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  1. What trash. It blows my mind that this lady would have the audacity to come into my family’s home because we’re immigrants from Colombia. “In the name of patriotism.” Patriotism is coming here and being so thankful that my cousin and I both enlisted in the Marine Corps. This lady doesn’t even come close to being a patriot. She’s a fucking terrorists. Diversity makes us great. Semper Fi.

  2. Did we forget who the first Real immigrants were? The native people were striped of their land and everything else. J.s

  3. This chick is no way a minute man or a patriot or militiamen she is a psychopath as sociopath addicted to the Limelight nothing to do with patriotism

  4. Although it does seem pretty fishy how can they turn around and say that's certain things were said it could have been a drug deal gone bad in order to rob a drug dealer you need to know the inner and outer workings of them when they have stuff when they transfer money and all that especially if it's cartel they're not stupid and don't sit there and hold everything with them they have other houses that they do stuff out of there's a lot of hearsay in the beginning of this story saying when they came in the guy turns around and says wait a minute you ain't border patrol cuz he looks at their weapons how would they know anything about that unless they told him and I doubt they told him or the media or the courts that they just shot them just curb lunch cuz he found out they weren't border patrol I'm sure there was a lot of where's the drugs where's the money blah blah blah all this other stuff he probably talk some s*** about you don't know who you're f**** wet that blasted him

  5. They worried for another 9/11 and immigrants yet all the mass shootings in America r made from a white American … if we all would stop worrying about others and focus on raising our kids to love and pay attention to those depressed around us and make sure we help. This world would be a happier place to live in… these old racist in this video need to stop living in the past they grew up in and evolve as a human race like we all r trying to do…

  6. This piece did not one time go into y Miss Ford shot and killed them I mean you didn't even get any kind of information of what she said her defense was and what happened other than she didn't have nothing to do with it but something is not being told here still you can tell something's not told here something is being left out of this entire story

  7. I thought I was going to watch the story of a true American heroine. I just ended up watching the story of a delusional crazy American woman, a warrior wannabe craving for attention…smh.

  8. These weren't border patrol agents they weren't good Americans they were criminals get it right it just so happens their entire country is run buy evil evil people

  9. The only smart one in this whole entire thing is that Malissa, she ain't say'n jackshit about anybody nor anything.

  10. That family was legal too the couple of killers assumed the family was illegal simply bc they were of Mexican descent smh

  11. I would love to cut her head off nd play soccer with it with a few of my Mexican buddys since she hates them so much lol

  12. Story by Vice- "Murder at America's Border: The Story of an Anti-Immigration Vigilante"

    Never by Vice- "Murders inside America's Border-The Story of the Pro-Immigration Left"

  13. The biggest threat to National Security in most countries is mentally ill people not having access to treatment services. You have someone that seems like a clear narcissist and possibly a psychopath running around free range reeking havoc. Then you elect one. Now that is scary shit.

  14. It's sad that a few bad people make things so hard for an entire group of people, who just want a better life for them and their families. Most people from other countries just want to come to America for a better life and I respect them for that and want the same thing for them. Live and let live is my motto even before I seen this video. I get so tired of all this hateful thinking and behavior. Nothing is gonna change until we start loving one another and living in peace together. We are all individuals and different and the sooner we can understand that and tolerate each other's differences the better off life will be. Live in Peace people

  15. The land they are trying to “protect” used to be Mexican territory, the way I see it is just Mexicans resettling a land they once lived on.

  16. minute jackasses are looters w no honor, rejects from real life, if they understood history they would appreciate just how lucky they are to live in that great region. too bad shit birds are the biggest racist on this great state of Arizona. Cowards is all they are, cowards.

  17. Sad story got a lot of mixed feelings about these kind of situations. RIP to the Mexican family

    Besides that i still had a laugh at 35:36^^


  19. This pisses me off so much. I hate people like this…cowards who think they're tough and hide their sick actions and beliefs behind, "patriotism". It's deranged idiots like this that give Americans a bad name.

  20. Innocent .set up from word say go .if you want to go down .do anything that involves the cops or step on there toes more time gave to anyone who takes ; the law in there own hands .P T L .he will take care of buss

  21. That is my daughters name , only , spelled Siona A Gailec spelling , sounds odd hearing it mentioned so many
    times , as it is not a common name .

  22. The Last Frontier ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Stopping Eskimos from entering America ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Alaska Ain' no state

  23. I don't condone what those crazy people did, but what do you expect when the government does little to nothing for towns known to be havens or routes for cartels? Look around the world at the protest in Chile, Iran, Hong Kong, China, France, Spain… people are tired of governments not doing a fucking thing for them while collecting tax funded paychecks.

  24. (17.10) She talks about the patriotism shown In the film 'Braveheart'. Quite fitting really, considering that the film In question Is a load of pseudo-historical bullshit!

