Hello everyone! I’m Ashley. And this is the creepiest romantic story that
ever happened to me. I learned a lesson for the rest of my life
about how harmful prejudice can be… So my story began when I decided to earn some
money. My family wasn’t prosperous at all. My father was unemployed most of the time
and just sat around watching TV, while my Mom worked hard at a factory. They never really cared about me or my future. I put all my effort into sports and after
graduating from school was lucky enough to receive a full athletic scholarship. Despite my father’s painful jokes and comments,
I took the chance and moved to another state to continue my studies. During my first year of college when I just
moved from my parents I needed some source of money to make a living. So I downloaded one of those creepy apps where
you can select various job tasks from people in your area and do them for money. In most cases I took dogs for a walk, or helped
people organize the mess in their closets… But sometimes I delivered urgent packages. And nothing supernatural happened. Before that case… That day I got this pretty innocent task,
which included going to suburban area to pick up an order from a private doll collector,
then going to a flower shop to pack the doll in a beautiful box and get flowers. And finally delivering this stuff to a fancy
condo in the center of the city. I felt a little creeped out when I arrived
at the first destination. The seller was an elegant lady in her 50s. The old-fashioned house was full of antique
dolls. And the dolls were staring at me from every
corner… Yikes!! She gave me the doll — it looked creepy,
but nice with its long blonde hair, sad blue eyes, and plaid dress. The lady said the doll was priceless, but
she needed money and had agreed to sell it for $5000. A huge sum for an old doll, by my standards! But anyway I was not an expert in this field. On my way to the flower shop I was SO afraid
to drop her accidentally! My arms and knees were shaking! But I succeeded at delivering it safely. At the flower shop gave me a beautiful bouquet
of lilac lilies. When I arrived to the final destination and
rang the bell I did not expect to see a handsome young guy behind the door, at all. But there he was! Mark. In all his glory! My love at first sight… When I saw him, my world turned upside down. He was around 25 and looked like a big shiny
prize. And it seemed like he was surprised too. Mark invited me inside and apologized for
forcing me to carry all this heavy stuff all over the city. He was very busy that day and had no time
to pick the order by himself. I was very curious about why he purchased
this doll. But didn’t want to be rude. So I just left the package and said that I
had to go. He offered me a cup of tea or coffee, but
unfortunately I really did have to run. After a couple of days, I received a message
from Mark. He asked me out in a very polite, old-fashioned
manner. All that time I secretly prayed the Universe
would make him text me paid off! Don’t get me wrong… I mean… guys find me very attractive and
I don’t suffer from a lack of attention… but this man was something special! So we went on several dates. Very romantic! And then he asked me to be his girlfriend. I was in seventh heaven! We got along so well! And he would always protect me and take care
of all my needs… It was something new for me, because I had
never received attention like this in my childhood or from other boys at college. Mark was an aristocrat. In a good way! All my girlfriends were jealous because we
looked like the perfect match and we really were. Too good to be true? Yep! That’s what I thought too. And that creepy doll never left my head. Maybe he had a child? Or maybe wife and family in another state? Was he a serial killer from a horror movie? Or maybe it was just a harmless gift to some
friend? But why would he spend so much money on a
doll? I asked Mark some of these questions, but
he avoided answering me directly, saying that it didn’t matter. He was obviously hiding something from me!! I was very curious. I just had to unravel his riddle! One day, when I was visiting Mark. I decided to look around his apartment while
he was taking a shower. I would describe the style of his apartment
as pure, bold, high-tech — there were not many corners to hide something in. But one section in his closet was always locked. I saw one mysterious little key on his keychain. Surprisingly the key worked and I managed
to open it up pretty quickly. What I saw inside just shocked me! Twelve beautiful boxes with dolls. Including the one doll I brought! And 12 dried bouquets. Some of the flowers were very old… Each doll was blonde with sad blue eyes and
plaid dress. They were tied up with a ribbon with embroidered
female name — Jessica. Each doll was holding a small envelope. I took out one note and it said: “”Rest in
peace. I love you. Mark””. The note had more text on the other side but
I suddenly heard sounds from the bathroom. Mark turned off the water. I got chills and swept away all the traces
of my search as fast as I could. I didn’t wanna wait until he came out from
the shower. I left him a message, that I had suddenly
felt sick and ran away. Shortly afterward he texted me, asking whether
I needed any help. But I just ignored him. I had no idea what to say… All my romantic illusions were ruined! Over the next couple of days I didn’t answer
his messages or calls. I was very scared and shared this crazy story
with my girlfriends. They all agreed that he was insane, and that
I should dump him and watch my back. That’s what I thought too. It was no wonder that he was insistently calling
and texting me… I ignored him because I was too scared and
blocked him on social media. I felt so stupid to trust him at first!… And then I had two weeks of literal hell! It was like I gotten into some cheap thriller
movie. He was chasing me everywhere and calling my
friends! Although I never gave him their numbers! One day, I was sitting in a cafe with my friend
Jenny. He called her and asked about me. She lied to him, and said that she didn’t
know where I was, and hung up. After 30 seconds, he sent her a picture of
she and I sitting in the cafe. Apparently, he took the picture from the other
side of the street. We were sitting by a window. But when I went outside to find him and yell
at him, I didn’t see anyone. He just disappeared. I received so many calls from undefined numbers. And I refused to pick up the phone, because
I thought it was Mark. Another time, I was walking back from a bar. My friends had left the bar to go to a party,
and I was tired and wanted to go home to go to sleep, so I had to walk home alone. I heard some strange noises from a bush I
passed. When I turned my head, I swear I saw someone
jump out from the bushes!… I panicked and ran away. Later that evening I decided that I had had
enough. I told my story to the campus security guards. And they told me I had to chill. I had no solid reason or evidence to go to
the police with. But they agreed to go check the bush. And, of course, found nothing… Then the next day, I was leaving my university
campus and there he was! Mark was waiting for me with flowers and two
cups of coffee. He looked very confused and harmless… I remembered how good we were together and
I realized that I missed him very much and agreed to talk. He asked about the reason for my escape and
I told him the truth. I expected anything, but not his reaction… He started crying and then hugged me and said,
that I was gonna become the first person to learn the truth about him. I got really scared, but he asked me to give
him a chance to explain himself. I agreed and he began his story. It turned out that 12 years ago, when Mark
was 13 years old, his little sister Jessica died in a tragic accident – she drowned in
the ocean. She had blonde hair and blue eyes. Mark felt very guilty, because he couldn’t
be there for her. He became detached and stopped communicating
with the outside world. His parents were very concerned with his grief
and hired a psychologist to help him cope with his issues. The psychologist advised Mark to make up some
kind of farewell gesture to express his unspoken emotions. Mark decided to choose a doll as a present
to sort of celebrate the birthday of his late sister and to say goodbye in a note. He was supposed to leave the dolls by her
grave, but for some reason he decided to keep them. And the next year he bought another doll. And he repeated it every year… From year to year the dolls became more and
more rare and expensive. Mark got to the point where he was longing
to repeat that ritual. Of course he never told anybody about it. Because he realized that it might seem weird,
but he couldn’t help himself. Every year he would set a table and celebrate
his sister’s birthday together with all those dolls. So now Mark is 25 and nobody knows that this
handsome man still plays with dolls…. Well, now I know. Mark felt a huge relief when he told me his
story. And he promised that he had nothing to do
with my strange phone calls or mysterious bushes. He only took a picture of me and Jenny because
he was trying to let us know that he knew we were lying… I was very touched by his story. I realized that I still loved him no matter
what and apologized for my selfish behavior… Then he took me to his place. He showed me his hiding-spot and all the dolls. Only this time I wasn’t scared, I was sad
and touched… I always felt this caring, sensitive part
in Mark and now I know its origin… I told him I would accept him just the way
he was and we hugged. And then he told me about each doll — every
doll had her unique story and origin. And I really enjoyed his stories. This hobby didn’t seem strange or creepy to
me anymore. Mark was very glad to have me back to in his
life. I don’t care what anybody thinks because I
love him! Now Mark is visiting a therapist and trying
to deal with his issues from the past. And I began spending my spare time at antique
doll auctions. A few weeks after this we moved together. So… guys… this is it! Sometimes you just need to trust your heart
a little more and see what happens. If you enjoyed this video, give it thumbs
up and subscribe. I’m looking forward to reading your comments…

