all right thank you for the good lucks thank you the good vibes and let's get to some somebody boys and girls let me get some thumbs in line he's in chat let's set it up 300 something summons let's see what we can get for you man Zhang Fei Darien back line gel in hua Lisa Kelly or bostedt Darien yeah front line I like Zhang Fei and Darien front line yeah I think that's pretty solid yak to be mind that you are you're running it doesn't seem like you're running double damage yellow but you're not bringing I've got my shield okay we catch simple as that congratulations my friend freakin low yeah retouch it is in you oh it's a come this is a very much much new workout oh it is new congratulations on a retest what did we get for you last time you want to zero wait oh yeah I remember we did your summon session you didn't have enough mana so we did a budget summit session we saw in some of your Scrolls and then we did the L DS into a zero – I remember now this was just a pretty recent all right congratulations yeah brand new reach ash including one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen Twenty twenty one twenty one Lighting's 21 that means our that's about right maybe maybe I'd like to see maybe one more lightning or soap yeah but congratulations on the retouch dare I say LD summons I already got this manis era – about a week ago are we gonna even see a spark are we gonna see any sparks here it's up ssin how you doing what's up I sell mmm let's go dude what's up RZ what's up mister LG good to see there Oh Sean are you gonna join us for podcast tomorrow are you gonna did you want to wake up and join us for podcast tomorrow or what how do you sweetish in 2019 it's a new workout they're gonna use it in Guild Wars what are we set yeah just cuz Guardian level players don't use retouch doesn't mean other players don't use retouch yeah still very solid yeah it Fritz will be last correct good breath you don't have to Matt don't you don't have to right if you're not available that's what right mm-hmm can we get a second at 5:00 no that's a question how you submit summons I miss this is all information you'll need here Oh three more legendary oh I'm thought we only got three we have four total Tanya okay very nice two left come on akela yeah we just give them away this morning stream to nice key Congrats on getting one man and ask ogle all right all right don't worry shot yeah next time man next time no worries all right on to the unknown scroll [Applause] Paul Sandman all right really though yeah it for time good luck for you guys I've been in the contest this is his first to ever inference summons I don't know why you waited you should have just somebody right away to get a different good luck we want a tests Orion and we want a Theo Mars good luck forget lo all right congratulations on a comma mirror if you need that AoE cleave unit arena GB 10 and Guild Wars Congrats on this now question is can we get one of the other two second different I will take either of the other two congratulations at the awards okay we'll take it missing to Soaring though in my opinion to starring is the best that's my personal opinion cuz he worked so long yours right well we take a deal congratulations man yeah on the field and the economy r yeah and with these units right here already I think you're quite busy you're quite busy building up units man you got a lot of work ahead of you sir frickin low thank you for letting us do your summons yeah I look forward to you saving some more but I did not forget to do your packs yeah time to do the rune and gemstone grindstone packs okay quick damage purple box into legendary ruins yeah okay I think I have to go sweet slot two even though it's innate attack percent it has crit rate and HP on it which is already super nice you hope it hits all crit rate by the way but how do you not take a slot six oh this is hard man no this is a hard one this is a hard one I would do speed saw to I think it's more usable slot six is more rare than slot one you mean slot – uh yeah slot 6 can be more rare to get but this slot two is very nice and it's gonna be more useful and more versatile you would take slots it really you guys would take slot six really how do you guys net takes – actually that's not six stats are pretty good as well because you have to keep in mind this is an earlier account it's not gonna have rehab side use right away yeah but it actually can power up to a good bruiser route all right I'll let you choose for him though I'm early cuz I don't know how to route okay just take the slot six that okay cuz you'll probably use it on your bare mole so your Bela whatever using my congratulations oh man dropping ass beep – I guess you wouldn't you wouldn't ever react the one on that's the onslaught to anyways either right so yeah this is like the slop sticks is very solid that's good stats on it as well hopefully bit naive it really nicely yeah hoping it you hit it really nicely