Hello, I’m Oliver, I’m 15. And… something weird happened when I was
a kid and I want you to help me figure it out… Surprisingly, it all started when I watched
“Breaking Bad.” You see, there are a lot of deserts and cars
there, and all of that triggered something in me… I felt weird when I was watching it, like
some long forgotten memory started to appear in my mind again. It was something about a desert and… it
was very weird and… hazy. And then I had this dream for the first time. In my dream, I was very young… like 3 or
4, and I was in the backseat of a car. Outside I saw a desert, and in the front seat
of the car… there were two men. They were silent. I was holding a blue horse or pony in my hands. I remember clutching and squeezing it to suppress
my fear. I woke up in a cold sweat, squeezing my pillow
the same way I did with the horse. I was so scared I couldn’t even breathe
properly. It was terrifying and I tried to get right
back to sleep, but I ended up staring at the ceiling for an hour before I finally fell
asleep. Over the next few days I was constantly thinking
about it, because it felt so… real. I finally forgot about it, and then I had
the same dream again. And then a third and fourth time, so by this
point there was no way I could forget about it or think about anything else except that
dream. Who were those men and this weird blue horse? I started to think that maybe… just maybe,
it was a real memory that I had forgotten about. I asked my parents about this dream, and mom
was visibly confused. She said that no, nothing like this had ever
happened, but my Dad…my Dad was acting really weird. He SAID that nothing like this happened, but
he was doodling something on a piece of paper like he always did when he was nervous. He then threw this piece of paper into the
trash. Later I picked it up, because maybe there
was some hint, but no, there were just random doodles. I got extremely suspicious of my Dad’s reaction,
because he definitely knew something. In my mind, I already had some horrible theories
about what had happened and if my Dad was a part of it. Mom definitely didn’t know anything about
it, but she was always such a nervous and panicky person, she thought that maybe I was
having some problems because of stress from school, so she took me to see a therapist. The therapist tried to ask me about my stress
and studies, but I really didn’t want to talk about it, because I knew that it was
something completely different. I couldn’t tell that to my Mom though, because
first I wanted to get the truth directly from my father. When I was alone with my dad, I asked him
if he REALLY didn’t know anything about this dream. Dad was trying to blow me off by saying that
I was just imagining things, but I kept asking if he was hiding the truth because he did
something bad to me. Finally, my Dad agreed to tell me what happened. It was very hard for him, his voice was wavering
and his hands were shaking. When I was 3, I was playing outside with my
Dad. Mom was working, so it was just him and me. Someone called, so Dad went inside to answer
the phone. He was in there talking for about 10-15 minutes
and then he went outside again and I wasn’t there. Dad started to panic and tried to find me,
but I had vanished. He couldn’t understand how a 3-year-old
could disappear like that. He asked our neighbors if they had seen me
and they said something about a car coming up to our house, but they didn’t see anything
except the car. Dad immediately called the police and they
started to search for me. At this point in the story Dad could barely
hold back his tears, it was so difficult for him to talk about it. They were searching for me for half an hour,
but he said it felt like an eternity. After a while, the policemen found me on a
playground a few blocks away from the house. I was crying and holding a blue horse toy
in my hands. They then took the toy away for examination. Dad decided not to tell any of this to my
Mother because she was such a nervous person it would’ve ruined her emotionally for months. Dad, without my Mom’s knowledge, took me
to a doctor and they didn’t find any injuries or anything like that. He also tried therapists and psychiatrists
to help me remember anything, and of course the policemen were asking me questions, but
I was just a 3-year-old and I couldn’t remember. In the end, the therapists said that it would
be better to not remind me about this incident from that point on. How he did it without my Mom finding out – I
have no idea. But after a while we moved to another city,
one reason was that Dad found a good job there, but the real reason was to get away from the
place where all of this happened. It was… hard to believe any of it. I’m not a person who cries a lot, but at
this moment I burst into tears. This… this was real! I didn’t imagine any of it. The car, the horse, the two mysterious men
– all of it was totally real. Dad just didn’t know HOW he could tell Mom
about this incident because it was so crazy, and also Dad’s fault, because he left me
alone, even if it was only for 10 or 15 minutes. I told Dad that he should tell Mom about it,
because now she was worrying about it anyway. Besides, he shouldn’t keep secrets like
that. Dad didn’t want to, but there was no way
around it anymore. When Mom came home and he told her the whole
story, she was shaking and her reaction was even stronger than mine! For the next few days, my parents were arguing
all the time. Mom was calling Dad a liar and she suspected
that he knew who those men were and he was somehow a part of it. Dad couldn’t take it, because he already
felt incredibly guilty and all he could do was shout “No, no, no, I wasn’t!” I was so tired of this because it was ME who
had to deal with the memory and with the dream. I was still having it almost every night. I’d go outside to get a breath of fresh air. I couldn’t even remember our old house or
this playground and I was scared, and all my parents did was argue with each other. I went inside and told all of this to my parents. They stopped fighting and decided that we
needed to go through it as family. Dad promised that he would never keep secrets
from Mom and Mom promised she would work on her nervousness. After a month, we decided to go to my hometown
for a weekend. We got there and Dad showed me our old house,
and in the end… we went to the playground. When we got there, I got dizzy and could barely
stand up. I burst out crying again and my parents were
hugging me the whole time. I didn’t remember anything else other than
me being at this playground, so the stuff that happened in between was still a mystery. Maybe you can help me to figure it out? What happened? I keep going to therapy, and it honestly helps. I still have this dream, but like once every
few months. I also still hope that I will remember what
really happened, but mostly I try to move on and just live my life. And my parents’ relationship is still weird,
but they’re working on it. I don’t know what will happen in the future,
but I wanted to share this story because maybe someone else experienced something similar…
what do you think happened? Please leave your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. He doesn’t know what will happen in the future, but he wanted to share this story because maybe someone else experienced something similar… what do you think happened? Please leave your thoughts in the comments!

