[Channel Teaser] How The Party Used Silence to Save A Dying
Town (Part 2) The players are a little disappointed that
there was no combat but were so interested in the events that they were okay with it. A week later, the session begins right where
the last left off. Make sure to check out the first part if you
haven’t, link is in description. The party stops by the tavern since they notice
a few angry patrons leaving. They enter and see the orphan elf struggling
to run the entire tavern on his own. He is unable to remember how he held the tavern
together all on his own, or how it’s been open for 150 years by his family if he has
none… but he’s too busy to worry about that and shoos the party off. They start literally chanting “manor! manor!
manor!” both IC and OOC as they head straight to the Lord’s manor and demand to be let in
by the guard. The guard, intimidated by this weird mob,
demands they disperse this illegal congregation at once! They manage to “persuade” him and he agrees
to let them look around for one hour. As they head inside, the warlock senses a
faint magical signature from upstairs. Everyone heads upstairs except for the cleric
and sorcerer who head to the basement after a quick sweep of the ground floor. Inside the basement, the cleric rolls a nat
20 investigation and discovers a secret passage inside a particularly large wine barrel that
leads into a cave system. Upstairs, the rest find a room with a crystal
ball that had been used for divination in the writing of a “flora and fauna of Anaana”
book in the same room. After flipping through searching for anything
related to memories, they find an entry labeled “The False Hydra.” After reading what a false hydra is the warlock
yells “STAY OUT OF THE BASEMENT!!!” which prompts the cleric and sorcerer to head upstairs. They meet in the foyer and catch each other
up. The guard pops in and says “Alright, time’s
up! You lot clear out of here!” despite only a
half hour passing. The barbarian knocks him out and ties him
up. While they discuss what to do next, they hear
footsteps coming up the stairs. They all prepare for a fight, the alchemist
with her hand on the cork of the deafness potion. The door opens, and out steps the fence they
met the night before. “What are you guys doing!?” he asks, before
the party responds in kind. He says, “Someone left the secret door open,
and I come up to see a tied up guard? What is wrong with you people?! Hurry up and come downstairs.” Upon further questioning, assisted by high
intimidation rolls, the fence reveals that this secret passage is “the usual spot” where
the mafia does its black market business most of the time. They come out in a large cavern full of supplies
and carts and whatnot, but devoid of anyone else. The fence explains that the town has miles
and miles of old kobold tunnels under it that make convenient clandestine travel pathways. Especially since he’s the only fence in town. The party, deciding that the false hydra must
be in the tunnels, take the potion (that I said would last for 4 hours) and head in,
despite the fence insisting they’d only get lost without a map of the tunnels. Once they deafen themselves, I stop the white
noise permanently. I also inform them that everything that has
happened to them from the start of the campaign to when they deafened themselves, 2 months
later in real time, two weeks in game time, has been a flashback. It’s how their characters remember it happening. After traveling for a while and disabling
old kobold traps, they find a brood room full of broken eggs, which they determine to be
about three weeks old. The sorcerer concludes that the false hydra
must have eaten the kobolds first and made its way up to the town, likely devastating
the mafia in the crossfire. The party communicates through the kalashtar’s
mind link and minor illusion spells. They find a tunnel to the surface and emerge. The first thing they notice is that there
are blood smears everywhere: on the street, on houses, and even bits of gore laying around. Next they notice three long necks stretching
up over the rooftops, ending in grotesque heads, their horrible mouths hanging open,
clearly singing the song that they no longer hear. A fourth head drags a fresh corpse between
two houses. A woman trips over a neck and gets up, walking
on as if it never happened. In fact, the townsfolk are all completely
oblivious to these things. They try their best to act as if they don’t
notice so as not to attract the hydra’s attention as they head to the town guard headquarters. Inside they tell the guard captain and his
lieutenant about the situation and disclose their evidence. There was still some deafness potion left
and the guards agree to assist and take some. They decide to find the lair; they’d be better
off finding the base of a neck and following it. A head gets a little too close and the lieutenant
panics, swinging his sword at it. The head chomps down on him, nearly biting
him in half and dragging his corpse off as the party pretend they don’t notice. They follow the head from a short distance
into a house’s basement where they find a tunnel. It isn’t long before they enter a large hollow,
where they see the head consuming what’s left of the lieutenant. Further back, they see the main body, a horrible
swollen mass of flesh with four additional necks going up into the ceiling through their
own tunnels. The captain charges the head in a vengeful
fury for his lieutenant. The other 4 heads burst into the cavern as
the fight goes on. The captain quickly dies. A party member goes down, and the rest have
low health but they manage to kill it. They hear panicked screaming from above and
run outside, finding the town in a panic now that they can see everything as it really
is. The four remaining town guards approach and
are clued in to what happened. The party extorts them out of some tax money
before returning home. They receive a letter on the way that their
portrait is finished and the painter took the liberty of hanging it in their common
room. As they enter the town, the alchemist deafens
herself just in case, revealing a complete lack of false hydras in their home city, much
to the now paranoid party’s relief. As they enter their common room, they see
the grand painting. They quickly notice a seventh person in the
painting and they panic, very aware that they must have been lost to the hydra. The seventh person is a half orc, half dwarven
woman clearly dressed in the raiment of a life cleric of Luthic, our half orc barbarian’s
hand on her shoulder. They all check themselves for anything that’s
not theirs and notice a distinct lack of healing potions. The alchemist has a bag of holding, and when
she reaches in, she pulls out a shining golden maul with a mud encrusted diary tied to it
with twine. The diary’s inside is mostly ruined with
mud and water but there are a few entries later in the diary that are legible. The first few are snippets of their journey
to Pikani, with the final entry talking about how she dropped the diary in the mud during
the last fight with the forest entity, but the alchemist promised to try to fix it when
they returned home. She reveals herself to be the barbarian’s
wife, talking of their past together, their future plans and hopefully children. The last thing she writes is that she can’t
sleep and will take a walk around town to clear her head. The barbarian takes the golden +1 maul and
the diary and quietly returns to his room. He doesn’t remember there being a woman’s
set of clothing or various other womanly trinkets in his room, but he doesn’t question it at
all. The session ends there. What an incredible set up and execution of
a false hydra! I get chills every time I think about it. The subtle hints and clues the DM left for
his players were masterful! Did you figure it out before the reveal? Please let us know and comment below! Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel,
All Things DnD. Our next video will be posted in 3 days, so
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  1. What an incredible set up and execution of a false hydra! I get chills every time I think about it. The subtle hints and clues the DM left for his players were masterful! Did you figure it out before the reveal? Please let us know and comment below!

