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  1. General consensus asserts that there is no reliable data that the information contained in this video is correct.

  2. I've never thought I would hear such a misleading full of BS thing. civilization a thousand years? There is 6 billion people in the world it would take more than 1000 yrs to reach a population of a million. How is it that we accomplished it in a thousand years? Anybody believing this bull shit needs help, and this people are literally trying to make money of dumb heads by selling their book which has no evidence other than someone saying history is a lie.

  3. What a bunch of crap. Writings on leather sheets can, and have been dated, thousands of years of history. I can't believe I watched the whole video.

  4. this is why the history channel has so many misleading shows ( are aliens history?) history is what ever the most people believe. F#@k history. Its all about the future. hol-la!!

  5. @ Bluesjamingman

    How ignorant are you, did I ever said the history books are right but I know this video is certainly not right. You said it there's 6+ billion people, I'm sure they didn't originate within 500, did they?

  6. religon backed people to learn and think, untill they started to prove them wrong, funny that.
    you have no proof of these statements, where are the checks that a scientest MUST follow???? nice try of brain washing, but we are human, and free thinking, not sheep. Your 100 years too late…..

  7. I find most of this hard to believe. I think someone would have caught on long before now and been able to make it academically acceptable instead of resorting to posting an 8 min video on youtube.

  8. Everything you know about history is because someone else says it (taught). And unless you're a scientist, everything you know about scientific tests is from someone else that told you.
    So…. to answer your question… yes. Except that my sources a reputable 😉 and most supported by evidence.
    This doesn't mean that my beliefs are 100% sure, however the probabilities are very high.

  9. Lets all go to amazon and buy a book written by a guy who couldn't be bothered to plug a mic into his computer when making a video about his book that tells us how his groundbreaking research has turned everything we know about history upside down.

    I want whatever this guys smoking!

  10. Most people have no imagination or lack the ability to think. Look at how much junk on the internet gets repeated as fact. But ancient history written when most people lived on the land and could not afford to read (even if they could find books, no printing press!) is all correct.

    No continuous government, record keeping or artefacts. Oh no, but people would not pass on information they had not checked for themselves. Really? take a look around today?
    This guy could be on to something.

  11. History: Made Every Day.
    History: Remade Every Other Day.

    The point being, history does NOT need to be 'made'.
    History speaks for itself.

    The entire reason history is the spaghetti bowl of misinformation and misinterpretation is directly attributable to jokers just like this one. The writer, much like ALL writers, put their own personal interpretation, read spin, on the facts. History doesn't know anything. Then comes the assumption:
    Let ME tell you the meaning of all this….

    Now you know.

  12. i really love how bad your grammar and punctuation is as you masquerade as a intelligent person. You would do well to find proof and write it in a book, you would then be actually believable.

  13. the mapping thing is a lie. There is a 600 page long book that completely disproves you. called 1421, you would do well to read it.

  14. I agree. Can anyone find a text or manuscript that literally gives dates or time frames? It's only since the 15th or 16th century that we have even given credence, or reference to dates in our writing; before this, it was all names, ages, and who begat who, or how many moons or solstices. From what I gather, historically, all of what society today has calculated as the age of history is just that… a calculation. Based on carbon dating (who's to say how accurate this is), and what else?

  15. The mother of all history conspiracies is Christianity being created by Jews to deceive all others. Endless billions of Christians, throughout history, have paid countless sums of money to the church to be saved. Organized church was from its origins run by crypto-Jews. The religion's claim that Christians must die for their lord during armageddon, is nothing more than the Jew's ultimate goal of complete rule of the world over all other people.

  16. Another promising video ruined by irritatingly loud music which drowns out the narration. Why would you want to produce an informative movie that could not be listened to? Oh wait, the egotistical arrogance of someone who believes that everyone wants to hear his favorite tracks. WRONG!!!

  17. first no holocaust now no history. next how to defy gravity. yes history has been tweaked by inserting faked manuscripts in key libraries but prove that napoleon had the french army build the pyramids etc. in other words the burden of proof is on the new kid on the block.

  18. Ok, so let me get this right.The Jewish scribes under direction of the Church(?) and Jgangus Khann along with Alexander the Great all rewrote history? OK/ Damn They call ME crazy?!

  19. The only time someone disables the rating system on their video, is because they are too immature to listen to everyone tell them how bat shit their idea is.