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  1. Just because he has dolls doesn't mean he was a creep!!!!! Some people like antiques!! Dolls, paintings, etc.!! So thats why there's a saying "don't judge a book by its cover".

  2. His little sister is in heaven looking down and seeing a girl look at her dolls thinking he played with his little sister saying
    "Your lucky the finger of God has not struck you yet"

  3. Ok let’s play imagination. So if she was 18 and he was 25, that means that he was in 2nd grade playing while she was a new born baby at the hospital.😮😮

    Your welcome. Have a nice day😁😁😁

  4. I don’t judge my brother would play with littlest pet shop and Barbie dolls and he’s not gay he just loves playing with them I don’t judge

  5. Well I actually thought those dolls are his ex girlfriends whom he 🔪🔪🔪killed but I was worng❌❌

    I need to stop watching crime related movies😳😳😌

  6. You I don't get this videos they always like someone and the person they like liked them back but for me nope nope nope no on likes me D:

  7. Um he didn’t play with the dolls he just collects them for his sister and who said they were Barbie

  8. Who would break up with a handsome emotionally capable because he plays with dolls? Do you know how expensive Barbie Dolls are!?! Also, I'm glad this man isn't a stalker. I was click-baited! Also, I'm pretty sure this young woman is being stalked… So you know… That campus security person should probably be fired…

  9. You’re acting like he did a creepy thing. He just collected dolls to remember his sister. Everyone deals with grief differently

  10. “Finally, delivering the stuff to a fancy condo in the center of the city”

    Scene cuts to the bus dropping her off in the middle of nowhere

  11. wow wow WOW! you go to his house,give him his things and the next day he askes you to be his gf?
    how did he even get your number?

  12. No way by Kelsey

  13. I hate peoples who act like this girl. They overreact. It was just dolls not like he was some killer that you would be scared of and would block him everywhere. Everyone has some weird hobby or something like that. This girl probably has some weird about her but she is making herself look normal. I mean this story might be made up but some people are just to dramatic. My mom died and it’s hard to accept that fact so it’s normal since everyone grieves in their own way. Plus it isn’t right to look around someone’s apartment is their are your significant other. Also being weird is normal and being normal is weird. No one is perfect.

  14. I admit it…what eh did for his sister was so sweet and it's sad that she passed. Many people deal with grief in different ways and Mark's was collecting dolls that resembled his sister. Its not weird or creepy just very very sweet.

  15. sooooo your scared of barbies 0_0 DONT COME TO MY HOUSE i have a whole chest of barbie dolls YOU SHULD SEE PORCALINE DOLLS AND RAGEDY ANN DOLLS
    :Shudders: barbies tho there not so bad

  16. there's nothing wrong with boys laying with dolls, and he isn't being creepy. it's a coping mechanism. maybe don't jump to conclusions, or just mind your own business. i also think it's wrong of you to expose his secret to the whole entire world.

  17. You wanna know what Actually Happened? I wasn't listening to the story and was scrolling through the comments just ignoring the video. OMG!

  18. I know he explained everything with the dolls but your telling me she’s not gonna take into consideration how he legit stalked her and her friends

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