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Mythic Championship Qualifiers Cancelled? – The Sad State Of Organized Play In Magic: The Gathering

the magic pro league or MPL as it's known is where all the finest magic players end up at the very very top and I'm here today to tell you how you can be a part of it come on let's go greetings owners of fine luxury cardboard rectangles we are here today to discuss the mythic championship mythic Championship qualifiers and the magic pro league now what started this discussion actually is it tweet from I'm gonna call him Slater see honestly because I'm not exactly how to pronounce I'm not sure how to pronounce his last name but either way he is the first one that brought this up as far as I know and it started it started with a tweet that said get your speculations in but MCQs magic Championship qualifiers are no longer on the schedule for magic fest Atlanta which would have been the first to feed the first mythic championship of 2019 what could this mean no more paper emcee new system so I just want to point out that I think it's the first MC of 2020 that he's talking about here they've already done mythic Championships this year have they not have I must a change the terminology as far as I understand this would be talking about or 2020 but either way this was brought up where all of a sudden these events the the schedule for magic fest Atlanta no longer had MCQs listed so this obviously leads to some speculation people are wondering about hey what's going on and then more information comes along saying oh look they're actually refunding people who have paid for this so the people who have paid for the MCQs or I should say yeah the mcq and Atlanta at the Magic Fest are getting their money given back to them but there was no official announcement made about this at all it just kind of quietly was happening where all of a sudden poof it's gone off the list and poof people are getting refunded well what's going on turns out a little bit of digging a little bit of later on Channel fireball events who are in charge of running this sort of thing they come along and say because Wizards of the coast has not yet announced their plans for 2020 we have decided not to open registration scheduling for qualifying events we still believe we'll have qualifying events at magic fest Atlanta and Berlin beyond but we're waiting until Wizards the coast makes its announcement now this highlights a huge problem with the emcee the math of the mythic championship the qualifier sparked and the magic Pro League in general so I figured it was a good time to take another peek at the dumpster fire that is the magic pro league for people who need a little bit of background information the magic pro league is Wizards newest initiative to try and inspire magic players to go to the next level now let me say competitive magic is extremely useful for the game having a path to the top is extremely useful for the game of Magic the Gathering how it used to work is we had the Pro Tour and there was all kinds of people grinding to get onto the Pro Tour you know a bunch of them not everybody but a lot of them were absolutely insufferable people who would just play I'm playing the top of the meta and if you are not as serious about this game as me I am better than you and I look down my nose at you sir these style of people now granted I find those people to be obnoxious but they do help with the health of the game overall Magic the Gathering having the luster of a Pro Tour that you could aspire to get onto had value to the game it drew people into the game it was a path of paper magic to fame and money granted not high levels of fame or high levels of money I mean I think the highest level of Fame that pro players could get before was having themselves show up on those little player cards that they no longer make anymore they discontinued that because underneath it all Wizards of the coast realized a truth about magic pros the majority of them don't have charisma and they're not aspirational people to be while yes people want it to be high level magic players very few people wanted to be specific Pro players it's not like these big sports players were people like oh my god I'd love to be hoops Mick jump ins I don't I don't watch the sports so I don't know hopes my jump ins best NBA star I'd love to be hoops McGee jumpings nobody wants to be cards mix it ins you know there were very few people in the magic pro scene that people actually wanted to be so which of the coasts realized that they were dumping a bunch of money into a Pro Tour that wasn't netting them the promotional aspect that they wanted while not really noticing that you know what underneath it all this gives a lot of people incentive to play competitive magics specifically standard and helps bolster the ranks of paper magic players specifically so we reached the point we're at now where Wizards of the coast introduced the MPL now this was originally presented to us as a meritocracy where you would make it in based on your skill in magic gathering and it boasted 32 of the best magic players in the world they were signed to contracts $50,000 contracts with an additional $20,000 contract if they were willing to also be an arena streamer so 50 grand just to get in the league and play paper magic and be part of it an extra 20 grand if you're willing to devote time to playing arena now that is not a shabby amount of money that's a pretty desirable set up if you think about it at first on paper the MPL seemed like it was going to be fantastic look at this this is a league you can aspire to be a part of we're gonna give you a fifty to seventy thousand dollars base minimum base minimum and on top of that we're gonna add in all this extra prize money with huge prize pools the prize pools for magic are bigger than they've ever been so getting into the MPL would be Oh Lucey the juice is loose forget starburst get you some MPL son is that was that starburst I think that was starburst a long time ago anyways the MPL was supposed to be the next stop where it's like this is where you go for greatness grind on arena son grind in paper magic all paths lead to the MPL except they actually don't Wizards of the coast had a problem with the MPL where they started losing MPL members they had to kick them out for various reasons some people under a shroud of secrecy that we will never hear about like owen departed and we heard nothing about it then there were very loud departures where people were caught cheating just straight-up cheating booted out of the MPL booted out of the Hall of Fame all