hey guys so I've partnered with an icon they are a company that holds challenges within communities see you guys can battle it out and for the next three days I'm doing a challenge where whoever has the best kDa in one single game wins if you want to take part in all of this and have a chance to win $100 worth of RP join my icon channel alright if you haven't joined here's how its super simple click the sign up in the top right corner fill out all the information smack the signup button and you are all good make sure to have it download it and have the icon program running in the background while you're playing League of Legends and may the best kDa win alright three days $100 worth of RP best of luck good luck thank you so much icon for sponsoring this video peace out guys oh my god that kind of hurt it's good out of here buddy and this video we're didn't big all right I'm talking this but I have fallen in love with Mordecai's alright I'm gonna show you guys the best build the best or the best everything you've got to know about this champion so when you finally get a chance to play it you'll be ten steps ahead of everything first things first I gotta put my pants back on get level two and go in oh yeah alright you know what okay let's run okay I will gladly take a flash I do not want all in time level three that's when I get my shield it helps a lot oh god Ward's ganking but there's so much do I can't help you bro I'm so sorry I still feel maybe it's possible oh my god I'm level three I am level three check this out will there pop there oh I still got a shield remember that run down run him down dude this passive looks so weird on the skin what oh my god pretty sure that's a bug but speaking of skins the ulti changes every skin so I'll show you what I'm talking about once I had sticks for now we got a wash to Bob bulik oh my god that I should leave what 14 dude all more needs is some crowd control and he'll do the rest okay Leona is the perfect duo check this out step one hookman step two get on their booty I got a full shield and I'm popping it Oh seen the past stay in the past stay in the past stay in the past found you ha ha she's got her alright they have backup coming tonight I'm a little spooked oh all right I love you dearly but uh I'm piecing the scene that was close all right if someone's chasing you you want to get them off you remember throw you eat like this not like this that's pro tip number one with many more coming from now I smell a double kill okay all right maybe maybe which is level 6 first I'm kind of scared Donna there you go and now it's finally time for you guys to see what the heck this old looks like it's dope much different from the other mordekaiser normal skin whatever you want to call it you know they are on this like no other I'm gonna war it dude we are collapsed on them get to a drink go ahead keep fun doing it only went that way yeah what a fight dude I get old vodkas out of Camille old I saved your life you need to oh my god Jesus I saved all cousins life then kill them again that's kind of market well why do I have a vel'koz next name I'm not vel'koz Oh baby I'm stealing this I'm stealing this I'm John Daniel Liliana six honestly that's the only old we need we have so much crowd control of the enemies haha abort mission abort mission dude the smoke toss is taking us to pound town but he's got no flash so Warwick I love you dude that's what I'm talking about I have altered two seconds you come this way you oh god I our plan you guys still twitch all run away it's which dead it's which sent we're swish swish who's that these two light bulbs easier to see they're all so low Kenan I really really wish it old right now come to say anybody I'm coming to high builds ruins still order all that time to throw prunes boom conquer you feel so much with this page it's redonkulous and he gives magic penetration percentage as a past didn't see as two abilities in one all right so Q then Eve and W and of course the are there is your skill order there's your runes and I'm working on the build next we just finished our hedge taco and I want this mid tower oh my god dude I want him to steal my alt and then I old to be I hold him and then we go into the Shadow Realm not the dark death round whatever you wanna call it oh god they're behind us you don't wear heels at the Hilton Hilton me dude yes watch this watch this hey there buddy how you doing please no no no dude the later this game Oh God we're back in this garbage you sure don't know you're stupid it is now your dad Josh ripped our old complete but they don't seem too happy about it oh hey looks like somebody has no ward all right I think we're good I think we are good I will make it my mission to uh-oh mordekaiser and mordekaiser out on the long play an appointment die nice nice do my passive is so broken will you this damage add up I'm going a bill that's