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Module 7: Technology in 21st Century Schools

– What are the things that the
technology allows you to do that you couldn’t do before,
or that allows you to do better than what you were doing before? The technology’s solving a
big problem in classrooms and that is the teacher
can only be in one place at one time, but all the students if it’s whole group
instruction need to be able to see the material and access it. So technology can actually,
sort of make the material more accessible, like literally visible to the students in a way that
isn’t possible without it. – I think kids tend to
really like technology and I think it, probably
more and more these days, they you know, have experience with it. And so it can make learning fun and keep them engaged. – A lot of new curricula that students could be using on a computer are adaptive, meaning that they adjust to what a student is learning based on what
the student is understanding or not understanding in the curriculum. And so, I know of some research, and have seen some kids in classrooms that have made tremendous
progress using these sorts of adaptive curricula because
they are getting accelerated or getting extra repetition in practice with ideas that they’re struggling on. (calm music)

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