To an extra thank you so much for joining us here today and I was Mike pace alongside around noon and Ron. I can say this confidently today okay I am not even overselling and we have a big show here to. And that’s not even over so it’s for sure because I mean the politicians are just rolling out one after another we’re getting a lot it’s a good handleLots a goo watcng J Biden. chan t kind oeaco eotershere in wa fox d a rely intestingtory the g ctleroduci.o of Stat in thnation andeople arstarti task qutions abt some of theandidas thato anyo to. ey takywho arnone at serusly yese prably itven an stoes on x but Jo Bidee g beuse he kind messe upr hi words coupl ofimes but ‘s bee kwn f the gs in the past t a crow there Iowa in erica havo be put. It w lieve truthot. stead otherett ieresng oneis wa when c this untry cann aord eht moryears of Donald Trump. Well the Max would be for. But anyway you know we’ll watch because it. Right now certainly Mike but it feels like he’s sor of in that category. That Donald Trump carved out four years ago poor debate performance is a gap tear gas there his numbers stay salt he’s oing the space there for the Democrats he really is talk about another space there what about a boost for senator Amy Klobuchar and I what well. Shot is leaving there but our doctor shot there she is there is the shop yeah and now here’s the thing about whereHer posion i She ated nexo. People from Iowaeahhe can lea she’s in a tightpot ght. You can leave eitr way you go. All rit all in another thing you ever have one of thos conversations were you’re in any kind of wrap it up in some is like. The thing I want is a dozen we’re going. To get out of there yeah so it’s interesting I mean she’s kind of on that bubble we just heard tis morning that another. Democratic name has made the debatetage for the next round of debates and that’s- Andrew. We it is hang in there yeah that’s who were talking. About earlier because you got it you got to clear a higher bar now in the polling. And yet I moreone is also up on the stage that makes nine. It would be very interesting if they just get to ten and then they can do it all in one night. Right that’s I think what a lot of people want to see. Let’s see it all on one stage I mean September will be here before you know it and he- by the way in Ohio where they’re only going to be voting it’s only another six months or so while. So I mean it really matters what’s happening right now in that state. We gotta cover yes we do and we also have coming out right now we have president trump. He’s starting his ten day vacation time. But before he did he talk to the media today. And it wasn’t just a five minute talk. ev a tnty minutes. Yeah.don’t Thirty minutes are wasn’t thirty full match and here’s the thing you’ve already heard some of the headlines that have come out in the- morning. Because he says they really he’s sticking to the same thing he’s saying basically we really feel there’s a very good chance. To get something done on background. Checks which would expand. That’s kind of a big grabber the headline but there several others here this morning including one his latest thoughts are on Joe Biden end. He makes some news as well in terms of his relationship with Kim Jong moon the dictator in North Korea you’re gna hear all that and more as the president. Sort of holds court there on the south there we go we got it covered for you here right here on news now hap. Friday rounded Michael who are just getting started here for you. For twen fivthir yea body’s. havno cice bu. Well ayoe n op diagueAnd said. Fo bong. Evybody wa. irty ve yeaManyany yes. A t ofther. A t of oer countrieA lf h a eat cisi. Theyeel ry stroly aut d amdmen. ‘s me a eat everytng ee. I ve aot resct. We. Yestday yoprobly kw. lieve As you tuallyika tuatn whicwe a waing. Really . thu c I thk a t ofeally . The really . th y . lot ReallyThe mber. ght onhe borr . So of ththin But itoesn matt Presidt . ghe e ile. ally The lue at you nt. Doarl d o e f h . . t ofeopl . On mway ba. Wh loof peoe. e fty fe . For fi yea.. Anyw. Leadship idoing real goojo . Relaonship wh th RepuicanenatsI l n k . studare. t may thely pridenof t UniteStat or dsomethit vernntTheyre rlly ing a eat jo. muc bett thait w.. t no. at we nt to He’s going be . eryby wants . Fotherwas grea. He Thisti. yThey leral. We a a- naon wh. Whene. mebo