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  2. I am privy to two eventual false Hydras. One as a player, one as a Brainstorming parter for a Different DM. I'll let you all know how they end up. =)

  3. Notes from a NG Human Idiot;
    The sad reveal 'bout the The Half-Orc losing a Wife was a nice twist, as well as the False Hydra switch as a nice touch. My only problem with the story was the treatment of the NPC guardsmen. With an underground network that size, as well as having both a Kobold den & Criminal gang there, the guards seemed WAY to small to me. Or maybe this is all the FH talking….
    May your pantheon ever favor you
    Baron Trevelyan of Restenford

  4. Aah poor Orc man looks like his wife was Hydra food..

    Or a evil person who summond/controlled the Hydra idk how false Hydras work so please dont hurt me to bad lol

  5. I do believe…
    …you were strong in forming violence!
    We were strong performing silence.
    -System of a Down: Charades

  6. All right I'm carrying a potion of Silence wherever I go for now on actually I'm just going to stock up on those things in my campaigns also know that's the kobolds they're too innocent to die you know what nevermind I'm just going to carry a enchanted item that Casas silence for a long time oh my self

  7. I don't think I'd run a proper false hydra. But it would a useful story element to express the power of one of my NPC's, who would be able to see it due to their use of a home-brew 'Advanced Ring of Mind Shielding', but can't defeat it without the party. There would be a series of darkly humorous events, where the NPC and the party is fighting the false hydra, but the only thing that is tipping off people to what is going on is things randomly exploding and getting smashed. So it gets harder and harder for the false hydra to keep up the charade.

  8. I never heard of this home brew until the first video of this story, and when I investigated and saw the LoZ monster being used to describe it, it took me back to my fears as a kid when I saw it in Ocarina of Time and the shit made it all the more chilling for me

  9. I had an idea there was a false hydra only because i saw the other video of the false hydra that you did. Or did i? Cant remember.

  10. Literally just learning how to play this game for my first session next month, and go to look up how some sessions play out. Can't believe this incredible story was posted only 2 hours ago! I see how awesome D&D can really be

  11. This one use noise brainwash to keep the facade of the missing people. And the party why he/she do not freak out because is not his/her tribe, he/she is the last one of his/her tribe that why he/she is adventuring or is an Exile. Normaly the Kobolds gives 0 forks it this happening to other tribe. And if was his/her tribe or is a good aliment he/she is freaking out or feeling pity. Example Ozula, LG Divine Soul she is feeling pity about this Tribe and Caesin, LN Fighter the only thing he say this tribe was fill by primitives and move along with the party.

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