this kind of nonsense where it's like uh ya know we gotta we gotta get rid of son you're you're bad for our optics and not on the other Android people willingly leaving like Jeri T who originally would talk a lot about how the Pro Tour was not serving pro players needs now it needed to be changed so the MPL came along Jeri signed up for that but he eventually left it citing things like extremely poor communication Wizards not following through on what they said they were gonna do and then Wizards of the coast just kind of threw up their hands and went okay you know what we're not gonna have the MPL be a meritocracy anymore we're done with it it's no longer a pate a place where we're just gonna bring in the best of the best now we're going to randomly bring in people who are twitch streamers we're just gonna pick people who have a large following so they picked I believe his name is Makonnen and they gave him a contract to join the MPL now funnily enough that guy has not played arena in over a month he's twitch streaming dota and other things he's not even touching magic he doesn't want to have to do anything with the magic community or so it seems and I can't blame him there were complete knobs on Twitter who were like tweeting at wizards and at him going this guy hasn't played these uh these absolutely absolutely glorious losers were just Wizards about oh this guy isn't playing blah blah blah thinking that somehow they would end up getting into the NPL but they wouldn't West's of the coast isn't inviting people into the MPL based on anything we can discern anymore they invited one guy from Twitter they invited a low ranked player because she's a woman just straight up because she's a woman and they even signaled in an article oh hey going forwards we're gonna use this for more inclusion so essentially they're creating a diversity slash twitch streamer League that's what the MPL has become now the mythic championships is supposed to be a path to MPL supposed to be because we don't know nobody can concretely point out how you actually get into the MPL it's bad enough that people in the magic pro league already have a huge advantage in that they're already in the pro league they're being paid tens of thousands of dollars a year just to play magic which will let them stay in the top ranks and I'm actually not against that personally that's fine you want to give them a bunch of money and keep your best up there that's alright the random inclusions of other people strike me as hilarious but the real problem with the MPL is there's genuinely no way to know how you get into it they keep changing what they're doing they're running around just randomly do it this is what wizards does now they just roll 20-sided die it's a 19 invited goat into the MPL like what do we care oh we need more people who don't wear socks in the MPL we gotta be more inclusive of the non sakhis so we've reached this scenario where you have absolutely no concept of how I'm getting to the MPL but it seems like one of the paths is to top out at an a mythic championship because they have mythic championship points they have these point systems that don't actually lead to anything it's like those popsicle stick points back in the day but you can't redeem them for anything and so nobody knows how to get into the MPL and you compound that with the fact that now even companies that work closely with Wizards of the coast like channel fireball have no idea what they're doing these are the people who run magic fests for wizards these are the people who should be in the know with what's going but they can't even bank out like six to eight months in advance because Wizards of the coast can't give them or won't give them concrete information about what's going on I feel really bad for channel fireball and the pro players that are trying to grind their way in good luck booking a last-minute flight just upping the cost of this dump let's say you knew you wanted to go there you could go and book a flight now and get reasonable reasonable prices well you can forget that that's not what's going on they're gonna let you know at the last minute when these events are happening if they're happening and oh by the way they may not even let you in Tam PL they might decide that you know what we're gonna let a piece of buttered toast stream in the MPL we're just gonna rent here you go it's it's butter – not butter toast man just just a piece of buttered toast just watch it hope it balls butter side down because that means the devil's here that's a nice em night shamalamadingdong reference for anybody who gets it actually that's probably how Wizards of the coast makes a decision throw a piece of butter and jammed up bread into the air if it lands jam face down then the devil says no i'm c qs if it lands up then maybe MC cubes it so we've reached this ridiculous scenario where the MPL exists but the path into it doesn't so it's just like this Wonderland of amazingness for a handful of people who may or may not get to standard who knows they may decide to just start booting other pros out of the league and include other people they still refer to it as the pro league and they go it's 32 of the best players when they're just random shoving people in it's amazing honestly it's amazing how misguided and ridiculous they are with this in particular to the point where people have to speculate on Twitter going what do you think's going on and then channel fireball has to come and go yeah um we don't we don't actually know either Wizards of the coast hasn't told us so instead of us being legally locked into running these kind of events that we're gonna charge your money for we're just gonna give your money back now you know we think whether the coast is gonna do something but I don't know either way the MPL is a joke boys the MPL is an absolute joke it is pretty funny to me this whole scenario but hey whatever I I feel I feel for the grinders who are left out in the cold was it causes like you can't come stand around the fires of the MPL we're not even gonna tell you how to find it hide the smoke boys we don't want to try and find the smoke signals to get here nobody's allowed into the mpls they don't have socks anymore if you don't have socks but you do have buttered toast come on in you're welcome otherwise beat it beat it but you know who doesn't need to beat it I'll tell you right now my patrons and channel members thanks for supporting my channel my channel friends special shout-out to Kevin MacDougall thanks for joining up with my channel membership and remember my friends together we are the sixth color of magic