  20. for that were mad the wars to hide this shits and make up the present day 'history'

    from 18 century's wars to 20th are for that

  21. hmmmmm, sounds like someone trying to prove creationist ideas. 6,000 year old earth nyone??? I think I'm going to go with Ochem on thiz dilemma

  22. If Jesus Christ was born in 1053 and crucified in 1068, you mean that He was 15 years on this earth, you got to be joking, you don't need to believe anybody for coments on history, all you need to do is READ your KING JAMES BIBLE A V 1611, then you can say that you know history, 2 timothy 2:15, is right go and read it.

  23. I have a coin that is dated 486 B.C. !
    So that proves it ! HAAAA !!!
    Someone actually tried to sell that on eBay. Now that's hilarious.

  24. Wait! Is this guy a philosopher or a Christian born-again, against Catholics and writings of the Classic writers? Where does he get his information that heiroglyphycs are only 1000 years old? Wow!

  25. the idiots back in that time weren't smart enough to read or write, thus it was mostly scientists and the likes that wrote and passed stuff down, unlike today….

  26. i believe that secretly all of mankind is a lie and that secretly we're composed of cake made by aliens that evolved from asteroids and sound like Darth Vader and Bane combined. THEREFOR Gabe Newell is our hero because he predicted that the cake was a lie. If someone believes this, i don't want to live on this planet anymore

  27. The amount of bullshit that is lapped up by people is scary. Time travelers in black and white footage, rocks on Mars that are actually animals, ghosts, anti-gravity and free energy machines, lizards rule the Earth, people can talk to the dead, the shawshank redemption is a good movie. *sigh*

  28. Painting at 0:16 is the only painting on earth I can't see through so far. Anyone knows the name of the painting and the artist?

  29. Sorry but hieroglyphics are contemporary and embedded in Egyptian buildings which are obviously more than 1000 years old – much older – recent research has seen Mali communities in north west Africa have the same language system of Pharaohs when Pharaohs migrated west some 5,000 years ago or earlier – these hieros were obviously contemporary as are the language on ancient caves – most of these were inaccessible and unknown to historians and archeologists let alone so remote that technology did not exist for people to locate them and travel to them. The ancient writings of Horace , Ptolemy, Virgil and Plato are contemporary and written at that time as there are references to them in ancient Ran ruins – and some of these are dated. This story has no sound premise.

  30. i actually think this to be true, there are no documents before 11th century, i believe this guy is on to something and have often wondered it myself

  31. sure maybe they dont tell it how it was cuz winners only rit the history books n they only tell us what they want us to no lol 

  32. kinda hard  to save shit when they kept destroying  shit  , but  people try their best or maybe they (the individual knew maps but everyone drew different till the printing presss 1600 something  but  those cylinder seal from babalyon are very interesting unlessss what you thionk that was like their version of   fiction like star wars and harry potter?

  33. So,….the whole point of this vid is that we really don't know sh!t?? Geez, I coulda told you that.One thing I do know is we took a first breath, we are gonna take a final breath

  34. …don't forget about the giant ruling class race of humans that in the past dominated the currently small humans of today..the historical fact that we wiped out our colossal overlords has been secretly kept unknown to the common man..shame on the Smithsonian.

  35. What the HELL is this even about??
    What's even THE PURPOSE of this thing?
    …oooh, JEEZ!…Sorry! I'm out of here or I'm gonna puke…

  36. I'm astonished because since I was a child I naturally believed in that: for me all has been invented from a day to another day by the Power, to clean up all dramatic or embarassing events people had not to know. When the last man born in a precise decade dead, the Power started to erase the facts and build an invented history. This I thought when I was a child…..

  37. All these information make sense,humanity has been really cheated by the establishment who still peopagates that official fake version of history full of lies.Wish someday all people shall open their eyes to the truth.Best.

  38. Geologist Dr Schoch has dated the Sphinx in the order of 8000-10000 years old, from the weathering by precipitation. When was the last period that heavy rain fell on the Giza plateau? Also the Sumerian cunieform tablets , some of which have been dated 7000 years old. If you are trying to sell a book you better hit me with some hard evidence, doesn't look like you have any otherwise it would be presented in this video surely. I agree that our true history has been suppressed but there is much proof that in fact there have been advanced civilisations on earth for many hundreds of thousands of years.

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