  2. I think a intelligent thing to do is to look if there where any cameras to detect the mens(sorry for the bad english) 😐

  3. It probably was this : you were at the playground and those two bad mans wanted to kidnapped you for some reason but maybe they fought they cud have trouble if you missed so they put you in the place they find you

  4. Go and try to maybe find the blue horse or something that looks like the one in your dreams cuz that might trigger a memory and you might remember

  5. Honestly. I think the two men kidnap you and some how you escape and it was just a bad experican so you just block it.

  6. Well I can help you if you need and are reading this. The thing is, is I have had something so alike it is scary! I was taken from my original parents after my father left me in a playground for 10 minutes unsupervised. I was found 30 km away from the playground with a leash to a dog with a puppy on the other end of the leash attached to my arm. I had dreams about these strangers that took me and attached the dog to my arm and that was all I was able to remember.
    2 years later after therapy and all I finally was able to find out because of this mechanism that a therapist came up with.
    If you read this and would like some help just send me a friend request on discord or a follow request on Instagram.
    Discord: googie #7121
    Instagram: DailyQuoteDose (this is a public one actually so you don’t need to sent me a request)

  7. You were taken to area 51 and probed by aliens. Or you were taken to become a nuclear weapon that will explode when said a special code.

  8. Mistaken identity, maybe. Perhaps the kidnappers were setting out to abduct a different boy and took him by mistake. Predators like paedophiles rarely hunt in packs, nor do they usually let their prey go so quickly.

  9. Hey Oliver, here's my theory.

    Those two men were kidnappers and they lured you with the toy, like another kidnapper would to young children. Then he grabbed you and put you in the car. They were probably about to leave the city which would explain the desert, but saw the policemen and dropped you in the playground. Sorry about the mental stress its causing you, hope you find a solution soon!

  10. I have an idea about what happened, it has to do with abuse, your mind blocked it out because it was too traumatic for you, but if you really want to know, you could try to see a hypnotherapist, but I warn you, people who do this, and then remember what happened, have a hard time dealing with it afterwards, so maybe it is better that you go on with your life without knowing, but this is up to you, and I am so sorry that this happened to you, I could be wrong about what happened to you, but I am not sure, I had a friend, who was in a similar situation, and she decided to do hypnosis, and she didn't take what happened to her well, but later with more therapy, she was able to go on, but that isn't always the case with everyone, I hope this helps, and I wish you all the best.

  11. Maybe people decided to keep not people then they got too scared and left you a couple blocks up the road but I'm not so sure on the desert bit

  12. About blue Horse to give they probably give it to him so he cam come down and not Square to put any suspicion away from kidnapping

  13. This is so scary you should have been so scared as a 3 years old and I didn't think want to know what owould have happens


    My family was eating on a restaurant and i was the only one in the car i didnt have anything but my phone then two skinny peaple drived the car and i burst into tears in the dream then i woke up. Be end

  15. I'm guessing that the strange men lurred you with a toy, captured you and intended to do or did something to you in the time your mind forgot. When were supper scared, our mind can try to block that memory out. Know that you can heal that past trauma without remembering what actually happened to you. Acknowledge the part of yourself thats traumatized and continue going to therapy; that should help.

  16. If you do remember and are comfortable speaking about what happened you should share it here.
    Did they ever catch or have a lead to who took you?

  17. Theory: Mistaken kidnapping.
    Whoever these people were, I find it unlikely that the call your dad answered was a coincidence: they probably got someone to call the house phone so the two men could grab you and be long gone. The horse toy was probably something they got to calm you down so you wouldn't make any trouble. Then they dumped you at the playground when they realized they got the wrong kid.

    Suggestion: Inquire to the police of any child kidnappings at the time describing two men and a car and possibly the parents distracted by an outside source.

  18. Sounds like he got sexually abused in a way that wouldn't be obvious and given that toy by kidnappers his memory was too horrible to come back plus he was 3

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