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  1. Fake views, five out of 30 something players getting kicked out early and Wizards putting in their pets who nobody likes and watches… LMAO what garbage fire.

  2. I Just received a letter from WizardsOfTheCoast saying they need my cat to join the MPL, they want him to feel the tail-amputee quota.

  3. They shouldn't do pro stuff for standard anymore. The commander family of formats is much more…fun to watch.

  4. I want to know how wizards is going to fix this. I know magic players are always doing the hole world is coming to an end. But will the magic players just pass this problem off or are they going to just wait to see if this is will kill magic. Competition play was the reason magic lasted for so long. Hopefully it’s just a bridge that needs to be crossed. Shit like this is also why I stopped caring so much about magic. It’s always so dramatic. I just want to have fun. Have a good one mike.

  5. The weird haze on the green screen gives the illusion of heat. Nice! Lol

    Alot of magic players seem to suffer from some kind of social anxiety. Few at my old game store are cringe worthy individuals. Very self intitled. They hurt the game store. They may help the game, but they dont help the community.

  6. That dumpster fire should be used as their next My Pony League trophy. Extra points if they give it to the winner while it is flaming.

  7. Lol i think out of all the magic players out there, you and magic aids are the only 2 id like to shuffle up a few rounds with

  8. They never said it was going to be only the top ranked players. They strongly implied it by inviting the 32 top ranked players from the previous season to be the first 32 MPL members, but they never said they intended to continue selecting members that way.

  9. WOTC has too many lazy hangers on to allow anything to be decided by merit. They want it controlled by them and their friends, that way they can make sure who gets the big cash.

    Wizards of the Coast is a front for serious international crime……allegedly of course. What other reason could it have for being so unmotivated to pay attention to its zillion dollar money printing machine?

    Love your videos, dude. They are the only thing keeping me adjacent to the Magic scene anymore.

  10. I'm loving the "Second Color" sign offs again, making me feel all warm, nostalgic, and buttery inside.

  11. This is how corrupted and ugly pro mtg is:
    1. Back then stores created fake tournaments to pump points for their sponsored players, so they can get invites.
    2. Pro players blatantly cheat in front of camera and wotc judges and announcers don't call them on it. Just look at Patrick Chapin cheat video on YouTube for example. That guy was a drug addict and dealer who was banned from Japan and was under investigation for someone who died at his apartment.
    3. Big stores reroll match ups for their special players, so their decks don't go up against decks that's likely beat them.
    4. Known cheaters are put into the mtg hall of fames over honest players, which is a slap in the face for all mtg players.

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