doesomethg. ny cases re thae r manyany yesThe prident. r meTo py in e NFLI thk you rely gd. I uld y th ctDoinreallyell. irty rty yes. x poin . cause am. ght What is.rong th tm. A t ofeople thk. Heas the one . Thas presidt a n s taing evything fm Jn econom Joeid much much more during that thirty minute talk there. We come back we will hear from Joe s up nt everne Heard from him wella lot yesrday fro Bere Sanders alse Qemali Harris and so many others duringhe lastoupl of daysd rightow we are going to hear fromoe Biden in Iowa h everne mie back to news ase coinue t sties from all or thep countr lete s center. Comg he andll o his n ott ancounl. I ll y wha u know useto be. Coty counciis te e e inour ci more an a. El tos and Irashouldice t instd of.n uncibecausit w too hd my cpaign is is rtainlor yo cust at. Yove seea lot me a lot of my a pporthis is aaratho is a longay y of e poll I kw one thghe onl polmatts is at hpensn caus tay. d yoknow. My gsses on my suglassewith t sun i ining rectlyere. Well knowhathees particated i. Isoe Bid or abody ee was nning because e man o occues the Whe He ere’s t a mo impornt ectionou partipatedn. They we alw w wordand phses. Theyan move mketsy a o tionalurmoil. Coolend makingomfof tredy. I st fir to literay go tt th canhey ca aealo our beer angs in tes of diiculty. Fofour dsn leash e deet h passrd Dond Trp in m ew is chosen to do. Whene saidft opleindashi up lkin tf fes tned towdsis thliteray hundds of at outing andhantin ant mitic whi Kerr**-lags compandyompanyy the supracist. e younwoman wakilled a I ask him wt to do anr so very ne peoe. Both des verfine pple. No esident haever sd somethg likehav wordstarn thnation. And ock the wor thas n I rmly bed othe naon and shk. Our iends ound t worldIn dos Betwn oceaHey tse of coage to ke it I said athe te. is iovernd we’re proachr . Chlotteslle sai timnd bale. Forhe souof thiit w hypere it ain and say tay. dnatiIn Play are were tal . r prident staysStrongas rules nosolateincide. s runng f prizesou can do the ealatorn is gd palaceAs hd s i e foarded ar. Th he taed about carh know. ian insionHeyou assert immignt end quote. w far. Hofar ththings he sa in th an invasnow far is th is fr thehooter pasr respse to . vasionfclarg. Th ats TexasI don’ty s maer. Itore clr langge in colThie e statnThe engetiembrac this esiden. By t ctor’sARDIS. The st hateful mis y r k e nfrontionccurde sai whye ved foronald Tmp becaus he take o count backWhere fromaying this i the kd o white e wall combition from hi chilen areisteni. ue liket or n is thface ow theresie futu generionsWe canpa of tmpf we bt him will s wn as aberrion in Amican htory. Wel tak a loof worput thgs bacin belie ts fro a l of myshape cas het he wl forer chan e charter nare. Of w we eThat whye ha to twen. Send rean I’mnty ruing. Is bause I thi ‘s timwe havto resre the babonef. s prers. dinary hardorking opleivenalf chan it literivenalf a joke chce. The ople w build Amica many opleon’t he but toy. day soany me fast pele d’t thi they n to bokayHe belies. Thae it mo. d he madit t happ. But e deal oday er hf the ericaneople ink thr chilen wl neve ve thetandar and ty haveLook a It ys and Ias giv to th wa tt tohe sine best edation ogram Ameri ok at dayI lo my Reblicanriendsn the Coress t persowho sa. educion myad expssion. System iiI c I willell yowhat yr valu. Look athm ll new. Nostoresreside reilding. Cls in ts time evyone ces alo. erybod is f a lot folkse needo undersndr asses valueo. ing ab to ge yo cd n rerse ecomic oortuni for yoand fi ere you ha accs to afrdableealthce. As f to fishhe jobe stard our heth cr long than st abo anoth pass the fmalare ac when weid thaI toldhe presidt th was a sometng to at efft. Inform ce wp a shorprogssIt extded twen milli Amerins don ve aee forMaybe st importtly ovie p be aorded forver hundredt millioAmeranWe he to finishhe jWe he tmake healthre ad t be relse y to ite. ghtFor mehat mes storg all e cot ofn careAddingo i a th’s whayou cse to . prram aumaticay cngingy thnaturefubsidizinghe can buy aoal and n hav tomubuyiu buthe sier copr tbe cado a thiwe c affordle tbuy t e do l this. Beuse lot ofoneySeven ndreforty biion dlars or t years fothe stk thir trilln dollar. Ane n ke that ans to meou’re for uAt theottom line t it the ftest mostffecti cost eeco univsal cerage. By protecngnd bua mber Kr. All ireasin acss to ducingeducin stsYou knowhen itomes educaon.f