  25. #JESUS CHRIST IS THE ANSWER.. #REPENT, Now. Time is Very Short !!! #GOOGLE: The Sinners Prayer & Read it ❤ ❤ Outloud 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  26. I'm going to start off my post by saying that there is absolutely zero excuse for going into someone's home terrorizing them and then shooting them because of whatever the hell you believe in. There are better ways to solve problems among people and that is called conversation violence is the last resort it is the last thing that you should consider when you have exhausted every other possibility. And even if you do have to resort to violence you leave children out of it you do not kill children. You have to be a pretty disgusting person to consider harming a child in any way but killing a child you are the lowest life form in existence. In my next post I am going to bring up some really harsh facts that are going to hurt both sides of the equation in this but it's this conversation that we as people should have to solve problems among each other.

  27. The only real problem that I actually have with the concept of immigration as an immigrant to the United States myself is the fact that my parents and I came here with nothing my parents and I were very poor my parents could hardly speak any English and I had a small window to learn English which I did accomplish. My parents and myself were very scared to come here it was a whole new body of land a whole new culture a whole new society and a whole new way of life and making that transition was scary but my parents managed to accomplish that end today they are very thankful to the Americans that allowed them to come here they are very thankful that they can live here and grow and be part of society here they are proud Americans and they are US citizens and they just as much as myself are willing to defend the traditions and values of this nation. However we have people that come here to America from other countries and cannot seem to acquire the same mindset that my parents my parents came here and they work so hard for so little they respected every person that they came across that was American because they believe that maybe with respect they can make friends and acquaintances and maybe they can transition and be accepted and that is precisely what happened when my parents grew to understand the way of life here and they showed the people their neighbors and their friends and people in the society respect they got in return respect and acceptance but people from other countries come here they can't leave their country behind they cannot show this country of America any respect and then they believe that they are entitled to something and they are gravely mistaken they are not entitled to a damn thing and it's a privilege to come here and live here and until they realize that they should not come here. also why is it that it was so incredibly difficult and hard for my parents to come here there was so many things that you had to go through and do to be able to come here get your green card and ultimately become a citizen there are so much to it it was so incredibly grueling and difficult and then try maintaining a job learning the language learning how to read and write and everything else but in two days time we cater to the people that come here instead of making it more difficult for them to come here so they can earn the rights to be here people need to understand you need to earn your damn right to come here just like everybody that came from Europe well after the United States was established and the 50 states existed my parents came here in the early 90s. many people from Europe in the 60s 70s and 80s came here and they had a hard transition they were persecuted and they didn't have it easy when they first came here from anybody else that includes people that were already here that were Native Americans that were already here that we're Hispanic and black and white Etc it is just a thing that you have to understand you come here as a privileged you are not entitled to anything and you have to earn your right to be here and until the point that people from other countries understand that if I have to go through it you to have to go through that paints taking process to earn your respect.

  28. I once met a man that came to United States from Mexico and he was very grateful and very thankful for what he was able to obtain Wednesday in a short. Of time here but he learned exactly what I posted in my last post he knew that it was a privilege to come here she knew he had to earn his right to be here and he also made the very best out of everything and showed his respects to those around him when he came here and today he's a very respectable business owner and a proud American but I also met a Hispanic that came here with his parents and all I hear from his mouth cuz I went to school with him was him complaining about America and how it is bad and this and that and just constant complaining about every possibility of things that are bad about America and its history then my question is why did you come here if it's so bad go back if you do not like America and if it's so bad why did your parents and you come here to begin with.

  29. Also for anybody that reads all my comments and automatically assumes oh my god oh no he's must be some incredibly white racist guy know I'm actually mix so blow me

  30. When the Americas stop giving the cartels guns and when they stop buying the drugs that's when the cartels will stop their Vicious ways!

  31. Minute men is a cover up…they work with the me..out here in the mexico borther all the cartels knows this info..but they dont want noone to know.

  32. I hope if that woman ever had the misfortune of staring down the barrel of a gun, she's shown as much mercy as she gave that little child she slaughtered. I'm not religious, but its hard not to look at her and think that satan walks among us. Can't even finish watching this. I'm disgusted and a beast like that doesn't deserve to be listened to.

  33. Patriot??? More like a terrorist… she and her wanna be’s are no more better then the cartel. Makes me sad and embarrassed that my 16 years in the US military deploying to the Middle East was spent fighting for people like this……….

  34. I hope that this woman and her cohorts remain in prison.

    I, also, hope that the people who watch this video, don’t assume that all the people who are against ILLEGAL immigration are xenophobic murderers.

  35. So this lady is trying to "secure" the border from drug smugglers and dealers and murderers by using ALL of these acts to do so? Wtf.

  36. 38:10 – and here we have yet another TREASONOUS wretch of a man. #FuFuPatriots
    'Ya'll gon stop makin yur own lawz now, dagummit.'

  37. Minutemen should’ve been marching on Capitol Hill demanding that congressional leaders ENFORCE e-verify!!!! That simple, the laws are there, our politicians aren’t!

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