1. ★God loves lsrael. Israel prime minister netanyahu is wonderful international leader. I respect him. He Is wise. & i believe in the God of israel. ★Jerusalem is eternal capital in the israel. I thank you all of you.

  2. ★Iran support palestine Hamas & lebanon Hezbollah terror troop army.. It, not good. So dangerous! Today, many countries does not like radical illegal troop. ★Israel is powerful country in the world. God with us. We will win. We don.t have to worry. Israeli airforce is top quality of the world. I, m sure, you will Do well.

  3. Why is it that Israel explaining all the Atomic energy of Iran..did they also explain thier Nuclear capability and Atomic strategy to the world sobthe world also must know thier capacity and to educate US to where are thier Dollars given to Israel spended.

  4. Y is Netanyahu all about Iran when Israel is having massive nuclear weapons…we should say NO to nuclear weapons at all or let's have all …come on your neighbor with a nuke …. you'll never be at peace

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