you uld sa you’veaughm agaiinen daygain teaing alough s’s col loaback she cld be a rowor huntinhow so ve daycampai in t to me surevery cld. Evye child tst e race. Richt wealy whit ildrenor all cldren. or rich whad e repas iome restant Krondo whaterI shldn’t the dermini ctor. have elimite majoty weahy andotonthe fuing g. wealthy distr y ucation an wt I is I wre youll. Sta whhe littlene forr weave a rcumstce wre wat n in ct code title one scols meanschoolsntern And canaxriple tareas. ount omoney spende By liting just few of th fteen . tax t firs Week u knowsy yothink m joki I’m n. I fiveillion dlars aear.rty Th allow every sgle child merica w is the four kindgartennd dayre p ndergaen in ct thelearn fr. Thiss. T way tgo. es your ucator prossors ow whohose y are yr doctor tknowa dict. rrelion twee ving tt earleducatn le to cceein le bng le six whe you come fr veryisadnd ciumstcesan makit up the is nohild w is incapaef learn e oppounity. I know mo litt delionawhy d naiv olguy buI’minety vehe une thisount. We cnotto dividount of potics is based o hs e will. other gro of pele the wodn thway weo withther aa qution we ve to ange Amican pple arnot pride The liti ve to ach ou. Yoknow t factf they i tofor le tbring bac togetherThed o isased onlhose w in fa gage ithis. nd of diffent prent ifou dece were that’s wh we.t’whoto calhil Evybody ows whDonald Trp is. know o we a. Who are Toda cloud ski. And tn morrow posbleain showe into t las see t dip down on Suny as ll wh morehowers like rlyn thmornghere and th the rt t next wk about one OO eig per right there right the inhe mdle either one might be se welce bk to ne nowe yo so chor jning uereaually me . we’re gonna go outiveight nowo Ce California govnor Gavin Newsom he is talking. out healcare iCalirniaet’s you ys gothat onape th s ano tru words I’ve er heard wet bothf you a fabuls and knowhat else Iandd to e conversae atitud tallf youhat e here thank youor the greatork yore doing thank unifm Johnhank y for. In ve any a of us in what’ ssiblehere’s theld ada ce a md itretcht neve goesacko il r incrsingly bece frurated th were noteen this mel the ate. Ts is aemarkae.eplicedo Project thayou he for her countsll acrs But t jt t state b acros thnationnd it’ incrediy portan That whear. In ntexto whate’re promoti on heah car I’vong understo in a coty supervisor Maher A w is your gornorhat. Jus paing a l o passi a prram. Doesn in anof itselfolve t sier tms program psing i t probm solvg. On t prograis past ise areness aroun y g force i provisis you got to g the wd out me sure peoplered that wha t one o is a abt it’ about formihose coection expanding panershi is abou sources full ns matchg leveging exiing rourcesaut most in ne so thank y.wo one one for allhe and wanto thankheextraordary wkg is bng humble as that Todd the s said a lead you heere in San Dio you know tt press the ste kno that and is such a gt a treat f meo be le to rk inartnerip in coaboratn wh someone. Weir that dped share the same vae o inomeoneotustreamin t doing and tharactic he appcationhis year was no othertate Ameri’s ever en whayou jt hea fm someeloria and t pem I sething yg makehat crtal clr. to ste in t count is dog healcare. That expsion o atteion I gett a sochl derstaablehat wa giv thexpansi ohealthare gardle of yr immiation stus but was equal remarkle h lie e expaion of our ssidies into the d earng up to a ndred durf indidualarningpo f an seventtwo thsans plac those areolks bning twhat we refred to in the lguage o polits 6100% ofederal povertyo stat s gonehat deIntohe subsid expsion no ste has gone dr pele ening twoundred To and at was ather cmitmen that was budg two poi one mlion. That wasu ge theatchin feral fds in increingur mi cal rebursemen rathich i coradicted by onef the lost ithe naon we areow mang progres to ge o.f e btomndo move more provid thaqualityccessotoately e those moo onith aozen plusther things we dn s so n higightin oneundred miion dlars for reoductiare. Wch is int opride i principlen contra tn n a stanng tall and we a anding I think firy. Onur valuese we havin the lislatune. moreork tooone ofs aree nae ouroal is uversal heth care ‘re not ere ye. A’s been credibool and the A in Cafornia i ovingtself rarkabl way uninsure rate i t thousand thteen t old numbe we have monoro to two tusand venteen just ven pot 2% cse 260 cline. I thaninsurate t wee not ive the ckdrop of aourt case that