hello okay so I wanted to share
something with you that happened earlier today and I was on social media on my
Instagram account which is emotional_release_guru and someone had contacted
me through the messaging system and they wanted to interview me with regards to
what I speak about and I thought this is really nice
they seemed a nice person and I decided we started talking to each other however
what happened was was I sent her I think it was a couple of voicemail messages
she counldn’t respond so I said I come with exactly what it was but I responded to
one of her messages and when I responded I left my sort of traditional signature
of four emoticons which is a symbol like that, a yellow heart, the fire symbol and
the water symbol as well, and when and I’m gonna post them up now, put him up on
the screen for you to see. I don’t know where that is, so you can see what I sent
her. However when she responded to me she said she felt really upset about what I
had sent her and the fact that the water icon or the symbol of water she said was
very sexual and that she was married and this was a business transaction or
business communication and she wasn’t interested in that type of thing. I do
have exact words that she said so forgive me if they’re not
completely , not exactly, you know….I’ve posted them up here somewhere. However she said this to me and I said to her well actually this is not what I mean.
I explained to her what or why I used those two emoticons, which were the fire symbol which talks about the fire branch of
self development and the water symbol which talks about the water branch of
self development. I do mention this in my posts but she
asked me to stop using the water symbol because it was sexual. Now I was thinking to myself look this is not where I was coming from, completely not where I was
coming from. I was mainly talking about… this is
pretty much what I always do my Instagram posts was add those four
symbols but she seemed to get very upset by this and I was thinking this is
really fascinating because we interpret things based from our past and what I
saw had happened was that I had completely innocently sent her
some four emoticons, she has seen this as sexual based on her past conditioning and responded in kind. This is what we do. We sort of interpret the past based on
that unresolved….sorry we interpret the present based on our unresolved past and obviously there was a lot of emotion attached to… to what I had sent
her and you know I said to her…look why don’t we you know let go of this, why don’t we
release this first because at that point I was also triggered! I was
triggered by her response and the way she communicated with me. So I thought to myself… well you know she’s interpreting the present moment from her past but I’m
doing the same. I’m getting upset by the words she is saying. So what
I needed to do is to let go of what was triggering inside of me and that was my
opportunity and I think from her perspective, if she was conscious enough
she would have seen this as something based on her past and she would have
worked on it but I’m not sure if she did but that’s not really my concern. All that’s really happening for me is so that I can work on this issue within
me. Why was I triggered? Why did I get annoyed? because this did irritate me and
annoy me, especially with the words she was using, saying she was married and it
was in….you know this is professional and…. I was thinking, well this is not where
I’m coming from but my irritation was based on my unresolved past and this was a perfect opportunity for me to actually face these feelings and to let them go.
I sat down and I’m thinking okay so what is it within.. what have I
added to this situation because whenever we get emotionally charged, we add stuff
on to a situation, we add our own interpretation which sometimes has got
nothing to do with where the other person was coming from, and we get
charged and then we project that our feeling out to the other person, blaming
them for how we feel, thinking you know… how could they talk to me this way, don’t they know this is a business communication and we do this so often with our partners, with our friends around us. It’s really
fascinating so you know for me I realized although she misinterpreted the
present moment based on her past conditioning so did I. It was both a
mutual thing and this was an amazing opportunity for growth for both of us
but especially for me because I teach this stuff.

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  1. what was the actual process behind healing this situation from your side? I have healed many injustices where you just go to the person say what you have to say and you cry or embarasement where you just say the secret the truth and it is all over but this kind of emotion i would not know hot to let go of when you are iritated by simething like this.. good video

  2. I want to mention to anyone viewing this that there are so many moments throughout the day where we are given opportunities for emotional release. Circumstances such as these we can use almost immediately and in doing so we begin to gain a greater degree of inner peace. Take responsibility for your emotional charge and notice the projection that you mind makes (i.e. where you blame them for how you feel and you get angry towards them). Let that go and just concentrate on the feeling. In other words, just feel it!

  3. She knew fine well that you didn’t mean what she insinuated… otherwise any sane person would apologise to you after you had explained what you meant first time round .. she continued to act offended BY NOTHING … that IS a WATER 💦 emoji !! You type water into your iPhone and there it appears! It’s not your fault SHE was offended by water emojis! Jesus … what’s wrong with people!

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