okay guys let’s go ahead and take a look
at this t-rex because he is huge Wow guys I found an awesome set for you
guys this is the Lego prehistoric creatures designer set this is a vintage
Lego set you could make t-rex pterodactyl and a big and it is
792 pieces so like I said this is a vintage set you can make an alligator
like Brachiosaurus and Triceratops so there’s actually 19 different
creatures I believe it’s night time okay nine instructions plus 26 years go ahead
and make that t-rex and this is what was in the package so it is a you set so all
the colors are basically separated New LEGO CREATOR Prehistoric Creatures T-Rex Dinosaur Toy Stop Motion Speed Build Unboxing 4507 has a lot of different sets to put
together I wonder if it has any of here’s the different ones you could
build and it looks like some more of them so you can even build there’a
wooly mammoth cool okay let’s just start it okay guys let’s go ahead and take a
look at this t-rex because he is huge here is the big Lego indominus rex so
you could see the size difference I mean it’s not even close this big t-rex is
about 700 some pieces but guys it’s not for playability which is very
disappointing because when you play with this guy he falls apart like all the
time I mean it gets it gets really annoying so the older LEGO sets or more
for putting together and display but anyways let’s go ahead
take a look at him so this is vintage Lego set first of all his head does turn
360 degrees like you seen right there it just fell apart okay let me go ahead and
put that back together okay so I got it put back together but like I said not
for playability its mouth does open and close really nice big teeth inside the
arms rotate 360 degrees the legs will flatten out and rotate 360 degrees the
feet will move up and down on locking ball joints the tail rotates 360 and
these pieces back here they just follow they are not on ball joints like the
newer sets are so like I said it is a cool set to put together it looks cool
but this set is constantly falling apart so anyways let’s go ahead and set up our
awesome dinosaur zoo so we’re gonna put this big guy as the main focus outside
the gates of Jurassic Park and next another one of our newer ones is this
big huge Triceratops which I’m gonna put back here going to fight the big and also another awesome new one I got
is this green and black t-rex which is pretty much identical to the red and
black one I have bought different colors so that is a cool addition to my channel
which I’ll be doing some reviews and builds on later so let’s go ahead and
set those guys up there so then here is another new one newer
one that I got which I showed you guys in a previous video and this is another
newer one I just got which is the yellow indominus
rex the yellow indominus rex and that green t-rex you just saw i bought both
of these from ebay seller in australia so let’s go ahead and sit this guy right
back here and then to make the park complete i need a classic indominus rex
with an indominus rex baby so we could have a family of dinosaurs okay let’s
check out our zoo set up there we got the indominus the t-rex triceratops
another t-rex are big huge Lego t-rex vintage Lego t-rex indominus rex
in baby also our jurassic world dinosaur park is complete okay guys that was
awesome that was a lot of fun I love making these videos for you guys so if
you did enjoy that please go ahead click like drop me comments and let me know
what other toys you want to see you’d thanks for viewing guys and being
awesome tuned watched the end of this video for some other awesome fun videos
Wow I will see you tomorrow click the boxes
below for a lot more fun videos and if you want to see even more go ahead and
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