hey all this is Sara and today I will
tell you the story of how my twins boyfriend beat me pregnant by mistake I
broke into a cheesy grin as the DJ started to play my favorite song baby or
I screamed along to the Katy Perry hit surrounded
by friends two girlfriends and I were at our favorite venue celebrating the end
of a long week my twin sister Jen was supposed to come with us but she had a
headache and decided to stay home this one’s for John we cheered with her
glasses in the air as the track changed to a Sean Paul song midway through my
gleeful boogie I joked it as I felt a pair of hands loop around my waist hey
you the stranger was perdón to my ear i whirled around to see a stunning
dark-haired guy wearing a button-down shirt smiling at me my cheeks flushed at
his forward miss but with a few vodka tonics me I erased it for hours we
danced together oblivious to the world around us do you want a drink I asked as
I emptied my glass no thanks I’m the designated driver tonight he replied but
I love some fresh air I followed him off the dance floor and he spilled out of
the club and onto the street I leaned against a wall as he drew a packet of
cigarettes out of his pocket and lit one up the chemistry between us was
undeniable even if we had only just met once he had finished his cigarette he
pulled me in for a pass I’ve been waiting to do that all night come with
me let’s go somewhere more private butterflies fluttered about my stomach
in anticipation as he led me off to a side street where he unlocked a red
Holden Commodore he opened the back door for me after you he said and waved me in
in the car things heated up quickly and it wasn’t long before we’d ripped each
others clothes off and made passionate love the windows steamed up around us
and he tried not to think about what anyone passing by might see once it was
over I went to put my clothes back on I can’t believe we haven’t done this
before he laughed I wasn’t sure what he meant by the comment but I brushed it
off when we stepped out of the car I decided to go home
while he was going back to find his friends in the club he pulled me in for
a hug and kissed me on the head see you later Jen don’t wait up he said
before pulling away and strolling back up the street I stood in stunned silence
as I watched him walk off did he just call me by my sister’s name it suddenly
dawned on me that the guy I had just slept with had mistaken me for my
identical twin Jen we looked exactly the same but her hair was shorter than mine
people mistook us all of the time she too was a regular at the nightclub I’ve
been too tipsy to even consider this as an option I thought he just liked me
when he was being forward I assumed he was just confident but he thought I was
someone he knew I was mortified tears streamed down my face as I walked home
Jen had mentioned a boy she was seeing that she met at the club but I never put
two and two together I had made a huge mistake and I couldn’t even tell Jen it
would break her heart when I got home I buried my head in my pillow and wept
myself to sleep the following day I swore that I would keep the tryst a
secret and never tell another soul what happened as the weeks rolled by I tried
to put the whole ordeal behind me where did he sneak off to the other night a
friend of mine asked oh I wasn’t feeling too well so I decided to go home I lied
when she asked me if I was free to go for another night out I checked my diary
as I scanned the dates it dawned on me that I missed my period I was five days
late my heart thumped as a race to the chemist to pick up a pregnancy test
surely I wasn’t pregnant when I got home I peed on the stick and spent two
agonizing minutes waiting for the result as it came up I let out a whale it was
positive I hadn’t slept with anyone since the boy in the club his name was
John oh and he and Jen had become an official couple how had he gotten myself
into this mess I decided I would tell people half of the truth they would say
that he slept with a guy after a night out at the club but I didn’t know his
name at the time that was true the following day I knew I had to tell Jenna
when I got to her house I fumbled nervously with my sleeve as she answered
the door Jen I’m pregnant I slept with a guy on a night out but I
don’t remember his name it came out of my mouth like vomit I looked down at the
floor ashamed I didn’t want to see the expression on her face but she was so
supportive Sara that is amazing you’re going to
have a mini-me running around I couldn’t be happier for you
she said her encouragement felt like a knife to the heart she was being lovely
but I was stabbing her in the back as my pregnancy progressed her relationship
with Johnno went from strength to strength
they even planned to move in together when she introduced us I pretended I’d
never met him every time I saw Jen the truth was on
the tip of my tongue but I could never muster the courage to tell her I wished
she would just dump the guy so that the issue would just go away but that didn’t
happen at 38 weeks I gave birth to a healthy baby boy and they called him
Brock one thing I know is that I can never tell anyone who the father is
the moment Brock was born I fell in love and he brings meaning to my life for now
Brock and I have each other and that is enough what’s your story true tails
wants to hear it if you also have any such moment you can share it in the
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  1. Who the hell is having sex with a stranger at a nightclub? And who the hell is having sex with a stranger without a protection? The girl is so stupid I guess…

  2. You’re stupid for not telling her the truth since the beginning . Tchr . I hope he looks like his dad when he grows up . And anyway the truth will get back at you when he’ll start looking for his dad .
    15 years later : My dad is my twin’s mom husband

  3. Sweetie if you ever read these comments then you need to tell your sister and Brock's father. I know you're scared but you have to understand the truth will come out. Not to mention your son will want to know who his father is when he gets older and you can't lie to him. Listen the sooner you tell her the truth and explain the sooner things can get better. I know you're scared but if you explain everything then she should understand after all she's your sister and it was an honest mistake. You'll all be okay.

  4. Why is it when women get drunk and become pregnant they always blame the guy he made me pregnant why is it the there's no blame on themselves I was drunk he took me somewhere I saw the crap why don't they take blame ever she willingly laid back and had sex with some guy she didn't even know and then let him come inside of her meet seriously then she had no fault and it's like he raped her he just had sex with drunk woman I like an idiot came they are both to blame but she made it sound like is a guy just give me the phone with the guy was at fault for this he was in the sense that he has sex with drunk woman but seriously come on now you're an adult you need to take some kind of blame for yourself something to blame you know you got you went somewhere you got drunk and then you went off with someone you had sex in a car set the child's fault it's not it's both of his fault but she's talking like it was to all the guy and it's all the guys fault I have sisters who do that I used to make me feel bad about being born a male because men were so bad when we were so perfect I mean seriously at what point can you take blame for your for your own actions Chino 13 stories about how men made women pregnant you could have said no you could have walked away you could have stumbled your way back into them Academy club and still kept being s*** and I'm pregnant but no u what is it

  5. You are the most selfish gal ever , u made a mistake y should yr baby and the kids father have to suffer. He has the right to know who his dad is.

  6. That’s messed up, what happens when the sister has babies with the guy? Cousins and siblings? 😩 she should have said something

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