could be a very good retest rate as well nice that was a legend room for the purple plus look [Applause] you purple plus bucks and you don't just get a legendary you get a insane legendary baby damn okay another purple plus No Oh defects percent would speed hell yeah that's what I like to see baby alright purple plus grinds and gems gratulations speed grind purple plus box baby okay hey yeah I think that any day Oh tell me why I buy that pack but I would buy that okay it's a legendary pack can buy anymore I'll buy that pack all day baby I think you already opened up the legendary grind and gem one right cuz it's not here so we're gonna get the rune ones good luck oh oh this is it this is like almost perfect slot 3 literally almost perfect Wow okay okay okay okay you know this is actually not a bad defense percent this is actually not a bad defense percent if you were gonna ruin a unit on defense percent slot – these are kind of the stats you would look for not too bad not too bad even you're not too bad is actually not too bad goddamn all right Karev's what else oh my god dude what do you mean this is ridiculous man Oh what God yo yeah finally something man finally something man man Wow bro that is so nice hey we go we go we go hey hey can I read you what is it with the mother ding-dong is this sad thing is I don't know how to use hey let me do ya let me do a powerup right now HM can we can we can be real can we real I mean this other ones are more important than this one but I do this one first right and then we talked to a couple we go here and there all right let's roll baby we need a Sierra boy look at that that's pretty damn good baby yeah you gonna need an accuracy for Sierra you get it yeah and you got to get accuracy this is what I'm gonna kind of accuracy you want Jesus yeah six five speed with eight eight eight accuracy god damn that is that's pretty damn sexy rope yeah the hell is okay max rude oh you only have this HP reset okay let's hit this one and then we're gonna probably app a couple in tier retest right oh yeah you could probably use that for retest early on all right let me take a quick pic first okay oh my god we lost the roll good happy – guys I do good you guys you guys are too good yeah you guys you guys smell this crap from a mile away then we lost the role we lost the role but do I do I react this for him I think cuz he's a such early game and he's still using things in like in GB 10 DB 10 I don't think I react this right away this is not a hundred percent react it doesn't even have me mate as well like right now right he's not gonna be grinding it he's not gonna be anything else so he's not gonna rehab this right now at all yeah probably oh hell no my friend yeah you this early game you don't react that right away one and done okay okay okay five five one and done one and done one of them so we're gonna want and done this is not the room wait why would I not do this one though what is this I am not touching that I'm touching this one whoa what what what what yeah we're gonna want it done this one yeah I have definitely not touching the other one before I touch this one bed this one is a piece of this is a pile of doodoo right here all right one and done this is just like the other route dude these two routes are brothers they're brothers yeah brothers from another mother 10% quick rate 25 defense 26 big defense 9 good right you have brothers from another mother I'm gonna leave this on for now time to one and done baby yeah the oatmeal it looks the better it's gonna roll technically better actually technically not cuz those are terrible stats mmm alright we'll throw up to three more onto this room you heard me do it oh my lord oh my god I didn't think you can get any worse it did now she got worse all right this is the last one I'm throwing out here come to us oh okay misuk three percent attack I'm missing four percent defense but you know nonetheless I'm gonna take it we take these oh yeah okay okay it is it this is actually beyond the level of runes that you need for what you want to do on your account right now freaking low just saying yeah these are these are beyond what you need for your account by the way please Lord bless this room relieve it of its due tunis and make it great that was actually so close that was actually so close that was actually insanely close to begin like Opie if that was double Road speed or a double row HP on the last one oh my god man yeah okay we're gonna leave that one if that one is still poopoo but for your account this poopoo is it's actually still poopoo but I'm gonna leave it for now yeah yeah I need some help here yeah okay right nope yeah this is uh for an account that's doing G b10 and getting it to db10 do I react this right away I don't think so right cuz he's not gonna grind it and he will use it for barrel or Bella so I think he keeps it for now and he has to react this later we should really wait yeah don't you have to be very