Gravity… Gravity is a harness. My entire career has been devoted
to this idea… to this moment. Decades! If the unifying theories are correct we will soon be able to harness
the power of a black hole! Nothing will ever be the same. Why? This is wrong!
The field is failing! What happened? Where am I? Why am I being imprisoned? Release me! What is that melody? Hold it together, hold it together
hold it together! Density… mass… momentum…
It is too- It’s too much to hold onto. I will bring you a new understanding
of the universe… -Violence! The universe
is singing to me! What is that melody!? Freedom… Imprisonment… It’s all an illusion. Gravity is a harness. I have harnessed the harness. Try to hold it together.

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  1. 1:15 I just realized there's a frame where Sigma smiles in response to his new predicament. He's reached an even greater understanding of the universe.

  2. Aye Sigma if you want to know what that melody is all you need to do is go to the App Store on your iPhone or if you have a android go to the play store and download this app called Shazam once you do whenever that melody is playing click the big blue button and you’ll get that answer ma bois…💯

  3. If this man loses control….he would destroy the solar system……

    Looking how his powers work.

    – gravitational manipulation

    – black hole power harness

    If he mastered his powers, he would be a God.

  4. Not gonna lie I had my leg leaning off my bed, but I brought it back under the covers when I was watching this because it was scary. GG

  5. Sigma I don't really like Sigma as a hero, but I sure love him as a character. This is probably my favorite origin story.

  6. I kinda wish he actually seemed more mad ingame his voice in this video is soo good and ingame he seems normal, i want crazy Sigma

  7. zzzzzzz… wait, what? So you're telling me that Overwatch is apparently still a thing right now?
    Okay then, I'm gonna go back to sleep… zzzzzzzz….

  8. For the sake of overwatch NERF widowmaker!! She can one shot an entire team from far distance and do instant 300 damage easily. You guys took away hanzos scatter arrow and made him useless as a sniper and primitive then nerf her too!!

  9. Wow I am completely shocked with the development of sigmas story. Everything about his characterization and story is soooo good. And the voice actor executed it perfectly I got chills from listening to it

  10. So am I the only one thinking Capcom should sue? I mean this is pretty blatant. This is pretty much an exact replica of their Megaman character Sigma from Megaman X. They look the same, from the bald head to the robot body. They also have pretty much the same backstory, in which they were both mostly good guys but went crazy in some shape or form and became bad. Just sayin'.

  11. This reminds me of that one song were it starts off like, "I can't believe I forgot that melody."

    Someone should use that in a Sigma montage. It's been in my head every sense Sigma was released! 😖

  12. He's kinda derpy… and I actually have no idea why I'm saying this but he doesn't really feel congruent with the rest of the hero's

  13. Even tho sigma is out I still think this is so cool I love the ended with all the talon characters they should be another talon tank then we could have a talon comp lol so we got 2 talon healers moria, Baptist. Dps reaper,doomfist,widowmaker, sombra. Then tank sigma need one more lol

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