what's up Western I'm just at Joseph and I'm here with your top stories of the week while Mustangs the results are in this year's students voted Barney and Kat to the next year's president and vice president of the university students council partying cat ran on a platform that reflected their experiences as students and tried to really tackle the challenges that students face on a daily basis their opponents Frankie and Jarod Foreman presidents of the science and social science students council lost by 17% this year's voter turnout saw a modest increase of 1.3 percent bringing the voter turnout total to twenty four point three percent for eight thousand and twenty seats in other news 10 western Mustang rowers are now world record holders last week 10 individuals from the men's rowing team collaborated to set the standard for 1 million meters on the ergometer this challenge has been in the works for over a year they were able to complete the challenge within sixty two hours 27 minutes and 7 seconds beating the previous record by a whopping three hours by the end of the challenge they were able to surpass their fundraising goal of $4,000 half of the proceeds will be going to km/h and the other half will be used to send a boat of eight rowers to an international competition in Philadelphia for more information on either of these stories be sure to check out the Gazette online or on Stan's and if you liked this video be sure to check out all of our other content and as usual make sure you like share and subscribe catch next time Western

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