hey folks today we're going to be talking about some of the extracurricular activities I did in high school for those of you who are just joining the channel my name is Nathan I am an incoming freshman at Washington University in st. Louis and I was also accepted at Northwestern University and a few other schools so these are the 10 activities that I reported on my common application you can report up to 10 and I used all 10 slots that's not necessary you shouldn't fabricate activities or fluff things up to fill all 10 slots colleges would honestly rather see you do two or three things or do them very well then do 10 things at a Biggio core level so the first activity on my list is quiz book so quiz bowl with a four year activity from affected at all four years of high school my freshman year I answered two questions and the end of my senior year my team placed 12th in the nation of the small school national championship and I was individually ranked number 32 in the nation on a 533 players at the national championship tournament so some drastic improvement there next on my list is Model United Nations aka Model UN I also did this all four years I attended nine conferences total in my high school career Model UN of those conferences I walked away with seven awards five of which were highest honors next thing is student council I only did student council two years junior and senior year junior year I was elected class treasurer and senior year I was elected student body treasurer so that was pretty fun I'm glad I got involved with it when I did I wish I'd done it earlier honestly although I'm not sure I could have won an election before that but something colleges really like to see is that amongst your peers you are held in high regard and so being elected to a student office is a really great way to demonstrate that next activity on my list is banned I was in high school banned all four years I've actually been playing the trumpet since the fourth grade so I just wrapped up my ninth year on that instrument and the last two years in marching band I serve as the drum major next thing and this is probably one of my more unique extracurriculars I started an online resale business in the middle of my sophomore year and I have maintained that up until now has been my primary and pretty much my only source of income a few odd jobs with Stan and it's been pretty cool I learned a lot about business about entrepreneurship customer service that sort of thing next thing on my list is political involvement which is woefully low on this list because at the point that I was applying to colleges I had been sadly uninvolved with a whole lot of political stuff at that point in time I'd worked for two presidential campaigns between the two campaigns I made several hundred phone calls and probably knock down several hundred doors I'm intending to study political science at Wash U so I intend to get involved with that a whole lot more down the road so that was just sort of the launching point I do wish I had more political involvement prior to applying especially as a political science major it probably would have made more sense to put a lot of my time into that sort of I attended the Boise State program in my state I think all 50 states have Boise State and co-state programs now if not most – for those unfamiliar it's a program run by the American Legion that's basically a week-long simulation of state county and city government I ran for Senate and I lost by four votes so I went to work as a clerk in the House of Representatives next thing is something I would only gotten into a little bit when I was applying to school so I don't think I've had much any effect on my application but I serve as the treasurer of my City Youth Commission our job is basically to represent the youth voice in city government I actually got the chance to go on local TV and on a radio station which was super cool and talk about a job fair we held so that sort of thing if there are opportunities like that available in your city I would HIGHLY encourage you to pursue them the largest volunteering commitment I had outside of the things I've already listed was working for a refugee resettlement organization here in my city and that was just over the last summer and I was teaching English to some of the younger kids the last significant thing I listed on my application was that I filmed girls basketball games at my school for six years there's a section on the common app at the very end where you can list anything that you weren't able to mention anywhere in the common app I took full advantage of this and I would send a couple of very minor things the most notable of those is that my school every two years does the thing where we don't have classes for a week and kids go out and do activities in the school or in the community that aren't like traditional learning experiences so most of the juniors and seniors opt to go abroad of going abroad for one week is very expensive and I had a lot of interest in running group here for some of the underclassmen and so that's exactly what I did I had a group and we basically went around the city trying to my goal was to like burst of the bubble that exists in my community between my community and the rest of the city so that's it for extracurriculars if you have any questions feel free to ask down in the comments below thanks so much for watching guys I really appreciate it if you liked this video I'd really appreciate you leaving a like down below and that's what I got thanks

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  1. What did you list as the "Activity type" and "Position/Leadership description" for your business on the common app?

  2. The sophomore year just ended now. The only two extracurricular activities that I did so far during both my freshman year and sophomore year is pretty much dog training and reading books to self-improve. Am I screwed for not doing more extracurricular activities for three or four years? Will college admissions officers hate the fact that I didn't do any school-affiliated extracurricular activities until my junior year?

  3. Hey Nathan, I’m about to be a senior and need to fill out the common app. I am in artistically talented, nhs, a gaming club, Chinese nhs. Compared to your list, this isn’t very good. Is there anything I can do to have more competitive extra curriculars?

  4. I know this is from a long time ago, but I have not really gotten involved in any clubs or extracurriculars except if you count being a counselor for 2 years at my school summer camp, but is it too late to join clubs. Like I want to go to college but I don’t know any clubs that would interest me?