frugal with your rios forgiving let's just expect to buy 50 wraps a month that's a different story which i don't think you're doing right uh so yeah you should be very frugal with your rehabs and you should surprise surprise surprise surprise surprise surprise so do I take that I think I think that I think that right oh I try to get surprise but it became an equally as do rude uh I don't know if I take it right because early game you value the accuracy right so in early I think the accuracy is better for dungeons yeah we don't take these yeah we don't take these yeah alright let's see what this room came out to be well we need and you guys say you need accuracy for dungeons right okay well you need accuracy for Bellavia our barrel here you go yeah accuracy yeah but the thing is you don't react this right away I mean you don't react insist that we make either yeah all right let's do this one good all right let's know what are you up in here Jesus this is far from being good hey this is a good purple yeah I think I take that one and then you use it for now you have to keep rehabbing this more than moving forward but you can use it for now for your really really early game account I wouldn't touch any more right now yeah see the rest of your rehabs congratulations man again congratulations on your zero to last another week yeah congratulations on your crazy runes and packs and congrats on your brand-new retouch yeah good looking for anything's up man you know the first time I did this we got crap alright thumbs the Lighting's a chat that's dope 9 crit damage wow such good rude no I'm good damage wow I'm so excited oh 10 resistant subsets Wow looks like free mana to me yeah oh look at that 3:25 flat HP on a 5 star room by the way oh my god game-changing that you oh wait wait this is a good rude no this is a GU rude 7 max with semi-great with 10 HP yeah Oh worth yo what the mother thing no geez let's do some well to see some more let's see some more wait wait we did is there something good going on right now come on man what five star by the way what five star by the way five star by the way there's no way we're gonna get another capable room though there's no way maybe gonna use it probably not though I got three more crafts here too bad these are really weird sets but I take these right this is like a regular room though but if we take that 26 feet as the max for this room it's misleading isn't it yeah it's very misleading but I mean I'll still take a 26 feet Road I'll still take a hike retreat Creek damaged rude can I get like 11 speed I'll do bad usable get the one on somebody 11 speed 20 attack 19 quick ray 12 quick damage is okay damager is got the rolls there something not gonna be any disco before a fun unit right yeah it's just as an ancient rune so I keep it so it looks cool right yo how long are you gonna take the power this up yeah what the hell is this you let me speak leave weeks later Oh many months later this is it okay we're gonna sit and wait for this route okay so much data that the old narrator got tired of waiting and they had to hire a new one oh my gosh oh and actually went 20 attack that's max that's the max rule 7 yeah so it wrote 5 & 7 okay this is okay usable it's a really chunk useable room though but another less usable I have to get the grinds for throw so I can't use it and hide the screen I want to see the rolls oh I want to see the rolls on this one I actually want to watch this one because I want to see exactly how the rolls came out five speed okay that's a start that's a start so now it could be a thirty speed bird okay hold on yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo okay come on no ha ha the only one the only stat the only staff do not hit the only stat to not hit like yeah you can hit anything you can get crit rate for you can it HP 5 percent you can you stick I'm still gonna be very happy about a 24 speed route because it's 24 speed rune I can still get a grind force for from the from the dungeon if i farm it that can roll five to six speed legendary speed roll meaning that I can still make this a 30 speed route if it hits 24 speed here it's actually really good room it's just that it's an ancient room so you want it to be better but it's a really good room it's a really good room oh it's four to six oh I see I thought it was five to six also it's four to six um okay still very good just still very good this is my first ancient room right first ancient room my cool all right that was know some pretty interesting procession for myself

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  1. Slot 6 hp is more useful than slot 2 because first, slot 2 can be replaced with other main stat such as hp%, while slot 6 hp can be used for almost any supporter and bruiser with vio build

  2. I have been thinking about this for a while but why do all these beast monks have Indian names :3
    P.S I am indian

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