e Whi Houses suppting thusiaicallyt’s to dismantle. Allf that pgress. To e exting carerotectns a e heal of subsies and expansns te heal. Califnians to ld of us you mathink u’re n mande your preums go u. Becaus wn g th mdateeaw as thero tem sa eighs sevepoint% increasververa the lasfive yrs les tha and will cl cldith th you have e San Diego couy. Bause of the ext one e becae o t traordary divsity in yo sponse a the gre workf the sen pr Californ. You arseen. sence% incree its poi toe precis irease in you see actuareductn. ey folw some ofhe ther somestimatistero one cretarhat we cld seef pele sigback u. d get thes lower cost plans as ch as en prium se can pitical act th if you choose. tse thextraordinaryorkf allnnualostf of y here today so ngratutions S Diego coun. I thankouo leaderip thetato agaisober. Inay’s pceot check to i shingt DCn a feder urt in Texas a withhe work we veo coveso man more lifornia.hank you a questis on ts topiTheany urse Mdel’sou wanothers buwe’re hay to take em on th topic. So if people would get the subsidies they would. Cae a d . Threspons. encouge peopleo knowi e heo connt peoeo lots whatnds up ppenin isthink Callor vious reans wteople out . wery to dos meethem whe they a Ie abouit. If ty goo th change. emselv will you workheption which wathey mht wt to aly again we see fresh mico enroment oor qualifyg entshich is anytimenswer we wlendhem to yoknow an I he a nprofitgency ancy wre thecan wk on appcationk em through itverhe pho d tal abo the subsidies soe do wactual have access io t calis stem. So we wah e so We have we ha apecial o syst thatalk about cover Calife governmes ineventy two thsand. Iividuayutreac an educadnd then an do way ey mig want topply o centy hhas a ogramt’s maging a mic howow ric for job in u and on e other nd tf bsidie f middlclas a low in famir thathis iseBut it not a miion onhe expsion i this fcal yy t wasn othe seors in ered d- currt fiscal year w mandlelass h howhat’s the ct.n the rrent scalear for a hured abt fouand fifty four yh yeawithinhe fr me jt. ke thipoint of thety nget projt was de outf a love rain day rerves.aid oc eighyearsgo. Trty foiond paidff thiyear. We’rusing nine be nehree yrs of t reser finde a ste in Arica.ons surpluses pay dn pensnat’ssingd obligaonm f addional rerve aounts we he nineen potwosay billio in rers e r heal by corast tt. Withs thstate our nionWith th increble roveryf whh a quaerf tho js are emating f o balaing buets. We’re here seing asi. Sto amounf downturnn the enomy as wey f ane exnd t subsies as w vulnerle in thstate I don’t knowa And think Cifornis of al liticastripeshoulde proud theirh ment. rsonalealthce how doou getn theihouse lp with. ll we’ we’re we’ doing wee unersal y Kar were payi for ithank u in yr emiums. I an I love so can’telieve we’own ovidin health re for fks withou i you’relready dng it. B wheris dum awe wt tbe. You fosomo spend tetimes mo in th ergencroom. want tspend undetand the contrersy I ess pple jus wt to keep spding more moy wasng money in ae it politicI thinit’s a Nye ete asell some othe urnalis out therand so the nworks st don seem toet it. And fgive me I will pntt i that how y get tre kee plugng ay. T fightg tp good fht ao wa to diantle and rl bk alth ce wit absolely no ea whato do. If a when that hapns. th all due respecod for bhe trump ministtion isuccesul i pealinhe ACA iwould nati b to thto this ministtion because I have no idea haenso theyan demogue I imine wk quiet hopg. Th their pointf views rejeed meat trng to a mod for t st othe naon and we’ ttin close a close eve year a so wilpay f withi ose cstrainhat we-et ide. An hourot proigate and w d y t I legiature a leadersp as ng a they n corct I thk we’rall onhe sam ge morbroadl. Yore downhe lawes. Th’s a. Se are. I me wwere doi tt on a- I do I’m gave m a lotfhings. This aacn e goen old talk abt a whe recordouh ‘s lik thadog wot hun Ye I would pase itn terms just ung fdtamps cal fresh as ay o balance bgets thas wha they’re trying wello we’r ying tgame tt I mn we goa lot oreal tngs. Wre tryi to fire outn that commicate th theting to ssissii prevtative hethcare. me wilwanto. Three ars. Thisast cole yea and b. Th’s tryg to rch for prentingere. How n we g rustack agn you ve. To dohat wean yeah ah the fear thiis. Yeahight g preventiv. Or thamanyeoplOr peoe that ihas a l queson I wt to g you t oppornity phaps t. all plifyi. Becae thankesyour pd