  5. Hey, Nathan:

    This is a long comment, but if you could please read it, I would really appreciate it. My stress levels are off the charts 😂😂.

    Currently, I'm in 8th grade and I play in orchestra; however, it's gotten boring and I don't feel like playing it anymore so I'm dropping it in high school. Do you think this was a good decision?

    This is the part that's really stressing me out. I don't really do anything outside of school. I feel like I'm behind everybody as they're either taking music or sports throughout high school. I'm not very aware of my interests; however, I am interested in photography so I might start a photography club in my freshman year.

    Basically, I need you to answer me this: Did I make the right decision with orchestra? Am I behind on extracurriculars? Will I be at a disadvantage if I don't take orchestra or sports? (P.S. I'm not planning on getting into Ivy League, but I still would like to get into a good college.)

  6. hey! I was a lead Guitarist during my senior year but I don't have a written proof. So, can I put this on my activities list.

  7. As an international applicant, I must say there is not much opportunity likes that in most other countries. So definitely this activity section would be very weak for me personally. But since admission is a holistic process, with what you think I can compensate the lacking of ECAs? FYI, i'm in 11th year of my high school.

  8. I learned a programming language in my last two of american high school. I'm an international applicant. How do I express that?

  9. Hi, I am currently a high school basketball manager for my team. I am rising towards head varsity, and the time commitment during the season is huge. I love playing basketball and helping out, so i kept doing it. In your opinion, do you think it is an impressive extracurricular and why? Also, how can I expand on this?

  10. Can u make an in depth video about the resale business discussing how u started it and how u run it? I was thinking about doing something similar and I would like to listen to you talk about it.

  11. It was really interesting to hear about the extracurricular activities that you did in high school. I'm glad that someone else took advantage of the additional information section of the common app. I didn't hear about anyone else doing this. I used the section to talk about an article written about me in the local paper and I explained how the honors science classes at my school complete year long independent research projects, present them and write 20-25 page papers on them.

  12. Hey Nathan! I was just wondering what your 1400 psat score would convert to roughly in the actual 1600 SAT. The psat scale is a bit odd and Im just looking for reference. Thanks!

  13. Hey Nathan, do you think you could do a video on how to do well on the ACT? It would really be helpful because you scored really high and the last couple of opportunities for kids to standardized test are coming up.

  14. Holy … Makes me a little nervous for college competing against kids like you 😅. My lame butt only has 4 years of two varsity sports and a small bit of volunteering. Too many video games I guess. Hopefully I can crank out some solid essays 😁

  15. What's Up Nathan! I definitely have enjoyed your videos! I am currently going to be a sophomore at Wash U so maybe I'll meet you this upcoming year. Anyways, just wanted to say welcome to Wash U and that I hope you are excited. Wash U is an amazing place and I couldn't have imagined having a better first year. Best of luck and congratulations for all your accomplishments! Go Bears!

  16. Nathan, I will be applying ED to WashU in the following months and your videos have helped me out in making this decision. Hope to see some more WasU specific videos!

  17. Hi Nathan! Im a senior this year, and I am wondering whether you took the SAT. If not, do you know anyone? Im basically wondering whether the college board tests are easier or up to par with the actual exam.
    even regarding act, what did you think about the practice tests compared to the real thing?

    thanks and enjoy college 🙂

  18. Hey Nathan, I'm a fellow recent high school graduate who's now off to college (Chapman University in Orange, CA) and I've been following your channel throughout my senior year. It's been super nice seeing someone else on the same boat as me with all the craziness that comes with applying to college. It felt like I had a motivator by my side even though we've never met! Just want to thank you for these videos, a lot of great in-sight/advice! Excited to see more videos, good luck at WashU!

  19. Nathan i love your videos and i am planning on majoring in political science and public policy next year can you make a video about your aspiration to become a senator,love for politics and how you included it in your essays.

  20. Hey Nathan. I appreciate the video and I have a quick question or two. For some background; I'm a high school freshman, rising sophomore, and my grades are pretty good. I took all honors and 1 AP and did not receive a B all year and got a 5 on the AP test, but my extra curricular activities are not fantastic (aside from one or two) I'm play for my schools golf team which I am EXTREMELY passionate about and on the verge of all state which is kind of a big deal. Because I desperately want to fulfill all state I spent all spring summer and fall pursuing golf and playing and practicing daily. I also play piano and have a leadership position in student council but extra clubs that I have heavy interest in joining such as debate, mock trial, quiz bowl, and launch club are not in my school and I am interesting in starting them. Are you at all knowledgeable on how to start programs and if so could you give me advice?

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