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  1. Here’s a true fact, The Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl 1 against the Pirates

  2. The Allen punt just got surpassed by the Rams punter, but it needed a 20 yard bounce to do it.

  3. I love that run play by Willie Parker in SB XL. It was blocked perfectly. Phenomenal kickout by Alan Faneca.

  4. If the Panthers would've won Super Bowl 38, Muhsin Muhammad would've gotten MVP for that catch.

  5. How did Rod Martin not get Super Bowl MVP for picking off 3 passes in one SB? That's crazy. Was Plunkett really that great in SB 15? So great we never talk about his performance. I have a hunch Martin was robbed.

  6. 3:55 Savage Brick Sports
    It's wrong! It's not longest fumble return!
    It's longest return only for it to be a touchback

  7. what the fuck in the super bowl 40 video on the screen it said 76 the announcer said 75 which one is it gotdamit

  8. so this was made 2 weeks ago where are all the records the pats just set against the Falcons lol?

  9. The Steelers are the only team to win back-to-back Super Bowls…TWICE. Also, they are the only team to win SIX Super Bowls. And Ben Roethlisberger was the youngest Quarterback to win a Super Bowl. Go Steelers!

  10. Love your ideas for videos and so so under appreciated. You just show the highlights and original audio recording. No bullshit music blasting. Thank you. I just want to watch football and you got it.

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