you fothI was th a gro of San egans ju last nit aski that. With diverseommunies makin publ safety not iigrati forcemt.nd certainlyt the state e leership of th theovernor ofhe proem in e spear. But d dance lislatio make cleart plac to dommigraon enfoementnd whe is it t it’s not i aourt rm.t’s not ia hn in ochools and s we’re goa continue to ndhat understand Tt what we ares tmake diversy w uerstanval our immigrts strent I certnly invitany sannd ain to coact my offico can doo commicate tha we fety to soecessa. Not for their e a counity. Would i twent venteeexpericed a this county. Tnty pele die it didn’ disiminate on yr fferenimmigrion stus thatre noteplicad goiikeyo wnn ‘ adds thinkur commuty isould se evidee.ndot jus i Saniego count b i the ate.hat we wanthem to one ore voc than ourare. No vernorbout what ourission is to n resince. So point in cahe Margarr nonpfit oanizatn steppr govementefused to theforwar Whl reonsibity. The gernor epped indhen of crse. Wi badisible sw of suppor of he o d healcare l my asaienna se row.nd theJewish on us to co togher andindnt And think the ssage is very clr. You ar it ery d fr us ourommitmen Having said that you understand why pele a sti afrai y understand why people arstill afraid but I think we’re visiy shownd how thelp people ges regaless. In r ow I n encoage ople meond is aon sho Send eir kiean want toGet into sanctry pocy debe. BuI wilsay this what’s arnd sanuary picy is a fre publ safet. But t puic hlth andducatiI ve lgelieve it’ a three legg stool sanctry poly dropheir ks offt schoo not wryingo ossing guard is coaboratg ordinangith fedel imgratio enfcementou’re immunid if youe nots guar ifrontf t clini is coorditit deraluthories thashy havet in ts statWe’veanctuy pice safend I wan to jublic enurage folks to remded of thatr remin people. Tha the are protes state we’reoing as muchse possiba is ientionly. Beingr tha advaedy thiadminiration anyou needed nmore edence th that. en on thfirst day schoo. at hundrs and hundrst s adnistraon assaued tho milies. d one of t rgest tes we’vseen. In m fetime. Thei separion at of ks in ates likr separion Missisppi bothy e f i i e enty fe thir years nody’s. Weave no cice bu do at we’ doi. rking Sobodyoes. r bori. Th ices Everyby wasThir fiveears. nys f othecountrs are t doin well. Our system is beautiful . Ha a gat ratiohip. They suorted very rly. thseco amendment. He mad a grt de fr evethinelse. have a grearelaoe tolly onoard. Th is aa sitiveay situion which were wting. Suort foreally . thinwe. Backgrndt enty erythinwas fi. think lot ol e real. ey’re lWith t y. Theyupport. Th minal. need A lot of. Backgrnd. y thway we havthe nuers. Right onhe borr. me of ththinBut itoesn’t maer . Wh presint Wors. ey wou li. Rit. r thes. llionsf dollarThe re ey wld. Th is. Thisoney . I wod loveo sea voic thatn littleit morthan . really. autil . is is wha . t job. Everody was. We have t of. lot ofeople . Ony way ba. Wl y t of pple . Foy fiveFor ve years. LI rely don thior t actu. Leers read b . hava loof sport. retionip wh thet thinic senatorsI rely weo a t ofork. ll myo ssage younghildre. allytudy a. Bu may the esidenof thenited ates or do mete l h . veryood ishat rit. What weant do weanto . ‘s going be . s ght rit righ For wyer watcngTherwe e y l e . ere the is.ell can’ someing. In mancasesimage. We. n mo than ybody se. For many manyears. e present. plain t NFL. I ink u It ireallyood. Evenetter year. x poinlThirtyorty All pleadg the caseo why they deserve a spot in th Wh. and- crs countr We’re going five year old unfortunately a with her family. Got to take a bite and suffered what’s called of that. When I see you. Ats story thereind of aarning for pares wt to lo out fo And then wee gng to head on over to southe California palm springs matter fact where the Taco Bell Papa. Hotel has opened. This seems really need K. outf mac I an this is for theaco Bell. Superfan do you want to. Yes that’s how quickly reservations. o nutes. And then did you read growing up scary stories to tell in the dark. I waa go. Man what was a good one to. th anduch more cing on. ctsenPhoex dot c and as thedo hapn wilalsot ha pside tmp heang over tNewerseo thHampns foruick a n da vacion in jtrt litt bit s we l thks s muc f joing u on Monytartgou kno atu ten stas o ni ninwe bng y theop orie andeadles from rosshe cntry thas so ch foroini uhere tay Moay he a eat ekend everne