gonna thrive with this dude what you cannot stand next to me or you will actually just get Bob oh my god dude I'm doing it once more this is the best way to engage versus dragon you summoned another dragon oh god okay funs a little late I'm looping around I'm looping around ultimate prepped and ready Warwick not gonna lie you probably did he's definitely dead he'll rip he'll just runs right on by up there all done so they are all dunzo look at the damage we're bustin out who is that oh Jesus okay we're okay we're okay we're okay sod you come with me all right I'm pretty sure I can take this guy can i push him out of the thing I thought I'd throw him off the edge of the cliff or whatever it was I got a fat shield and I'm not afraid to use it okay watch this play one two three ha ha remember how I mentioned the build this build excels in late-game hence the Gathering Storm and war didn't late-game we bought a lot of goodies check out my damage this next fight okay and for those who didn't notice I actually get bigger in my ultimate let let me show you let me show you that my passive destroys objectives what oh we're going we're doing or go inside oh okay you know what I'm gonna die I'm gonna die no I'm not there's so many baby I'm gonna drop the heels then keep on healing you go that way oh wait I can Penta Penta where are you is over there pound shield he's dead stop it get some help come on man Oh anyways in my ultimate you would get absolutely huge especially when use it twice or three times or 15 times Tondo I don't know how to explain this so just roll the clip I am about to blow your guys's mind alright if I press are are you bigger if I press Start twice in practice mode I get even bigger get ready to zoom out and look how big how about to get cuz I'm off my screen right now go go go go all right now my god that's a rat booth – dude I love it back yeah you literally get bigger than summoners rift I didn't love it Leona you deserve that one g5 mode activated that's got a proc my passive and then watch the burn watch the burn dude that's not broken I don't know what is get the heck off me to finish it off we're getting nashor's tooth the width a blue pot I don't have it pick this out we're just gonna take it and then I am gonna do so much damage look at this watch my W this is like cinders poison TenPoint Oh Lord absolutely melts objectives de lluvias number it does not stop oh my okay that was cutting close bear and check top play oh my god please please no please hold me don't be scared of your friend okay he's definitely not my friend oh yes yes oh my god yes old me now lets him sup mordekaiser old and immortal guys are old I'm not sure what's going on but uh we just went to another realm you're dead I was gonna tell him old me and I'll let you kill me but then er deal to me so uh yeah we didn't have to scam him yeah I'm pretty thick right now normally I'm not as big as what we were earlier but I'm still pretty big bop bops doing about twitch come to Daddy oh wow you are done so dude they literally all just melt all right what's the burn wait for it wait for it there it is there it is hands off you did I didn't love it come to Daddy bolt round two it's probably enough career he went with the kena note this time I can respect it oh my god that's a net bet that's a flop yeah nice dude shoutout to the band drill for busting this out first dude it is the most hilarious bugs in the game hands down thank you all so much for watching we upload every single day so if you're not subscribed smash the button lick the notification bell Tana thank you so much for the double upload I love you too buddy see y'all tomorrow peace peace [Applause]

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  1. Bunnyfufuu: I'm now a Morde main!!

    (Doesn't know that the reason he keeps a champion next to a health bar and why he's "thicc" is cuz when he kills an enemy with his ult he temporarily steals some of their stats)

  2. Bunny you had the Vel'koz icon next to your health because you killed him while he was in your ult, what that does is give you a % of his stats while he is dead when he respawns you
    loose these stats . Just saying if you still don't know . BTW love your vids

  3. Hey guys I know self promoting is a terrible thing to do but League of Legends is my passion and I am a college student and I need some form of income other than my normal job. I can't work many hours because I am a college student and I don't like asking my parents for money to help me pay for my college such as books, supplies, tuition and room and board. Please don't take this self-promotion the wrong way please I am not asking for subs or views but I would really appreciate it.

  4. Bunz: I am pro with this champ, ALSO BUNZ: Why do I have Velkoz icon, I am not velkoz. hhaahahaa

    He realy doesnt know.

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