe, click the bell and bye

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  1. Konečně zase novej SVĚŤÁK!!! Padlo to tam mrkejte na to 🔥 Taky jsme se trochu rozkecali a to už dlouho na videu nebylo, tak napište jaký máte názor a co jste pařili jako malý 🤘Odebírej prosím ► https://goo.gl/QeCDjy

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  6. Ohledne toho veganskyho "dokumentu" doporučuju tento článek: https://www.institutmodernivyzivy.cz/the-game-changers/ .. zkrátka byznysovej tah a dokument plnej lží a polopravd..

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    Pokud jde o veganství, ten dokument jsem neviděl a nejspíš ani neuvidím. Ale co jste zmínili, člověk původně pravděpodobně byl býložravec. A stejně jako třeba i dnes kráva, občas snědl nějakého drobného hlodavce nebo hmyz. V době ledové, když bylo málo stravy, se stejně jako spousta dalších druhů musel přeorientovat. Na rozdíl třeba od medvěda se ale nenaučil jíst syrové maso, protože se v té době naučil zacházet s nástroji a ohněm a proto jsme se naučili maso tepelně zpracovat. To je díky tomu snáze stravitelné. Některé druhy se takhle nepřizpůsobily a vyhynuly. To, že jsme byli kdysi býložravci, ale neznamená, že je veganství jediná volba. Za ty tisíce let jsme se stali všežravci a v rozumném množství jsme schopni maso trávit. Problém je, pokud ho někdo jí moc často. Naši předci maso jedli tak jednou týdně, když se dařilo. Jinak žili hlavně z luštěnin a obilovin. Kdo jedl hodně masa a málo rostlinné stravy, často trpěl dnou. Zelenina by měla tvořit základ jídelníčku všech.
    Veganství je podle různých studií zdravější, snižuje riziko řady nemocí včetně rakoviny tlustého střeva a nemocí kardiovaskulárního systému. To ale neznamená, že je automaticky zdravé. Pokud se někdo vůbec nezajímá o zdravou výživu, je naopak lepší maso jíst, protože tak máme zajištěny aspoň základní živiny, jako tuky, bílkoviny a cukry. Pokud se o to člověk zajímá, potom veganství vede.
    Vegan potřebuje suplementovat jen vitamín B12, který se masožravým suplementuje nepřímo a vitamín D, který by si ale měli suplementovat všichni, pokud netráví aspoň 4 hodiny denně na slunci, což se týká vlastně většiny populace.
    Lepším důvodem, proč se stát veganem, je ekologie. Veganství je cca 3x méně náročné na plochu, několikanásobně méně náročné na pitnou vodu, krávy vypouští do vzduchu metan, který ničí ozónovou vrstvu,… Teď nás je cca 7 miliard. Podle odhadů nás kolem roku 2050 má být 10 miliard. Se současným stylem stravování nás tahle planeta neuživí. To znamená, že budeme muset snížit živočišnou spotřebu o 60-90% (jinak je to u masa, jinak třeba u mléka). Zbude nám rostlinná strava a hmyz, který je v podstatě čistý protein a je vedlejším produktem rostlinné stravy. Druhý problém ale je, že spousta druhů hmyzu vymírá, což by mohlo způsobit ekologickou katastrofu.
    A dalším důvodem pro veganství je etická stránka a to už záleží, jak to kdo vnímá.

    Dokud nás příroda nedonutí, mělo by to ale být na rozhodnutí každého. Stejně jako vám, se ani mně nelíbí vnucování veganství na sílu. Myslím si, že je to kontraproduktivní. A aby to nestačilo, někteří vegani jsou schopni se mezi sebou hádat, kdo je lepší vegan. Jsou schopni si vyčítat, že někdo konzumuje palmový tuk nebo exotické ovoce nebo že někdo nedodržuje pravidla zero waste (ekologický směr zaměřený na nízkou produkci odpadu).

    Sorry za tu slohovku 😀

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  23. cusek,dobrej dilek 🙂 a Hanzi uzivej prcka 🙂 ja mam 2 kluky a je to jak radost,tak i nekdy sileny ,ale hodne 🙂 borci cusek ..davam LIKE

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  25. Kdo píše pod videa nesmyslné komentáře plné hloupých a zbytečných negativních reakcí?
    Chudáci, kteří nežijí svůj život a jsou v práci, která je nebaví a mají život plný problémů.
    Snaží se sami sebe ujišťovat, že nikdo nežije spokojený život a že se mají všichni špatně.
    Zjednodušeně řečeno: “Nespokojení švorcáci”.

  26. tu je vyjadrenie a objasnenie dokumentu a tych smiesnych tvrdeni o veganstve vysvetlene sikovnymi chlapcami z Institutu moderni vyzivy zafarbenie krvnej plazmy je celkom prirodzena vec 🙂 https://www.institutmodernivyzivy.cz/the-game-changers/ PS: Adam Raw siri tiez dezinformacie o strave

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