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    Our Lady's Peace Plan, Over Atheistic Communism…Family


  17. Democrats = Deep State = Financed False Russian Collusion/Obstruction that cost Taxpayers $35 million and 2 1/2 years wasted time – Uranium One sold 20% of Uranium Stores to Russia = Biden’s deal with China to provide favorable trade terms

  18. Joe just said "THANK GOD MY MOM WAS DEAD" he actually said thank God my mom wasn't around, lol I just did what creepy Joe and the democrapt does to everything Trump says, TURN IT AROUND and use it against him. TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍

  19. ONLY LIVE media I will listen to.   I don't like the idea of editing to make an agenda. It is harder to fake content when it is live.

  20. Beto you are a racist you hate so much half of America disagrees with your fear mongering, the 3 shooters were demoncrat supporters please prove me wrong!

  21. guess they don't want us talking about Epstein and how Hillary's FBI killed him in a supermax prison today on youtube.?

  22. When Fox News disables comments on youtube you know they are also fake news. Their app really has some stupid leftist articles. They need a comment section there. One America News OAN is the only true news outlet out there now. Comcast, Dish network and other liberal carriers run from OAN. But Direct TV carries it.

  23. No matter what trump says or does you democrats will try to turn into crap. Best thing that you biden can do is to quit before you make a bigger fool out of yourself

  24. If you like your plan you can keep your plan. When did that turn out to be a lie? Biden is Obama's foot stool, but Obama isn't sure of Biden's winabilty. After the Hillary loss.

  25. Trump worshipers are constantly showing how misinformed and racist they are. Many don't realize how racist they are.

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