Good morning everyone, how are you? Greetings from Palm Springs Today we woke up really early and went to have breakfast in downtown Palm Springs and today we’re gonna be staying in a marvelous place we found, is an AirBnb we wanted to do something different so we will be staying in this beautiful home Look at the cat they have outside the house, is beautiful I love this Mercedes Benz Should I take it? I believe I should right Is unbelievable Okay so let’s get in the house, Irina is already waiting inside to show us this beautiful home Here we go Hello and welcome to Art House Wilson and decided to come and stay in an AirBnb in Palm Springs We wanted some relax and take videos for you guys, we needed a different location in order to make the videos more fun and have some R n R in a pool just the 2 of us so we decided to stay here in Palm Springs which is pretty close from home Now I will give you a tour of this beautiful place the decoration is awesome and you’re gonna love it This house was built in 1962 by the famous architect Donald Wexler so what I like the most about this place is that the owners has made a wonderful decoration with it It look really simple but at the same time all the decoration kinda give you that feeling that you’re home What I love the most about this living room is this cheslong I love it, is so pretty Now I’m gonna show you the dinning room that I love because of this books collection they have, look at this If you’re staying several days you will be able to entertain yourself with reading Sincerely we won’t be reading any books because there’s a lot of work to do filming videos for you Besides the time we want ti spend alone Now I’m gonna show you the kitchen here is this breakfast table with 2 stools the counter with the plates and the stove What I always have love about Palm Springs is that many houses are painted in white and have great illumination, many windows everywhere For us creators, this is a dream to have a house like this one so in every angle we’re filming there is great illumination Now come, I’m gonna show you the bedrooms This is a house from last mid century that has 2 beds and 2 bath This room right here they have for kinda like an office and relaxation Let’s go to see the master bedroom on this side Here is one bathroom, so beautiful is small and cozy Here is the master bedroom as you can see is very simple very clean big king bed and to this side you can see the street I love this Here is the other bathroom small bathroom It’s time to show you now the best part of the house Come with me Look at this beautiful backyard is big and clean, look at all this cactuses one of my dreams is to have a house to have many plants and cactuses because we live in the desert Let’s see what’s on this side There’s more of the house here There’s a bicycle in case you @*&$%!ˆ in case you want to go around Palm Springs Love this wooden table is so rustic I love it a few games there and also darts 🎯 I’m terrible there’s a fire pit here and a BBQ there you can do marshmallows here with some friends we won’t do any of that This is the funniest part and here we will be filming one of the videos that you like the most of my channel Bikini videos We came to this house because of this amazing pool, look at it is so so beautiful I would love to know if you would like to stay in a house like this one in Palm Springs Is the first time we’re staying in a house like this one and we’re loving it I also wanna know if you think I’m getting better in the houses and apartments tours I think I’m doing better and better I don’t mess up that much talking anymore, Wilson is always helping me but you don’t know it because he’s behind the camera Okay we’re almost ready, I’m wearing my bikini to start the video There’s Wilson with the drone getting ready Here over the table are all the bikinis i will be wearing Wanted to tell you that if you wanna see the bikinis video go to the link in the description or up here somewhere go check it out So let’s change camera and we will show you the behind the scenes We have finished the photo shut and now is time to celebrate but first I wanna thank the hosts Anne and Jacob for allow us to stay in their beautiful house to film YouTube videos and take photos to Instagram and thank you so much to the hosts for this bottle of champagne we really appreciate it, we’re gonna open it right now and drink with you guys Wilson will do the honors Is super windy outside we want to go out after dinner we got sushi for dinner We’re gonna eat now and go to the pool after but is really windy, Good that we got the videos before this wind Thank you Anne and Jacob We went and got sushi from our favorite place If you know where comment down below we always put that place in the videos every time we go get sushi there We just eat and now we’re gonna watch a movie, the hosts told us they have a huge movies collection a huge one All these drawers are full of movies and after a while looking for a movie show them what we are gonna watch This is what we’ve gonna watch after looking for a while Alien, all the parts the 4 parts Now let’s look for the DVD We’re gonna see all that? Do you thinks we can watch all that tonight? Naahh, I think only one Yeah, I think just one movie I think the night is not enough to watch all those movies

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  1. I hope you did an exercise video in this house too! So nice that the host gave you a bottle 🍾🍾🍾. That house is goals 🏠🏠🏠 👍👍👍

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